Written by Rob_Consort

2 Jul 2012

A few weeks ago I related our Asian neighbor mom’s escapade with my wife and me some months back. Since, Hitomi & Ali have come together periodically and enjoy their ongoing ‘connection.’ Last week Ali sent me an update…though at first she was a bit concerned and reluctant to admit she was instrumental in bringing our new friend full circle into our swing/swap group!

In my absence, Greg asked Ali if he could join her and Hitomi at one of their dinner and follow-up engagements. To recall, Greg is both my friend, and one of my wife’s regular swap partners. Generally a good guy, though sometimes a bit rough sex…Ali nicely manages her sexual escapades with him. On occasion, if my wife were ‘under influence’ Greg has taken advantage…gotten a friend to join. Ali doesn’t like to be DP’d…and I only learn of her threeways as Greg will eventually share how much fun he had with her! Ali tends to hide such engagements from me! BTW, doesn’t overly concern me…Greg’s wife is often into gang bang sessions…and I’m there to please her and me…so no big deal…what comes around goes around for all…!

Greg joined Ali and Hitomi at a recent dinner date. As my wife described, he was somewhat open about knowing that our Asian Mom and we had an ongoing sexual connection...cunnilingus oriented. Hitomi didn’t seem to mind his bluntness…to Ali she was in fact flattered. At dinner’s end, they all returned to our apartment…Ali thought would be more comfortable for Hitomi. After some extra drinks…Hitomi’s Apple Martinis included…she and Ali got into mood and started to engage. Greg undressed, but initially observed our Asian Mom pleasing my wife’s pussy for several minutes. Greg then joined by gently approaching Hitomi from rear…tonguing her anal and pussy zone…as my wife was being eaten by her. This apparently continued for some time…Ali was giving Greg ample opportunity to taste our Asian friend…while of course my wife was being pleasured as well!

Greg then changed positions…started to guide his cock to Hitomi’s cunny…getting into good doggy position. Hitomi realized his intent, and tried to lift herself from Ali’s pussy while telling Greg she didn’t want to be fucked. Ali decided it was time for her Asian friend to get into our reality…she held the Asian Mom’s hands…refusing to let Hitomi stand. Greg guided his cock into Hitomi’s love canal…and began to gently but deeply fuck her. Hitomi initially protested, however according to my wife, her protests didn’t last more than a few seconds. In fact as Greg was deeply penetrating and speeding up the tempo, Hitomi started to positively accept her state…she was mumbling some words in native language that Ali interpreted as signs pleasure and acceptance.

Ali shifted away…allowed Greg take a firmer hold of our Asian friend…as he thrust his cock deep into Hitomi. She was positively responding…moving her body back and forth as if trying to accept his cock more deeply in her cunny… Ali noticed Greg wasn’t wearing a condom…motioned to him. Hitomi is on her pill regimen, but we normally like the extra protection…just in case. At that stage, too late to stop their screwing. Ali said that Greg fucked Hitomi for just over 30 minutes…have no idea how he can keep things hard and long without spunking his woman…I would have exploded within 15 minutes…or less! Ali believed Hitomi had two orgasms…one about 20 minutes into the fuck session…as Greg paused…and then again as Greg pushed deep as possible into Hitomi’s canal and spunked. He slowly slid his cock out…it apparently took a minute or two before his cream oozed out of her love canal while she panted. Can only imagine how deep into her accepting body he fucked her!

When Greg and Ali asked Hitomi about her ‘fun,’ she admitted to her satisfaction and pleasure. She kissed my wife AND Greg… Ali said that Greg desired a 2nd round…but Ali stepped in…she didn’t want the moments, enjoyment and memory to be tarnished with ‘over-use’…;) Seems that Hitomi is now full member of our swing/swap group… To my knowledge, her husband with all his travel time abroad, hasn’t a clue…yet!! I told Ali that I’ll probably get more details from Greg shortly…I assured my wife our intention to move Hitomi along the way to a full fuck partner in our group. I just regret it wasn’t me to initially engage her beyond originally eating her out…! Soon enough will be home and looking forward.