Written by BRIPAMY

15 Feb 2010

Hi my name is P and I would like to recount an erotic adventure that we had whilst on holidays last year.

Let me first of all tell you a little bit about us, we are both in our early fifties and have been happily married for thirty odd years. B my husband is tall and slim and played sports all his life. In later years has put on a few pounds but I think he looks the better for it. He has a 6 inch cock and though I have seen some a lot bigger on porn films, I have always been content knowing porn stars are the exception rather than the rule. I am small framed, 5 ft 4 small boobs that have very sensitive nipples. I also have put on a few pounds, I have gone up in dress size to a 10 to 12, depending on which shop I buy it in. B maintains that it has given me a more womanly figure. We have had an active sex life, my husband B being quite demanding. It’s not been adventurous but still I have been satisfied and not looked for sex outside of our marriage, and I believe the same of B. I would have to concede it has been tapering off lately and B has suffered a little bit on times with a case of the droops.

We touched down in Spain around midnight and arrived at the hotel around 1.30 in the morning. There was a dozen or more people checking in and we were last but one in the queue. We arrived at the reception desk and I could see that the guy at the desk was glancing behind us and looking rather worried. He started speaking to the other receptionist in excited Spanish. After a few moments he announced that he had only one room left and could not arrange another room for all of us. The guy behind announced that he was tired and would kip in reception. To my utter amazement my husband pipes up and says “that’s not on, you can share our room, I am sure it will have a tidy fold down bed”. The guy behind us thanked us but said “no that’s not fair on you two”, B immediately says “I insist”. I by now have turned around for the first time to look at this guy. Mike as we now know him was 26-28 tall like by husband about 6ft 4, wide shoulders, athletic build, with a lovely smile. That seems to be settled I thought even if I hadn’t had a say in it. We all made our way to the room, when we got there the fold down bed was not a bed but a just a two seat sofa. Mike said he would manage and would go out on the balcony to allow us both to get ready for bed, to avoid any embarrassment, a thoughtful gesture.

I had changed into a sheer nightgown with a matching pair of knickers; it was all I had as I normally sleep naked on holiday. B had just a pair of boxers, we called to mike as we were both in bed. He went to the bathroom to change. He came back in a pair of tight boxer and even in the half light; I noted a healthy bulge in his pants. We had found a spare blanket and pillow in the wardrobe and had placed it by the sofa Mike laid on the sofa and pulled the spare blanket over him. He looked really uncomfortable with his legs hanging over the end. We heard him shifting position and rustling for twenty minutes or so, when again my husband chirps up and says” listen Mike you can’t sleep like that jump in with us I am sure we can trust you” laughing as he said it, I nearly dropped through the floor. Mike again declined, as I was about to say that I didn’t think it was a good idea, when B again was insistent, Mike reluctantly agreed looking sheepishly at me. B turned to face me and pulled me over towards him, Mike slipped in behind my back keeping a healthy and respectful distance.

B fell off to sleep very quickly, I was a bit nervous to say the least but I reluctantly dozed off. I felt Mike turn off his back to face me and his arm sort fell over onto my hip. I didn’t move and then I felt him roll further forward his hand falling closer to my pussy. I grabbed his hand and sort of quickly flicked it away hoping not to attract B attention, to my horror it landed on my left breast. Nothing happen for a few minutes, I was too frightened to move again in case B woke up, and yet at the same time turned on that such a young fit lad had his hand across my breast. I felt unsure on what to do when his hand started to slowly caress my breast through the material of my nightgown. I should have stopped it then and there, but it felt good, he moved a finger across my nipple and I winced with pleasure. He picked up on this very quickly, and concentrated his efforts on my very sensitive nipple, slowly massaging it whilst rolling it between his thumb and finger. He slipped the strap off my shoulder so he could work my breast without any hindrance, I was lost in the pleasure of the moment, all to soon I became aware of my juices running, filling my pussy, I closed my eyes and gently moaned.

He continued slowly massaging my breast and nipple for an age he knew I was lost in the moment, I was in seventh heaven. Then his hand slowly slid down my side stopping on my hip. Again he was not rushed I wondered what he was going to do, though if I was honest I new his next move. As his hand started to slip down towards my pussy, I rolled over away from him but not so far as bump into B hopping to stop access. He stopped for a moment; I guess he was thinking what to do next, my body was in a state of heightened arousal my mind was in utter turmoil. I then felt his hand slowly pull my hip back towards him, I pulled back away from him. Again he pulled my hip but more urgently I was aware of the bed rocking; the thought of my husband waking up petrifying me. He pulled again and this time I did not resist, His hand slipped off my hip and down to my pussy, his finger slowly traced along my pussy lips. Even though I still had my knickers on I could feel him moving his finger up and down my lips brushing my clit. He now new how excited I was, as my thin knickers were soaked. He slipped his hand under the thin material and gently rubbed my clit I gasped and moaned as quietly as I could. He started to ease my knickers down, and all I could think to do is lift my hip up to allow him. He continued to pull them down to my knees, and then finished pushing them down and off with his foot. His hand slipped back on to my clit and worked me into frenzy. He started to insert a finger into my soaping pussy; I rolled over slightly allowing him better access. He inserted a second finger, curling both fingers up so they worked my G spot; he slowly pumped his fingers in and out of me. His thumb started to work my clit I gasped and writhed slowly, and oh so quietly moaned, my orgasm was building I curled my toes and sucked on my lip. My fanny exploded, instantly my inner thighs were covered in my juices, after I came back to earth I glanced across to make sure B was still firmly asleep; thankfully he was tired and hadn’t stirred.

Mike pulled away and I thought it was over, half relieved and half disappointed I closed my eyes to go to sleep. It didn’t take long for him alleviate my disappointment, as his hand slipped back over to start massaging my clit. As he done this his other hand was gently rubbing the cheeks of my ass and delving into the dampness of my inner thigh. He pulled his hand back up the crack of my ass and dwelled around my puckered hole; all the while he continued rubbing and massaging my clit. His finger was soaked in my love juices and he traced the rim of my asshole round and round I have never felt any thing so exquisite. I was totally relaxed suddenly his finger slipped into my asshole, I screamed, a muted scream but a scream, my husband eyes opened and starred at me, I closed my eyes and pretend to be asleep. Mike had quickly withdrawn back to a save distance, my husband closed his eyes and fell back to sleep, but he continued to fidget for a few minutes afterwards.

I was glad it was over, my heart couldn’t stand much more of the ecstasy, mixed tantalisingly with the shear dread of discovery. After my husband stopped fidgeting Mike slid over and for the first time I felt his cock next to my ass, it was still in his shorts but he gently rubbed it against me. I had no way of knowing how big it was, but it did feel very thick tightly wrapped in his boxers. I know it sounds naive but I hadn’t reckoned on this, a grope is one thing but sharing me completely with a stranger was a bit scary to say the least and maybe a bridge to far. I felt his hand move down towards my ass I thought he was going to resume grouping me, but no he had released his cock from his boxers. I felt the flesh of his cock being pushed between my legs I locked my legs together. He withdrew his prick slowly tracing along the crack of my ass. He gently repeated this, each time tracing his cock across my pussy lips gently nudging my asshole I could feel my resolve slipping away. I lifted my leg slightly; it was almost like an involuntary motion, Oh god! I was giving myself to him, a total stranger what was I thinking of.

His prick was manoeuvred to the entrance to my soaping pussy; then he continued to slide his cock along my pussy lips teasing me into a frenzy of desire. I so badly wanted to feel his cock inside me. Slowly he pushed forward almost like he was in slow motion. I felt my inner lips start to stretch, Oh god he felt so thick. Suddenly my lips seemed to fall off something. I have never felt anything like it, his helmet must be huge, and I could clearly feel the rim of his helmet protruding out from his shaft as my pussy lips gripped his thick cock. He pushed slowly forward again teasing me, or maybe he was trying to avoid discovery by my husband. I didn’t really care. Here I was with a total stranger, feeling for only the second time, a new cock inside my most intimate part. I shut my eyes as I felt a second orgasm welling up deep inside my belly. He pushed in a little more and started gently stroking in and out; he seemed to know exactly where my g-spot was. I could feel the rim of his helmet brushing past my g-spot; I can’t even begin to describe the way I felt as his cock delved further into me. He then pulled out, I was thinking oh god don’t stop, my disappointment was short lived as he pushed his cock gently back in, teasing my inner lips and g-spot with his helmet. I had lifted my leg a little more to allow him unrestricted access to me; he glided in and out of me effortlessly. I couldn’t stop myself, I groaned arched my back as I felt my self engulfed in an orgasm of such intensity I thought I was going to pass out. When I came back to my senses I pensively opened my eyes. I starred at B to making sure he hadn’t stirred, when I was so deeply engrossed in this the most fabulous orgasm of my life. Mike continued to gently to stroke his cook in and out of me for another couple of minutes this kept me at a continued height of arousal. His strokes started get more urgent, I felt one arm come over my hips and the top of my stomach to gently hold me. His second hand gently but firmly rested on my shoulder holding me in position. He started pushing deeper and deeper into me, each stroke seemed to reach further than the one before. I knew he was getting close and just the thought of him coming was bringing me closer to another orgasm. His strokes were becoming more urgent, I was again started to worry about B waking up, but I was close, I reached back to put my hand on his ass to try and slow him down, stopping the bed rocking. He was too close to stop, and then I started to come my body twitched and shook, again I moaned saying “Oh god oh god “.I felt his hand press on my shoulder, he pushed his cock up till the base of his cock was hitting my pussy lips my pussy I have never felt so full, I instinctively pushed back, he groaned as I felt his warm spunk filling the top of my belly. We laid there motionless for a few minutes, his cock slowly shrank and slid out, as my pussy lips released that fabulous helmet followed by a great gush of our juices. He reached forward and gently kissed me on the cheek before moving away from me. The felling of guilty overwhelmed me as I looked at my sleeping husband. This passed; I smiled to my self, closed my eyes and contently fell asleep, with young man spunk deep in my pussy.

I woke having my clit gently massaged by Mike; he gently pressed and rocked his cock against me. It wasn’t quite dawn that first light when it still dark but you can start to make things out in the room. He circled my clit, I knew we had didn’t have much time. I gently pulled his hand away from my pussy I whispered to him “just fuck me”. I couldn’t believe what I had just said, but those feelings of last night were oh so fresh in my mind. He placed his cock at the mouth of my pussy and edged in. He started pumping rhythmically into me all the feelings of a few hours ago flooded back as my pussy again pulsed to his attentions. He fucked me much more urgently than last night, I think he also sensed that time was at a premium .I again glanced over to B to assure myself that I was safe. My god this guy was fabulous his strokes getting longer and more forceful that helmet must have been made in heaven, working relentlessly on my pussy. I could feel my lips sucking on his beautiful shaft as he gently pounded me. The bed started to rock he was going to come much quicker this time. I quivered and shook as my orgasm overtook me, with the realisation that he was going to shoot another load of his sweet love juice into me. We came beautifully together flooding my thighs and his shaft yet again. There was no lingering embrace just a soft kiss on the cheek as he reversed out of the bed. I turned to watch as he disappeared into the shower, I turned over and closed my eyes feeling fulfilled and very sensual. Mike returned into the room, I didn’t look at him, I heard him pick up his stuff and quietly leave shutting the door.

I drifted off only to be waked by B stirring, panic set in, I jumped out of bed and rushed to the shower to wash off the evidence of my infidelity. I heard B shout that you were “up early and was in a hell of a rush to get to the shower”. I said something lame about not wanting to waste the start of the holiday. I came out wiping my hair; B was up standing by the side of the bed, staring straight at me, holding my knickers in his hand. Before I had a chance to say anything he threw back the sheet to reveal a huge wet patch on the sheet. I ran over to him saying “I am sorry I could help it, over and over” I threw my arms around him sobbing. After what seemed for ever, he lifted my head, smiled and kissed me gently; he pushed me on to the bed and fell between my legs, lapping at my fanny. My head was spinning, what was happening; I felt him rolling his tongue around deep inside me. He climbed up me, and gently moved me further up the bed and slipped into me; minutes later I felt his cock swell and fill me with his spunk. He confessed he was awake most of the night; he couldn’t open his eyes to see what was happening, but by the movements in the bed and your gentle moans and groans, he had a good idea of what was going on. He said it was so horny as his imagination was running riot, all of his senses were filled with the event unfolding just a foot away from him. He could feel the bed movements, hear my groans and the room was filled with the smell of sex.

The rest of the holiday was like a second honeymoon; both of our passions had been rekindled. For me, it opened up new experiences that I wanted had wanted to try, but felt it was inappropriate to mention or do with my husband, how ridiculous is that. I tried anal for the first time and only regret was that I had missed out for last 30 years. I swallowed for the fist time and quite a few times after. We did seen Mike a few times, but he scampered way, when ever he had seen us. I found this a little hard to understand, for me, what had happened was a major thing, but for him it seemed to have little importance. I would have to confess that I wouldn’t have had a clue what I would have said if he approached me, but it would have been nice to be given the chance.

On the last day B disappeared for half an hour around dinner time, we were due to leave that evening about 8, oclock. B came back, and after a while he asked “if I had the chance to see Mike again would you”. I replied “I couldn’t do that to you again.” He simply said that it had rekindled our sex life and he didn’t mind if you had. He continued by saying he knew how much I had enjoyed the experience. Then he dropped the bomb shell. He had just spoken to Mike and he was waiting in our room for me, he had told him to wait till 1.30 if you weren’t there by then you wouldn’t be coming. My heart leapt into my mouth, my instant reaction was to go into denial and repeat my first reply to B’s questioning. I sat there for what seemed like hours, B gently encouraging me to go, without in any way forcing me towards something that I didn’t want. B looked at his watch, reminding me that time was running out. I looked at the floor I think he knew I desperately wanted to go, but I didn’t want to let B down again. When I looked up Mike was walking towards us, he approached B, he shrugged his shoulder and B did the same. Mike reached into his pocket of his shorts and pulled out our key card. As he reached out to hand the card to back to B, I jumped up grabbed Mikes hand and pulled him away from out table and walked off holding his hand, I felt like every pair of eyes in the pool area was looking at me but I didn’t care. After walking a few yards towards the door to the lifts I glanced around to see what B was doing, he smiled and gave me the thumbs up.

part 2 to come