Written by BRIPAMY

19 Feb 2010

Please read Part 1 for this this to make sense

. When I looked up Mike was walking towards us, he approached B, he shrugged his shoulder and B did the same. Mike reached into his pocket of his shorts and pulled out our key card. As he reached out to hand the card to back to B, I jumped up grabbed Mikes hand and pulled him away from out table and walked off holding his hand, I felt like every pair of eyes in the pool area was looking at me but I didn’t care. After walking a few yards towards the door to the lifts I glanced around to see what B was doing, he smiled and gave me the thumbs up.

The ride in the lift was quite as was the walk to my room, I paused at the door and Mike held my hand as if to reassure me. I swiped the card across the door, as I pushed the door open, my heart was firmly lodged in my mouth. Mike stepped back to let me walk in, He closed the door behind us gently turning me kissing me reassuringly. My nerves started to subside as my body responded to his kiss. He gently led me into the room stopping by the end of the bed. We again embraced and kissed our tongues darting in and out entwining in each others mouths. As the kissing became more frantic, I felt him reach around and gently unclip my bikini top. As it dropped to the floor my nipples brushed his young fit body I gasped to catch my breath. I reached down into his shorts to touch his cock for the first time. We continued kissing as I rubbed and gently stroked his manhood; it felt so thick my hand failing to encircle his cock as it slipped back and forth over of his huge bell end. I had to see it, I fell to my knees my face right opposite his beautiful cock; I looked up at him and smiled. I slipped his cock over his shorts, without even thinking I instinctively rolled my lips over his cock. I pulled back to admire his purple end, then slipped back on to him, I began pumping my face into his groin, he started groaning softly holding my head. I can’t deep throat but I was trying my best, I was barely covering his bell end before stimulating my gag response, resulting in a little tear or two. His groans became louder as he started to gently pump into my mouth, I am sure I could feel his cock swelling in my mouth. He groaned loudly and said he was going to come; I desperately wanted to taste his juice. I felt his cock twitch and pulse as I closed my mouth tightly over his now pulsating cock. The taste was exquisite slightly salty like B’s, but with a sweetness of youth. I pulled back and more of his love juice slipped down his cock. I licked from the bottom of his shaft up not to waste any, I felt so dirty so sexy and so alive.

Mike sat back on the bed and then collapsed in a heap on the bed, saying “you would believe how many times I’ve tossed off, thinking of you doing that to me over the last fortnight”. I slipped my bikini bottoms off and sprawled on to the bed I couldn’t believe how brazen I was exposing my self without a thought, I felt such sexy and a desirable women again.

Mike kicked off his shorts and joined me by crawling up to me and planting a passionate kiss on my lips. He started to kiss my neck and slowly moving down kissing his way down to my tits and then sucking my nipples. My eyes closed as he gently sucked on my nipples licking and playfully biting them, my juices started to flow as he made his way slowly down to my pussy. He teased me licking closer and closer to my pussy then drifting away sucking gently on my inner thigh, then he positioned himself between my legs, he lifted my legs, bending them at the knees opening me wide to him. He ran his tongue along the length of my pussy. He prized me open with his hands whilst his tongue worked on my magic button; He sucked in my inner lip whilst gently mouthed it, he then did the same with the other. He alternated this with licking and sucking on my clit, what a wonderful feeling. I felt my orgasm welling inside the very pit of my stomach. He pushed his tongue into my pussy and moved it around slurping on my love juice, returning to my clit; I pulled his head into me, and flooded. He continued to lick me for a few seconds until I had to pull him away, my pussy was now on fire so sensitive that it couldn’t stand any more attention. He slid up to me and kissed my passionately I could smell my sex on him and I began to kiss his lips and mouth tasting my sex, his tongue delved deeply into my mouth, I sucked on his tongue savouring my flavour.

Mike slipped over on to me and positioned his cock at the mouth of my pussy his helmet nudging into me, pushing my pussy lips apart. The tip of his cock penetrated me, just as before my inner lips seem to fall off his huge helmet onto his shaft. He lifted himself off me, into a sort of press up position, lifting his weight off me. I lifted my legs and locked them around him, he push his cock deeply into me. I remember a feeling inner of contentment as his cock filled my pussy. This position allowed for even deeper penetration, I could feel him deep inside me, his strokes were very long and slow, and that feeling was already starting inside me. I started thrusting back at him, encouraging him with type of language I have never used before. I was shouting loudly, I didn’t care who heard me “Fuck me Fuck me”. My thrust were becoming more urgent, he sensed this and his strokes became shorter and faster. “My god my God” I screamed, my head was shaking back and fore as I desperately tried to keep pace with him, I screamed, thrust up with all my might and held it there as my juices explode from my pussy. I collapsed back contented, but Mike was close himself and started thrusting again his balls banging my ass. My pussy was so sensitive it almost was hurting as his cock continued to pound into me. He started to groan, as yet another orgasm ripped through me, he pushed into me I swear his cock had grown again it felt huge, he shouted, pushed deep into me and went ridget pumping his seed into me.

He held his cock deep inside me for a while, before rolling off along side me, he groaned again, and said that was best fuck he had ever had. We just laid there for ages getting our breath back, we started to chat and sort of introduce our self, and looking back it did seem a little farcical, that a virtual stranger had just finished fucking me hardly knowing his name. I had to ask why he had ignored me all through the holiday. He replied that he would get a hard on ever time he had seen me, and was frightened in-case B became suspicious. He almost apologised for what had happened on the first night, he explained that he had split with a long term girlfriend and had remained celibate for over 6 month’s, when he had seen me in the cue, something just came over him. God was I glad he was in such a desperate state.

We chatted for a while, resting, and I think we both drifted off for a spell. I awoke to Mike gently sucking my tits; I closed my eyes again gently sighing. He moved up to kiss me as his hand drifted to gently massage my pussy; I parted my legs to give him full access to me. He rubbed my clit, and then occasionally he would gently inserting two fingers, working them in and out and over my G-spot. The feeling was heaven, he didn’t know me, but it was as if he had know my body all his live, as he took me to new levels of pleasure, not as intensely but equally as fulfilling, I again orgasmed. No sooner had I come around, he was turning me on to my side, I felt his cock gently nudging me from behind I lifted my leg, he held his cock at the mouth of my pussy, he pushed in and out gently parting my lips, teasing me until I begged him to fuck me fully.

He pushed in, I gasped, and he started slowly stroking, some times long and deep other times with much shorter stroke stimulating my G-spot. I wondered at how some one so young had such experience to send me on a pleasure trip I hoped would never end. He pulled out and gently lifted my ass into the doggy position; He had no trouble finding my sopping hole as he inserted his cock back into me, continuing with his slow rhythmic prodding of my pussy. This went on for what seemed like forever, but was probably only ten minutes. I couldn’t believe it, that feeling was washing over me again. I groaned with the intense pleasure and started to push back against his shaft. My efforts were beginning to get more frantic as the feeling build inside me, Mike encouraged me to work my pussy on his shaft, but there was no sign of him raising his pace. I was sweating profusely now; I could feel Mikes hands slipping on my body as he tried hold my hips desperately trying keep up his slow pounding of my pussy. I dropped on to my elbows and then buried my face in the pillow as yet orgasm ripped through me. I felt my juices run over his cock and start to leak down my inner thigh. Mike continued to very slowly push that fabulous cock slowly in and out his control was magnificent.

He rubbed his hand on my inner thigh scooping up my juices and smearing them around my little rose bud, He inserted a finger slowly into my ass, it felt fabulous, but for the first time I felt very anxious. Having my ass messed with was a very new experience for me. It was only for the first time this holiday that B and I had experimented with anal, true I was much taken with it, but Mike was considerably bigger than B, and that extra thickness worried me. I relaxed in the thought that Mike might content himself with just a finger and it feel fantastic slipping in and out of my hole matching his cock strokes slipping effortlessly into my pussy. When he inserted a second finger I knew I was going to have to deal with my fears soon. He withdrew his cock rubbing more of my pussy juice around my ass, he then placed his cock at my rose bud. I pulled away immediately and looked him, I could see the disappointment in his eyes yet he simply said “no problem”. I was distraught that this man who has been pleasuring me all afternoon was looking so disappointed. If I’m honest deep down there was a curiosity to try him, but in the back of my mind was nagging doubt that I wouldn’t be able to take him. What was I to do, I felt the moment was going to be lost and worst of all the possibly that this fabulous afternoon was going to come to a premature end. I knew what I had to do, I fell forward and opened the little draw by the side of the bed and pulled out a tube of lubricant. I looked him, as I lifted myself back into the doggy position, I handed him the tube and asked him simply “to be gentle”. His face beamed again, as he asked “if I was sure”, I answered “no, but I’m willing to try”. I watched him pensively as he smeared the lube on his shaft slowly stroking it until it was gleaming. It looked even bigger and more threatening as it glistened; I considered what I had agreed too, my stomach started to knot.

Mike placed his cock once more at my front of my rose bud, this time I moved back on to it, as he gently pushed forward. Nothing seemed to be happening; I think my nervousness was tensing up my muscles. Mike pushed harder but still nothing, I could feel it edging into me and it was slightly painful. After a few minutes Mike sensed that I was hurting and said “we’ll give it a miss” and pulled away. Again I felt the moment welling away I said “come on we’ll give it another go”. Mike asked if “I was sure” and of course I said “yes”. This time he smeared a few fingers with lube and gently worked them into my ass. He was less hurried this time, and his gentle caution was relaxing me whilst he opened up my ass. I again fell back onto my elbows as I enjoyed Mike gently finger fucking my ass, without any ceremony I felt his fingers withdraw replaced by his cock a gentle push I felt his bell end slip into me, and my ass closing onto his shaft. It was pain and pleasure all in one go, I shouted out and Mike stopped, I groaned as my ass became accustomed to this new invader. Mike very slowly and gently pushed in, and then pulled back. He continued to gently stroke, without out me realising more and more pushed into me. I knew I didn’t have all of him but Mike continued slowly rocking in and out. It felt wonderful I seemed to be able to feel his bell end even more defined than it was in my pussy, as it rocked back and forth in my ass. Mike continued to ask if I was “ok” and each time he asked I felt him push in a little deeper. His strokes lengthened and my pleasure increased, I kept thinking how by avoiding this form of sex I had wasted so so much pleasure. My eyes were closed just enjoying the moment, when I felt Mike balls slapping into my pussy, I knew I had him all. Mike gently reached around and started rub my clit as he pumped my ass. This coupled with my ass being pleasure drove me almost immediately into the throng of another orgasm. Almost at the same instant Mike had gradually started to speed up, I knew he was going to off load into my ass. The pleasure was pure magic as he glided faster and faster into me, ticking my clit as he pumped. I pushed back and matched his strokes. He was now grunting loudly telling me how fabulous I was, and how he fabulous my ass felt. I thought afterwards what a strange thing to say, but at the time it was so erotic. He pulled up suddenly pushing deeply into me I felt his cock pulsating and I knew he had come; the thought of his spunk in my ass pushed me over the edge and at that I gushed myself. Mike remained ridgit, as he made sure every drop of him was in me, he withdrew and collapsed along side me I promptly did the same collapsing in a sweaty heap Mike panted desperately trying to catch his breath whilst telling me yet again how fabulous I was and how he had never had such a horny afternoon.

As we got our breath back we both drifted into a well earned sleep, I was woken by my mobile phone, it was B asking what was going on, and we will be getting on the plane in a few hours. Mike went to the bathroom to have a shower, with my new found confidence I joined him. We enjoyed each other for the last time washing each other down. Mike was again rock hard and I washed him thoroughly but time was against us, As I towelled him down I could help myself from wrapping my mouth around his gorgeous cock for just a minute, a sort of thank you, we kissed again knowing it was all done and dusted. Mike got dressed and left, I phoned B to let him Mike had left. I walked out of the shower to the bed; amongst some very embarrassing stains there was a note with a telephone number on it from Mike. I lay down on the bed; Mike left the door slightly ajar, so B just walked in, B walked in, talk about twenty questioned, I assured him that I would tell him everything in time. I also told him that I had a surprise for him. I had set up the video camera and had quite a bit of film for him to see. B ripped his cloth off, he was sporting a very healthy Bonner, with this he fell between my legs lapping franticly at my pussy, I felt something leak from my ass, quickly on the pretence that I wanted a kiss; I pulled him up, before he noticed my leakage. He slipped into me my pussy, I was still saturated and full of Mike juice even after a shower, if I am honest I didn’t have another fuck in me, but I knew B wouldn’t be long, and how could I deny such a wonderfully considerate man.

The film was a great success, and was the stimulant for some great session together, well we haven’t looked back. B hasn’t mentioned talking this any further, so after me having all the fun I certainly won’t be brining it up. I have become a more confident sensual women, I even flirt a little now with friends and work colleagues. I talk to Mike occasionally on my mobile, the last time he mentioned that he would be our area for a couple of days in a few weeks, and maybe we would like to get together, he cheekily suggested that B might like to be involved this time. Ohhh! my pussy hasn’t been dry since, but how would I fetch that one up?