Written by Phil

1 Aug 2016

A few years ago now my partner Sally and myself were invited on holiday with a couple we'd known for a while. Paul and Jenny were really good friends, we got on really well. Although there had been no sexual involvement between the four of us Sally and myself did find them attractive and they often featured in our pillow talk. When the offer of going on holiday was made we talked about it and we both liked the idea, Sally was winding me u saying I wanted to go just to see more of Jenny - literally! I said that she wanted the same from Paul.

A few days later we went around to see them to look at the possibilities. They were more travelled than us and had quite a few ideas for villa holidays, and at the end of the evening Sally picked up the brochures and we went home to decide where we would like to go.

As we looked through the possibilities Sally kept returning to one brochure in particular, and to the same page that Paul and Jenny had marked. I casually asked if there was a resort that took her interest as she seemed to go backto it. She passed me the details and said have a look yourself. It was a villa in Greece just off what looked a quiet beach, seemed ideal. I agreed it looked Ok. "Have a closer look at the details "was the response. When I read further I spotted that the main attraction was the nudist beach. "You'll see a lot of Jenny on that beach" was Sally's comment. We talked about it for a while. We had both fancied a nudist beach before but never done anything about it. As I read the brochure again Sally left the room, came back in 2 minutes later and said "How do I look for the beach?" When I looked up she was totally naked - slim legs slightly apart showing already engorged lips and her nipples hardened. "I wonder what you will look like" she asked. I needed no encouragement to strip, and stood there with a growing erection. Sally walked over and started stroking me erection, "This may cause a problem on the beach!" she grinned as she said it and we laughed. I did suggest once I got used to the idea it would not be a problem. Sally looked me in the eye, "but with Jenny also naked it will take quite a bit of getting used to"

I did suggest that Jenny would not be likely to be stroking me to one of the hardest erections I'd had for ages. Sally's response was straightforward "You never know your luck, two seeks in the sun, naked. Anything could happen. " With that we engaged in one of the hottest sessions we'd had for a while. After we'd settled down we discussed again what had happened and the holiday that was coming up. Sally and I were both adventurous in the bedroom, and we'd both had a number of partners before we'd met. We had discussed inviting another couple in to our bedroom before and found it a huge turn on - it was part of our foreplay. We could now possibly take this a step further . We both agreed to suggest this venue and see what happened.

When we went back to see Paul and Jenny we decided to give a few options, the villa by the nudist beach one of them. We didn't want to seem pushy in case we had misread the situation, Paul and Jenny were delighted with the fact that this was on our list as it was one of their favourites. All was set for a few weeks later and Sally and I had another good night!

The day of the holiday arrived and we set off. It was mid afternoon when we arrived at what was a very smart villa. After unpacking we put beach clothes on and headed off for a couple of hours in the sun. The beach was only 5 minutes walk away and was deserted. Jenny spotted a nice place by some rocks and we headed over. Sally squeezed my hand tightly - we were both exited and nervous as hell. Towels were laid down and jenny slid her beach dress off her shoulders. It fell to the ground to revel her naked body. Her back was towards me and I could see a lovely bum, nice things and a lovely back. While admiring the view I was also aware of movement in the groin area. Jenny started rubbing sun oil on her body and the turned to Sally "Apologies for Paul, first couple of days with me naked on the beach all oiled up he has a permanent erection. When we get back to the villa I'll have to sort him out" Sally did not bat an eyelid "Phil will be the same, he's as randy as hell on holidays. With the two of us naked he'll also be hard"

They were right. Paul and I had now stripped off on both of us had rock hard erections. Once we were all covered in sun oil Jenny instructed us to head for the sea. The cool water will help you two was her last statement as we headed to the sea. To be fair it did help - for a while. The cool water reduced erections, but standing facing two naked women who are both attractive was not helping matters! I was stood closer to Jenny that I was to Sally. We were chatting when I looked at her legs. The sea was covering all but the tops of her thighs, the water lapping just below her shaven pussy. Even when we are wearing swimwear Sally knows that standing with the water just below her pussy in the sea gets me going, with a different woman naked in front of me I had no chance and the erection returned almost instantly.

Jenny looked down and then looked back in to my eyes "I think we need to move to slightly deeper water" was all she said, then took my hand and walked me a few steps further out. The cold water did the trick and the immediate problem was over, or so I thought. She called to Sally "I thought Paul had a problem, but your Phil is just the same. I think walking but here has sorted it." As they both giggled Sally replied "I doubt it, not if previous holidays are anything to go by"

With that Jenny slipped her hand below the water and held my penis. She smiled as she slowly started wanking me, only a few strokes and I was back rock hard again! " You were right Sally, a quick touch and he's hard again" Both girls giggled again as I tried to get my mind around the events unfolding. I hadn't looked at Sally and Paul for ages. When I did so I could see that Sally was doing the same to Paul, but they hadn't bothered going into deeper water. Paul was like me, rock hard with Sally running her finger over the end of his cock which was shining with precum.

Jenny said "I feel the need to go back to the villa" . No one responded we just got out of the water and walked to our towels. Quickly dried and dressed - Pauls and I just put shorts on, Sally and Jenny their flimsy beach dresses and off we went. The walk was quick, the girls keeping us wound up by having a conversation that was so sexy. "Do you think they will still be erect when we get back?" "I expect so, they know that we are naked under these dresses" "Shall we put on a strip show for them?" "We'll have to be quick, they may not last long" "Wonder if they're hard now?" As they giggled Jenny's hand flew back and ran along the front of my shorts "Yours is Sally, how's mine doing" With that Sally gave Paul's shorts a quick rub "perfect at the moment Jenny, and the door is just here "

We walked in and dropped the bags. "show time please" said Paul. "You said you'd strip, now is the time"

Sally and Jenny tuned around to face us. Sally was opposite Paul and Jenny opposite me. I went to remove my shorts but was firmly told by Jenny "Not yet, leave them where they are, both of you" We did as we were told and Jenny and Sally slipped off the beach dresses to reveal their lovely nakedness again. Seeing two naked women, both shaven, with rock hard nipples had me fully erect. "Hands to yourselves, no touching" was our next order.

Sally and Jenny moved forward, I was expecting them to change over - Jenny going to Paul and Sally moving to me but the didn't. It was Sally who spoke, and what she said nearly sent me over the edge there and then. "As you have to take the credit for getting him so hard (looking at me) you can do the unwrapping Jenny" Jenny kept eye contact with me "No problem, same for you" Her hands entered my shorts, one hand grasped my erection and a finger played over the end which as now soaking in precum, the other hand moved my shorts down my legs. As Jenny's eyes focussed on my erection I heard Paul moan "Oh fuck me!" I looked as Sally dropped his shorts and moved his cock in to her mouth. She gave a good blow job and I knew Pauls was going to enjoy it" As I looked I felt the warmth of Jenny's mouth on my erection, it was heavenly" She was good, her tongue licking all my shaft as her hands fondled my balls. I knew I could not last long "I need a fuck" was all I could say. Jenny stood up and lead me to a bedroom where she lay on the bed and opened her legs. I moved my head towards her shaven pussy and problem her with my tongue. She tasted divine. As I licked and sucked she moaned her first orgasm. I slowly moved u her body licking and sucking her nipples until before moving again until we were kissing passionately. I could feel the end of my erection rubbing against her wet lips, I slowly moved and Jenny responded allowing me to slide in to her. The warmth and wetness were amazing and we slowly started making love. With all that had gone on before I was not going to last long but my work on her lips and nipples meant that Jenny was also close to coming again. I exploded in to her as she arched her back in an orgasm and we collapsed on the bed together.

It had been an amazing afternoon, less than 3 hours at the resort and the fun had started.

The next episode will follow shortly.