Written by anonymous

20 Aug 2010

We have recently been on two holidays. First we went for a week to Rhodes and stayed at a small complex in Pefkos where we have stayed many times before.

We both know the barman who works in the restaurant and at the pool bar and he has previously flirted with my Mrs.

After returning from a trip to Rhodes town one evening we fancied a nightcap and headed for the pool bar en route to our apartment.

I left her sitting at a bar stool to order whilst i nipped back to the apartment to drop our shopping bags off.

As i returned i noticed her disappearing round the back of the bar.

Thinking nothing of it i ordered two drinks from another guy who had appeared and was serving.

About ten minutes went past and i was more than curious when she suddenly walked back around and sat beside me.

She was giggling and when questioned just said the barman had shown her around some apartments that were being refurbished to get her opinion.

He was nowhere to be seen.

Finishing our drinks we returned to the apartment where i questioned her further.

She eventually admitted that he had asked her for her opinion on the apartments but that when he got her there he was all over her.

She said they kissed and he had released her top and bra. He had sucked her nipple and she hadnt resisted.

She said he raised her skirt and slowly slid his fingers beneath her panties and in to her wet pussy.

With his tongue still in her mouth he had undone his jeans and pants. He held his erect cock and put her hands on it.

She said she felt the backs of her legs touch the edge of the bed and he moved her on to her back.

He positioned her so he head and upper body were raised. His cock was inches from her face one second and in her mouth the next. He continued to pump one or two fingers in and out of her soaked freshly shaven pussy.

She said his cock was rock hard and his fingers were making her want to cum.

She started to convulse and shake as she came. His cock still in her mouth.

As her orgasm finished he wanked his cock with the end in her mouth.

Soon he held her head and told her to swallow.

She said he shot his cum down her throat and she did as he asked.

They cleaned themselves up and she returned to me.

My cock was so very rigid as she told me this and we spent the rest of the evening shagging wildly.

The next day we left for home.

Our second break was in Gran Canaria, Maspalomas.

We were staying at a 5 star hotel about a mile or so from the famous dunes.

We have stayed there a couple of times before.

Towards the end of our week we decided to spend the day on the beach and walked there stopping for lunch on the way.

She wont go naked on the beach, just topless, so we lay on our towels near the water for a while as usual.

After a while we decided to wander in to the dunes.

She was still topless as we wandered about.

We found a good spot and lay our towels out.

As we lay together i started to get aroused looking at her.

I reached out for her hand and put it on my erect cock through my shorts.

As we were hidden i though to hell with it and took them off along with my swimming trunks beneath.

I replaced her hand on my hard cock.

She giggled, said no several times but then started wanking me.

She then moved over and took my cock in her mouth.

I reached around her and slid a finger under her cossie bottoms and in to her pussy.

This must have gone on for a good while until i pulled her towards me.

She was still saying no as i pulled her on top and yanked her bottoms to one side. I slide my cock straight up in to her and slowly we fucked each other.

We were loving every minute. Then i noticed a couple of guys watching us from about 20 feet away.

They started to move closer.

I said nothing to her and we carried on. She was leaning forwards and when we were not kissing i was sucking her breasts.

The guys were only about 10 feet away now.

They were both younger than us. (we are both mid forties). They were both naked and sporting impressive erections. One guy sat about 8 foot away and was stroking his cock. The other guy moved slightly nearer.

My lady suddenly glanced to her right and as she saw him i thought thats it, its all over.

To my surprise however she ground harder down on to my cock.

I pulled her forwards and as we kissed the guy moved towards her rear.

She held my shoulders as i pushed my cock up harder in to her.

The guy was wanking his cock and stroking her legs and arse cheeks.

I saw him reach between them and felt his fingers touching her wet pussy lips as i entered them.

He groaned and aiming his cock at her arse shot his cum all over her cossie bottoms and cheeks.

I was about to cum myself and this finished me off.

I pumped my cum deep inside her.

She wasnt for stopping though.

Groaning in frustration she slid off me, staying on all fours she reached between her legs and fingered her pussy and clit frantically.

Myself and the guy watched in awe.

The guys friend moved closer still wanking his cock.

He knelt beside her and reached between her arse cheeks as she arched her back.

As his friend held her cossie bottoms to one side he gently rubbed his finger tip in to her anus using his friends cum as lubricant.

She gasped and started to cum as his finger entered her.

I watched her shake and groan, his finger halfway inside her.

She then lay flat on her belly having enjoyed a superb orgasm.

The guy resumed wanking and quickly came, splashing over the sand and on her leg as she watched.

They both laughed, thanked us and walked off.

My Mrs was so very embarressed and lay hiding her face but i laughed and told her she was fantastic.

2 great holidays.

Never to be forgotten.