Written by Arlington_49

29 Dec 2014

I decided to merge both of these party postings due to a lackluster client party! As I explained earlier when I posted the results of Party # 1, the number two event was client-focused. Inasmuch as our firm is sensitive to client relations and revenue implications, # 2 was relatively sedate. Oh yes, we had the usual coy and tease times…I got reasonably close to one of the firm’s clients…actually client’s wife…and that was nicely balanced by the fact Judi got equally close to Meredith’s husband…the client! Nothing connected at the party! The New Year may generate that opportunity…we’ll see…!

Party # 3 however, a very different event…! This party engaged our senior staff and partners…always a fun time for Holiday ‘escapism’ AND sexual escapades…all of us take the attitude…what happens at this Holiday Party stays private…MO matter the consequences…! And, there were “consequences”….;)

The event was held at Greg’s private club…our event took over their venue…bar, dining room, and several “guest” rooms.” Judi and I joined my partner colleagues early…around 6:30pm…greeting our firm’s personnel. We mixed and mingled…had drinks…enjoyed ‘finger food’ distributed by club staff.

Judi was elegantly dressed to sexually charge matters…:) Judi wore a Givenchy, black brocade micro skirt. Her blouse was an elegant taupe stripper…with deep neckline plunges front and back! I was aware she had NO bra…the blouse had fitted supports retaining her pear-drop breasts as her bare skin clear to view between. Equally, the back of the blouse plunged to her waist exposing her tanned (artificial) body… Her briefest of Givenchy skirt was likely three times the cost of my HK tailored suit…;) Oh well…for the party and pleasure associated, all well indeed…!

Judi wore her attire over a legging-like, torso body suit…black and silver shimmer silk… It made for a fabulous contrast to her micro skirt…and the 4” platform, dress gladiator pumps she wore… Between 6:30 and well past 9:30, we danced quite a bit…and where I realized how naughty my wife came to the party. Judi wouldn’t allow me to feel her titties as we danced…too much the risk to disturb the balance her breasts took under the blouse… However, I was able to get plentiful ‘cheap feels’ of her ass, thighs and legs…feels that I’m sure several colleagues made note of during our dancing…;) That’s when I realized, Judi’s silk body stocking had soft velcro-like fasteners sealing the split between her legs! Of course, I assumed all ‘natural’…given when she had to a pay lady’s room visit…far easier to allow. Of course, as the evening progressed, my “innocent” presumption was dashed…;);)

By 10:30 or so, the party was in full swing…we all had a buzz…my wife as usual a bit more. Two of the younger counselors approached us…Martin asked me permission to ask Judi for a dance…or more! I looked at Judi…she was glancing aside waving to someone in the room…I turned to the lad…”Why don’t you ask her yourself…my wife is right here…” Judi turned back to both of us…actually Martin’s colleague also next to us. Martin replied…”Oh, I know how Judi would respond…I just wanted your approval…”…both he and his colleague smiled and looked at each other…then glanced back at Judi. Judi extended her hand for Martin to take and move onto the dance floor. I then went looking for Greg’s wife, Lucille…I had planned to connect with her while her hubby cruised the party for his party partner…OR should I suggest…partners…!!

I found Lucille… In fact she was watching the development with Judi and Martin… She offered a good laugh regarding the younger set in our firm. Marty is married…his wife was already “occupied” by another colleague of ours…and Martin’s friend is a young bachelor…just out of Law School. Lucille and I danced for about ten minutes before we sat aside and shared another drink and talked minor things for another half hour. Often, we’d comment on some of the guests…their obvious interplay and ‘testing’ where to take the play….wondering who might partner with whom…;) That’s when Lucille casually pointed out where Judi and the young men had gathered at the bar. Lucille then said…”See…we should talk about their likely play…or where they’re taking it for the Holiday…”…she laughed as I looked over to Judi. It became easy to discuss my wife’s plans…OR should I say Martin’s and his friends’ planning…!

Judi at the bar, sipping a drink…one lad right next to her…holding her waist…3 or 4 other gents with one lady crowded around Judi and the young man. BUT, it quickly became apparent why several guests surrounded my wife and her bar companion…to conceal what was going on…at “lower level”…!! There, on his knees, was Martin…in front of Judi. He…or someone…had hiked my wife’s skirt up…nothing difficult to do given the size of the skirt…;) Martin’s face was pressed into and between my wife’s legs…Lucille and I immediately knew what he was doing with my wife. The young counselor was ‘practicing’ his cunnilingus skills on my wife…right there at the bar…!! Judi appeared enamored and a most willingly accepting lady…looking to giggle with the young man at her side…as Martin probed and played with her pussy…or more! We avidly watched for about 8 or 10 minutes before Martin finished his “play”…stood up…kissed Judi on her lips…as the young lady in the group took his place on her knees…between my wife’s legs.

Lucille and I had to laugh…it was so surreal…! The lads helped Judi take a bar seat…as the young woman quite aggressively probed between her thighs. Lucille and I weren’t familiar with the young woman…we assumed she was one of our counselor’s gal friends. BUT…whoever she was…she was good at her play!! Watching Judi’s face reflected all the young lady was doing on my wife’s vagina…Judi’s obvious sexual satisfaction…her squirming in the bar seat as the young man secured her…ALL very apparent, the gal knew what she was doing with my wife’s pleasure zones…!!

As Lucille and I were partially mesmerized by Judi’s seduction, we began to witness the lads taking further advantage of my wife. Martin went to kiss Judi’s cleavage…as his friend began to probe beneath her blouse. Within a few moments, Judi’s right breast popped out from behind the ‘protection’ of her blouse. The gentlemen surrounding her at the bar for a moment seemed stunned. As the girl between Judi’s legs went at her pleasures, the men briefly paused…admired Judi’s breast, areola and nipple…then very efficiently and effectively, they removed Judi’s left breast. Oh…they kept her blouse on…for some pretense of civility in case others would notice (who the fuck would NOT make note if they were in the immediate bar vicinity…;)

The lads ‘handled’ Judi’s breasts as playthings…Judi appeared to have NO control over her circumstances. The young woman had control over my wife’s cunny…the young men now had her prized, pear-shaped tits in their hands…literally…!! Lucille asked if I wanted to intercede. I said no…never forget this is our prized, senior staff Holiday Party…why try to interfere and create animosities…for everyone… As I shared with Lucille, my wife came to entice…attract…and draw personal sexual attentions… She was getting it properly…!! I remarked to Lucille, that she herself at a stunningly age 57, was all dressed in sexy attire…to make it all that much fun for her and me…!! Lucille knew I wanted her at the party…!! Why would I deny anyone’s play plans…!!

We continued to watch the drama at the bar. Around 12:30 or so, the young woman moved away from Judi’s pussy…pulled her skirt properly down…the group seem to chat a bit. Moments later, with a lad who placed his blazer over Judi’s shoulders to partially conceal her titties, they all moved as a group away from the bar and to one of the private rooms on the mezzanine level just above the dance floor. My wife was accompanied by 4 gentleman and the one young lady as they entered the room and closed the door.

Lucille and I walked over to the bar…ostensibly to refresh our drinks…BUT wanting to see if we could learn more from the bar man. Oh, he was verbally prolific…;);) His name Chaz…he witnessed the entire, unfolding episode with Judi…over an hour or so at the bar. Chaz laughed…said…”Christ…whoever she’s married to here…better have his own game ready. That whore is ripe…and she’s going to be picked in all sorts of ways…!” We all shared a laugh…Lucille asked what he meant…

Chaz replied…”Well, my lady, allow me to speak with your companion…I don’t want you to think I’m being disrespectful to ladies…” (he again laughed as Lucille and I intently listened) Chas continued…”The lads said she’s married to some big guy with the law firm…that he’s already given them permission to share and have her… That’s why I call her a whore… She never objected to anything...! I could have gotten down on my knees…if the blokes allowed me…! I don’t know if you saw any of it…Christ…they were eating her out right here at my bar…!! They massaged and sucked her titties…right here…Christ!!

“Hire me again for this firm’s party nights…this is how counselors play…I want to be here to be entertained. Jesus…maybe someone will invite me to play with them…”…Chaz continued as we all shared a laugh. I asked if he knew anything about the group’s move upstairs. He simply said…they wanted some privacy with their slut wife. They expected the party to last into wee hours…they were prepared to enjoy their “guest.”

Lucille and I thanked the bar gent, and were readying to engage ourselves…we’d be employing one of those very mezzanine rooms ourselves…albeit quite conservatively…it would be just Lucille and I fucking…;) As it were that evening, I didn’t return home until well after dawn…around 7am. The ‘group’ brought Judi home and settled her in on the guest bed…totally naked except for a guest half robe they found in a closet. They made little attempt to clean my wife up…a brief towel wash of her face, neck, breasts…and some modest try to clean her vagina of the loads she obviously accepted… They couldn’t do anything about the bites and markings around her titties and beneath her breasts…Judi’s breasts entertained well…just as well as her pussy and bum…!! AND, speaking of her pussy, I noted the stretch and sensitivity around her cunny…everyone must have had several turns at ‘lovemaking.’

As for me and Lucille, we had a fucking great Holiday time!! I took her home around 5am…Greg hadn’t returned yet. He likely was attached to some young chippie from the office. Lucille and I went one more round before I headed home. And, by the way, when Lucille and I left the bar gent who shared some of the ‘activity’ while Judi was at his bar…I told him he should take some leave from his task…ask a colleague to cover a while. I recommended he go up to Martin’s room…and offer to join in with their ‘whore.’ I thought the counselors and young woman would appreciate a break from their partying…even enjoy watching a party staff member take a fuck whirl with their ‘whore.’ Lucille laughed and concurred… The bar gent took it all in appreciatively… Lucille and I suspected…he likely heeded our advice…;);)

2015 is coming…very soon. There will be personal changes also coming in The New Year. Lucille, Raida and Evelyn…are all aware of my situation. Even my wife’s favored young lover, Mathew (married and divorced all within 10 months this past year) is aware change coming…!!