Written by PJ

26 Apr 2018

So we have just returned from a long weekend in France a lovely relaxing weekend what happened on out last evening will stay with me for a long time! Myself and my wife were sat at a high end bar and got chatting to a local French couple who lived in a flat over the road obviously this was there local. Anyway after a few hours and several cocktails and wine the other wife told us she was a lingerie designer and worked from home my wife very innocently said I’d love to see your stuff, No problem why don’t we all go back to the flat for some champagne great, It’s worth pointing out my wife and I have a great sex life but have never done anything out of the box! Anyway several glasses of champagne later Marie asked my wife Helen if she’d like to see her designs and off they went. Myself and Francois chatted away like blokes do stood in the kitchen and 10 mins late both ladies appeared with matching sexy outfits and stockings on I nearly fainted! They just came in and both sat on a bar stool and demanded there glasses be refilled I just nearly came in my pants! I noticed Francois also had a massive hard on so I just walked to the back of my wife and started kissing her neck as soon as did that Marie just walked over and started playing with my wife’s tits. In the meantime Francois had come to the back of me and started to undo my jeans from behind and I was frozen I had never been near a man in that way but the sight of Marie now licking and sucking my wifes tits I just went with it. So still behind me Francois had released my very hard cock and had slowly started to wank me off then my wife saw what was happening and told him to suck it so next thing Francois is licking the Precum of my cock as I’m stood now watching Marie lick my wife’s sopping pussy and that was it watching my wife grab Marie’s head and bury it in to her pussy I shot my load straight in to Francois mouth he then walked straight to my wife who was screaming in ecstasy and kisses her till she had taken every bit of my spunk out of Francois mouth. My wife came like I’ve never seen before and the Marie came and made me taste my wife’s pussy juice from her mouth...We then moved to the bedroom and i’ll Tell you that one another day!..,,