Written by Man alone.

31 May 2015

My lovely wife and I have role played swinging many times. We usually arrange to meet at a local hotel bar, pretend to be strangers who have an attraction, and end up fucking the mysterious stranger.

This year on our annual holiday in the sun we thought it would be fun to play our game whilst enjoying our week in the sun. So we arranged to meet in a hotel bar. My wife was to sit at the bar, I would walk in, sit next to her, charm her and bed her. She could be as slutty as she liked. In fact the sluttier the better as far as I was concerned.

She is a very attractive tall blonde woman with a smile that can induce an erection in any man. Tonight she looked stunning. She wore a light summer dress with a split that revealed her wonderful legs when sat.

I kissed her and said, "see you there", and she left our room.

I waited half an hour or so, then made my way out to meet my mystery woman.

When I arrived at the bar she was sat on a stool at the bar chatting to the barman. I began to walk toward her when a tall handsome black gentleman introduced himself to her. He looked about 40 ish, well groomed and attractive. I took a seat at a table nearby and waited for her to turn him away. After all she was waiting for me.

However, she did exactly the opposite. She smiled, shook his offered hand and he took the stool next to her. They chatted, laughed, and we're having a great time over drinks.

I saw the stool on the other side of her became vacant, so I took it and ordered a drink. I expected her to eventually turn to me, but that didn't happen. She was too engrossed in her new acquaintance to notice me. I knew she fancied him because when he made her laugh, she touched his arm and looked straight into his eyes.

A bit later she excused herself to visit the bathroom as ladies do. I took this opportunity to head her off and ask her what she was doing. She surprised me and said,"I'm meeting a mysterious stranger, and with luck I will be taken to his room".

I was astounded. This was always a game, and what's more, she has never been interested in black men.

She walked away, and called over her shoulder,"don't wait up".

I was angry, jealous and upset. But how could I complain. I had encouraged this type of sexual independence in her. Although I never really thought she'd go through with actually giving herself to a stranger.

I left the bar, went back to our hotel and drank alone.