Written by Stevejane

13 Mar 2012

We have just returned from a week in Gran Canaria staying at a hotel not far from Maspolomas beach and dunes. During the holiday we had heard talk round the hotel bar about all sorts of goings on down in the dunes, but whilst we do like to swing with others and occasionally I like to watch Jane with other guys , a nudist beach never really appealed

On the night before our last full day of the holidays Jane asked if we could spend some time in the dunes just to say we had done it.So after breakfast the next morning we walked the couple hundred metres down to the beach and dunes. For those that have been there will know that there scatterings of people all over single guys , couples, gays all of varying ages shapes and sizes , some naked some in swimwear.

We found a quiet spot layed our towels down and placed a windbreaker round us, Jane removed her clothing but left her bikini bottoms on I just lay down naked. For the first hour or so we just bathed in the sun, then jane nudged me to look over to my left , there we could see a woman getting roasted by two guys whilst her hubby watched and took pictures, straight away I had an erection much to janes amusement, when i looked back at Jane she had removed her bikini pants and was touching her pussy, after about 20 mins the show was over it was hard to tell if the guys had cum , but the fact the woman went and cleaned herself down in the sea so we asumed they had.

Jane asked if I would go and get her a drink and some crisps so putting on my shorts I headed of for a beach shop that we had passed.

When i returned Jane was chatting to a young guy about 30 I passed her the water and introduced myself to him , smiling he just returned to his conversation with Jane Jane was staring down at his cock which I have to say was impressive. I lay back down on my towel put my earphones in and started to chill out again.After a while I looked up to see the young guy putting oil on jane , taking his time rubbing it into her boobs and legs , i could see his fingers gently touching janes pussy , I removed my earphone and could hear Jane sighing, the strangers cock was hard now and jane reached out to grasp it slowly wanking it i saw her mouth the words "fuck me " and with that he spread her legs and roughly entered her making her gasp in delight , she was moaning and screaming he was calling her a slut and slag telling her to take his cum. It was now noticeble that she was being watched by about 4-5 guys. The stranger flipped jane on to her knees he entered her from behind Jane was looking at the men watching her and she pointed to one of them to come over he was younger than the guy fucking her , as soon as he got to her she took his cock in her mouth. the stranger told her he was going to cum and with that he pulled out and wanked his load over her back, this seemed to be to much for the other guy and he started to shoot his load into janes mouth, after he had finished jane collapsed into a heap, some of the other guys satarted to make there way over but I told them the show was over.

After jane had cleaned herself off in the sea we made our way back to the hotel for a siesta.

In the bar on the night we were chatting to a couple from Wolverhampton they told us they had watched Jane in the Dunes earlier !!!! It was to be a long last night but a whole differant story