Written by Robbieeee

31 May 2015

My lovely wife tiptoed into our hotel room at around 4am. I was angry and pretended to be asleep. As she moved around the room I noticed she was a bit dishevelled, her make up was worn and her hair had lost its bounce.

She sat on the desk chair, and had this vacant lost in the moment look on her face. She sighed whilst touching her pussy area. She then went into our bathroom and showered.

I didn't sleep, but she slept like a baby.

In the morning I asked her why she did it. She said that she had only done what I had encouraged her to do, and that I needed to man up and accept what I had started. I told her that she had encouraged me to pretend she was a stranger too. She just said," well, you need to do what I did then".

I asked her if she really meant that, and she just looked at as if I were dumb.

I needed to do the same, and soon or I would end up cuckolded.

We later sunbathed by the pool and I asked if it was all she expected. She told me it was the most exciting thing, and the only thing that made her more horny was the thought of me doing the same.

I had to ask about her night. She said he was a very dominant lover. He had fucked her every which way, hard and fast. He was a large in the cock department and she was a little sore today. I said." You won't be going back then". More hope than anything. She looked at me like I was mad. She said she wanted him again, and would if he asked.

Oh dear! The genie is out of the bottle. My pretend horny housewife slut is now a real housewife slut.

We have since discussed our holiday and we have a plan to meet a couple for mutual fun. Which is great. But, she has been looking at black couples. What do they say about once gone black???