Written by Rory

22 Jun 2011

Mothers friend Diane had taken over my life, she had sold her house and moved in with me, it was like being married but the sex was much better. Inevitably my mother found out about our relationship and was not very happy about it, she didn't like the age difference or the fact that we had been having sex for a long time without her knowledge.Diane was not impressed by her attitude as she knew that mother had a secret life, telling me what it was, to say I was shocked by the information was an understatement, that I won't go into now.

We booked a holiday together in Cyprus, a nice hotel with a pool that backed onto a nice sandy beach, a really lovely place, on our second night there we met a couple, Martin and Ali, they were a couple in their late thirties and great fun to be with, Diane and Martin spent much of the evening together laughing and playing around, while Ali and myself chatted and got slowly the worse for wear with the alcohol being consumed by all of us.At the end of the night Ali and I shared a brief kiss but Diane and Martin kissed abd fondled each other for much longer, in fact to the extent that one of Diane's large breasts was on display out of her bra and top. The following day we spent together larking about in the sea and sunbathing, with Martin and Diane touching each other at every opportunity, he even persuaded her to sunbath topless, what a great sight, Ali was already topless displaying her small pert breasts to me, it was a really great day.

That night after a few drinks our conversation turned to sex, after explaining our relationship and talking about the things that we enjoyed, they told us that they were members of a small swingers club, asking us if fancied playing with them that night and also telling us that other members of their group were staying at a nearby hotel and that they were planning to meet them the following day.

At the end of the night things seemed to happen very quickly, Ali and I were kissing and fondling each other, my cock was rock hard and so were her nipples, Diane and Martin had vanished so we decided to go to our room, on entering we found them standing, kissing, Diane was naked except for her panties, he was just wearing his shorts, as we watched he lay her on the bed, pulled her panties off and pushing her thighs apart entered her, at this point we lost interest as we were too busy stripping each other, removing her bra and thong my fingers found her very wet pussy, exploring inside they found her clit causing her to shudder violently, pushing her onto the other bed I entered her pumping hard untill she shook and whined as she cum and I quickly climaxed flooding her with my hot cum. We spent the rest of the night together, waking to watch Diane and Martin having sex with Diane on top riding him, when they finished they lay together watching us as we had our morning sex.

Later that day we went to a close by hotel to meet their swinging friends, they were a nice couple, he was very tall and gangly, she was small and plump, they were also good fun, after some drinks around thepool we all retired to their room, after a lot of joking and fooling around we played a few games ending up with us in various stages of undress, Diane and Ali were naked with Miriam only wearing her bra,she moved over to me pulling down my shorts she put my now erect cock into her mouth and sucked greadily and very hard on it till I suddenly came in her mouth filling it with my pent up cum, looking around we found the same thing was happening with the others.

That night we all spent together, with after a night of wonderful sex together, the others converting us to swinging, on returning home we have now, joined their group of like minded couples. I am still shocked about what I found out about my mother, if I pluck up enough courage I will tell you what I found out, someyime in the future.