Written by andy biglad1

5 Oct 2009

This a short but true account of what took place last saturday nite, im still struggling to believe it but it really did happen.

my wife jane and and i went to the local village pub

to watch a live band and a few beers.

Jane is 43 size 14 lovely big tits and fully shaven pussy.

she is also very orgasmic.

Any way the evening ended about 12.30ish and quite pissed

we decided to make Our way home via the Park.

We have done this several times and usually end up shagging or at least with some fingering and Oral.

Saturday was different as when we got to the park we could hear voices male and female voices of youths about 18 or 19 yrs old or so!

I thought thats done for my plans of a naughty shag and expected Jane to say lets just go home, I was gobsmacked when she kept pulling further Into the Park.

We slowly walked passed where they were we thought as we couldnt actually see any of them and made Our way to Our

Usual Fucking Bench.

I could not believe how Turned on she was, even wetter than normal, shed taken her G-string off in the Pub as I had been managing to get a cheeky finger as the Band played.

I Got her laid out on the bench and started to lick her Pussy much to her delight, it must have been the moans but as I came up for air we noticed we wernt alone .

I fumbled for my mobile to switch on the light on it and could just make out 2 lads of about 19ish standing watching, Jane just hissed at me "lets give the fuckers a show" I could not believe what she was saying but was not going to let this chance go.

I stood at the end of the bench and pushed my Cock straight up her hot wet Cunt.

So turned on I pulled out after a few minutes and Told her to Turn over so I could Fuck her from behind, she Obliged and told the Boys to come Closer which the Cautiously did the to my surprise as I was slowly fucking her from behind she blurted out "lets see your Cocks then" the tallest of the 2 did as he was told and produced a healthy thin cock of about6-7 inches the Other boy just said i JUST WANT TO WATCH.

Jane reached out and took hold of the Lads Cock and started to Wank him, I took this a signal to take full advantage and for the first time ever Outside, slipped my Cock up her Arse she just let out a satisfying MMMMMM and said to the lad she was wanking "hes got his cock up my Arse" This was the Point at which I could take no more and Just shot my Full load Up her Arse.

Almost straight away the Lad gurgled Im Cumming Suck it now! Jane refused and wanked him furiously to Climax all Over her hand.

She then just simply said "Ok now fuck off" which they both did in silence.