Written by Hornyminx29

23 Oct 2014

I left work about ten to midnight having had s few glasses of wine, as I drove towards home I had a smoke n felt horny as :))) all I could think about was how was I going to get sec at that time of night for a quick fuck before home to hubby!! Then I remembered a dogging area near my town n thought it's worth a shot.. As I was driving towards my destination I could feel my pussy swelling n getting very wet, I had black panties n tight on so I ripped a hole in them for slide my fingers into my pussy while I drove. I pulled into the car park to see a car parked in the bottom corner so I pulled along side.. I switched my engine n lights off n continued to play with my pussy whilst I finshed my joint. I unwind my window as a man got out n spoke to me... It was clear we were both here for the same reason ???? He started fingering my cunt through the open window I started to play with his cock and the cocks of two other men that appeared the one who was fingering my then opened the door n ate my pussy hard..... At this point I needed cock, I ordered the young one with the big cock to put a condom on n I took him into the back of my car n he fucked my pussy hard until he came. Honestly I could easily of took cock after cock but my head kicked in... I got out the back n drove off.... Thinking I had had enough until 2 miles down the road .........