Written by Kathy T

17 Apr 2013

Hotel Fun

My kinky boyfriend Dave told me that he found a dirty, run down motel(that had a cocktail lounge) that was right next to an adult porno shop, but it was in a really bad neighborhood. Playing innocent, I asked him why was he telling me about it, though I knew just what he was thinking. We often stay at hotels for the weekend and play our sexy/kinky games the whole entire time. You know, roll playing and watching filthy movies or going somewhere and I flirt or flash strangers, then we get back to our room and have the sexiest/wildest sex ever! I just love it!

Friday night came and he told me to pack a sexy overnight bag, but to leave my toys at home, saying we would be shopping for new ones. My stomach filled with nervous butterflies as I got ready. Dave was right, the place was a dump and when we entered the lobby, there were about five black guys watching basketball on the television. One of them went behind the counter and smiled at us, checking us in. “You guys lost or something?” he asked. Dave told him that we weren’t and we were just passing through and wanted a nice place to rest and party for a night or two. The black guy instantly began eyeballing me up and down saying that this was a nice place to party down and if we needed anything during our stay(anything at all), to call him at the front desk. He said his name was Rufus. “Ok Rufus, we sure will”, Dave told him as he and I locked eyes and I gave him a shy, sexy smile. We walked off and all eyes were on us again as I heard a little whistle and even some “cat calls” directed at me. “Damn, did you see that white girl! Would love to party with her and show her some black cock love! Fuck yeah homie!” We sped up to our room and as we shut the door behind us, we were all over each other in seconds. “All those black guys wanted to fuck you so bad, Kathy!!!.. I wonder what would happen if I left you with them for a while, huh babe?.. You want me to baby? Should I?” All his dirty talk was driving me crazy! He tossed me on the bed as we ripped off each others clothes and he pounded me hard and fast. He kept talking dirty as I came for the first time of the night. As I felt my second climax begin, he told me he was about to cum too, and he pulled out and came all over my breasts as I came along with him. We showered together and Dave told me to get dressed while he got some drink and smoke ready for us. We started getting pretty buzzed (with hot interracial porn on the tube!)and Dave kept pushing me away as I tried kissing and grabbing all over him, saying we should head out first, then come back and continue. I had on a mini-skirt and tight sweater (with heels) over my tiny white lace panties and no bra, as we went out down through the lobby again. This time there were only two other black guys along with Rufus. As we smiled and tried to pass by quickly, Rufus came from behind the counter and stopped us. With a huge smile on his face, Rufus asked us where we were off to tonight? Dave told him we were headed next door for some possible shopping and all there faces lit up. We tried to walk pass again but Rufus insisted he introduce us to his two friends, Rick and Capone. They both were kind and friendly(all smiles) as they quickly shook Dave’s hand but both spent a little while longer shaking mine and blatantly looking at me all over as they did. I was smiling back and blushing red as they complimented how hot I looked. Finally Dave grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me away as he laughingly told the guys we might see them later. I heard one of them say, “Sooner than later, I hope! Damn she fine!” We entered the adult shop and I was already breathing hard and quite turned on. The place was empty except for an one old black man behind the counter. My head was spinning and I was off balanced (almost tripping)as we walked in with me laughing and waiving hello to the black old man behind the counter. He stood up and looked at me with the cutest, most shocked face as he slowly smiled and waived back at me. Dave told me to go and check out the toy section and pick out the best one I could find, and he was going to check out the video section. I told him to come with me but he said the place was empty and I had nothing to worry about, so off I went. There were the sounds of sex throughout the place, and when I glanced up, I noticed a huge video screen in the middle of the shop and it just happened to have a hot young white girl getting BBC by this super hung black guy. I stopped in my tracks and stared at it for a few moments. I was getting so turned on, and so wet!! I almost forgot where I was as I snapped out of it and head towards the toys, yet stealing peeks back at the screen every second or so. I looked down in front of me and there were all the lifelike black cocks a girl could pray for. I felt a sexy tingle throughout my whole body as I picked up a huge black toy that must have been almost two feet long and thick as a bat. It had a huge mushroom black cock head with veins running all along the thick black shaft, along with two huge realistic balls at the bottom. As I held it in shock and awe, I noticed the old black owner walking towards me. I looked over at Dave and he wasn’t even looking my way! The old black man stood directly behind me and asked me if I needed any help. I was so wound up that I decided to have some sexy fun. “Yes actually, uh.. Are these black toys as good as the real thing and uh.. Which would you recommend for me?” He looked me up and down and said “Nothings better than the real thing and what I recommend for you is right here in my pants sweet thing”. I turned to him and smiled as I looked down where his old hand was grabbing himself. “Really…mmmm…can I take a peek?” Right then Dave joined us telling us to break it up. Dave asked him how much was the one I was holding and he said $80. Dave said, “Eighty bucks, huh? That’s a lot but I’m sure well worth it.. How about a trade?” The old black man couldn’t take his eyes off of me as he asked Dave what he had in mind. Dave told him “Kathy will give you the panties she has on right now, for that monstrous black dildo. Even trade. Do we have a deal?” The old man said hell yes! “Lets go behind the counter and make the exchange there.” Dave stayed in front of the counter as the old black man took me behind the counter. He sat down and told me to turn around and slowly peel my panty off. I felt so naughty as I did just that! I handed him my panty and gave him a peck on the cheek. He had one hand on his crotch, pumping away as he brought my panty to his face. I noticed the front door opened and walking in were the two guys from the lobby, Rick and Capone. I wondered how much of my slutty display they saw? Dave grabbed my hand and we walked to the back of the shop that had private booths to watch porno. We entered the tiny booth and I sat on Dave’s lap as he put change in the machine. Of course, we picked a dirty interracial film and as it started, Dave brought my new black toy to my face and told me to kiss our guest hello. I started slowly giving it sweet kisses. The scene started and Dave slipped a hand under my skirt and I was on the verge of cumming! He told me that he promised our guest that I would suck him to completion, but that was all because he really wanted to fuck my young white pussy hard! I came so hard! Minutes later, there’s a sound on the wall in our booth and Dave tells me to look. Oh my gosh! My first gloryhole! Really? I couldn’t believe it. Just like the movies! Looking to be at least a foot long and black as night, it was super hard and it looked magnificent. I looked at Dave and asked him what was I allowed to do with this one? “Stroke it till it cums baby.” I stood up and bent a little, and wrapped both hands tightly around that beautiful BBC. I instantly heard a deep moan from the other side. Dave got down behind me and spread my ass cheeks apart and buried his face, licking me madly! This was all too much!! The next few minutes were a blur with Dave making me cum over and over and me wildly stroking the magnificent black cock. I heard the voice say he was about to cum and he did. He pulled right out of my hand and away as I looked at Dave and he sat down and sat me down on top of him. We began to fuck hard and fast when I saw another BBC come through the hole. I was feeling too good to come off my bf’s cock just yet, so I reached out and grabbed it in one hand. There was too much going on and I was having trouble doing it all! Dave pushed me off of him and told me to take care of another BBC. I turned to the same position as before, only Dave entered me from behind while I jerked this new BBC. This cock was a bit shorter than the first but was super fat! During all the action, I heard the voice from behind the wall order me to suck it! I stared down at it and really wanted it in my mouth. Dave knows everything about me and got a handful of my hair pulling my head to him as he tells me in my ear, “What are you waiting for slut?” He pushed my head back down and at the hard black cock before me. I let it hit my face a few times before I gave in and opened my mouth as wide as I could. This thing was thick! I couldn’t even get the whole head in my mouth. That didn’t stop me from giving him a good tonguing all over his black cock. Dave couldn’t take it anymore and he shot his load deep in my hungry pussy. He started to dress as I got down on my knees to concentrate fully on that fat black cock. Dave sat and watched as the fat cock finally burst in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but couldn’t. When the black cock polled away and through the hole, Dave bent over and picked me up and we rushed out of that place and to our room for some more non stop fun! About an hour or two later, there was a knock on our room door. We looked at each other, knowing there was probably hot action on the other side of that door! We opened the door and it was the old man from the porno shop and he had my huge black dildo that we must have left behind as we ran out of that place. Part two cumming