Written by one night in heaven

24 Mar 2015

Well after my saturday night fun with sarah and rob they left and said they would be back very soon.

There were and this time they were staying for 4 nights mmmmmm the first night they were back again i was working not as a busy night and again she asked me what time i would finish as i was on a early shift the next day i knew it wouldn't be late they got me a drink to have once id finished and she gave me her mobile and said text me when your done. I finished early and text she said come over to our room this time i took the wine. when i got there they were both naked and laid on the bed playing with each other i poured the wine and sat and watched as she gave him a amazing blow job i had unbuttoned my blouse by then and was play with with my tits and getting very horny watching them kissing licking and touching each other. He then got up and came over to me and undone the rest of my blouse and let it drop to the floor undone my bra and started to suck kiss and lick my tits and nipples which were very erect by then as was he i took his large cock and put in my mouth as i started suck it she came over and to suck y other tit and feeling my wet pussy we went over to the bed all naked by this time as i was licking her pussy and feeling her tits he then went behind me and fucked me from behind hard it was amazing as i cum he fucked me even more i screamed with delight as i cum again. then she turned me over and was licking my now very very wet pussy as he fucked her from behind he was fucking her harder and harder with each push she was licking me more and more playing with my tits sucking them then go back to my pussy i cum again but this time it was gushing as i was cumming he took over from the licking i put his cock in my mouth as i was fingering her pussy they both cum at the same time it was omg so amazing as he cum all ovet my tits she licked it up. cant wait for my next night of hotel fun.