Written by Stevejane

3 Mar 2015

We had a night away , advertising on here to see if there were any guys to fuck jane , we had a couple of responses but Jane wasn't keen .

We arrived late at the hotel 6 ish so we showered changed and headed straight for the bar, we sat near the fire with our drinks and after only a few minutes a young guy about 25 asked us if he could join us near the fire as he was freezing. He introduced himself as Andy and he was an electrician staying at the hotel. We chatted for about 30 minutes before we told him we were going for a indian meal but would be back later if he hadn't gone to bed, as we left Jane gave him a kiss on the cheek .

We never mentioned him at all over our meal and when we returned to the hotel bar we saw Andy on a gaming machine with another guy , when he saw us he waived and beckoned us over , he introduced us to his mate John who worked with him he was about 35 and in good shape with a shaven head. Before long we were sat in a dark corner laughing like we had known each other for years, I noticed a lot of knee touching from all sides , I knew where this was heading. Before long Jane asked the guys if they would like a bottle of wine in our room, within seconds John was stood there bottle of wine , glasses and a big smile . You go get another pint Jane said to me and turned to head for the stairs with the guys in tow .

I bought a pint then after 20 minutes or so headed up to our room , as I opened the door Jane was sat reverse cowgirl fucking Andy , john was sat in a chair wanking, Jane soon climbed of Andy's cock which was average sized but fat . Jane then went over to John telling me that he had fucked her already and cum in her , I could see it still coming out of her. She knelt in front of John taking his cock deep in her mouth Andy went behind her and started to fuck her again after just a few minutes Andy added his cum to his mates, pulling out letting it drip from her open pussy . seconds later john told her he was cumming and jane sucked harder taking his load in her mouth swallowing it all . Both guys dressed and left , jane lay down on the bed and opened her legs asking me to lick her , not to miss out on this I buried my head in her pussy eating her juices and those of the two guys , I licked jane till she was clean before wanking my cock into her mouth .

At breakfast the next morning Andy and John were sat with another 5 or 6 lads , all laughing and grinning clearly they had been told, Jane just smiled at them as she ordered breakfast mmmmmm I wish we were staying another night she said """all that cock"""