Written by losha

9 Aug 2010

I worked away alot back in the early nineties,had a job to do in Southend,anyway found a hotel & stayed for a long time there,the couple running the hotel were around there middle 30's Tina was a lovely blond lovely breasts and a curvy body,Nick was a tall thick set guy,anyway Nick asked me to play cricket for the local team as they were short of a player so I did,after the game we had showed & I noticed what a big prick Nick had and as he dried it it got even bigger,he must have seen me looking so he took his towel away and just stood with it fully erect with this my prick just exploded I was so embarrist I turned away and got dressed and left,got back to the hotel had a few drinks & a nice meal she was a good cook,so after the meal I went back to the bar & had drinks then later Nick & Tina came in & sat down by me and we chatted for a while then they asked if I fancied a drink in there living living room,so I said don't mind save a few quid I thought,sitting there having a glass or two of wine, Nick put a video on he said I might like it. It was showing two guys & a woman,then all of a sudden Nick & tina started kissing & playing with each other with that they got on the floor & Nick started to strip Tina I just sat there & looked what a great body she had,then Tina stripped Nick wow there is that cock again Tina asked if I liked his cock I said I have never seen one so big with that she started to suck him,at one point I thought she actually swolled the hole thing,Nick asked if I would like to strip of I said I would not mind so then Tina & Nick stopped & started to take my clothes for me I was down to my pants & Tina said would I mind if Nick took them of for me as it was a fantasy of hers to see this I said I would not mind,my prick by now was getting semi hard and as Nick slowly pulling them down Tina was playing with her juisy hairless fanny,just as Nick pulled my pants all the way down I felt his hand playing with my balls then started sucking my cock,I was so shocked but was enjoying the whole thing,Tina then just yelled and stood up parted her legs & a gush of orgasm went all over the floor,Nick the stopped sucking me and started to lick Tina's fanny,she said come & play with my tits I did & she played with my cock,she then laid down on the floor & Nick started to fuck her, she started to suck my cock it was nice,I said I am going to cum then Nick said cum in my mouth so I did then I put it back into her mouth to clean it of, then they both kissed & tounged each other,Nick by this time was about to shoot his load & Tina asked if I would suck his cock I said I have never sucked a cock before but was willing to try it was loverly I tried to swollow all of his cum but some ran down my chin so Tina seeing this licked it up,so everybody was happy, so we sat on the sofar and plyed with each other.