Written by Jane

31 Mar 2009

We have always been a bit wary about entertaining likeminded friends at our house, but after a lot of thought we decided to invite two other couples round to join us for what we hoped would be a lot of sexy fun .

Saturday came and i readied myself buying some new sexy underwear shaving my pussy almost smooth and getting the rooms in our house ready (plenty of condoms available in each ). At 8 our guests started to arrive firstly Emma and Martin , then Lisa and Paul, and finally Beth and Ross. After 45 mins of general chat Steve and I were in the kitchen opening more wine and saying the night was a bit slow to take of, when we went back we realised how wrong we had been Emma was on her knees in front of Ross taking his cock in her mouth with paul behind her pushing her skirt up so he could get to her pussy, as i placed the drinks on the table i felt hands cup my breats from behind the felt lips kissing my neck , I turned round to return the kiss , it was Lisa mmmm i really wanted this i pushed her back on to a chair , parting her legs as i did so , no pants fully shaved and very very wet, my mouth was just drawn to her pussy sucking her clit then fucking her with my tounge , after about 5 mins of this and my face covered in her cum I felt a cock nudging my pussy turning my head i saw it was Paul about to fuck me Steve was lying on the floor and Beth was giving him head , from a gentle start we had now emerged into a full on fuck fest , over the next couple of hours I was fucked , I sucked I licked spunk from both beth and lisa , I swallowed cum from Ross and had taken a load from Steve , which Paul eagerly licked from me , that was a first and very very horny .

We were laying around and having a laugh when Steve suggested loggin on to SH and seeing what is going on after visiting a few rooms we settled in the beach bar in server two, in there on cam was a black guy just chatting , Beth commented on the fact that it was ages since she felt a black cock, mmm and me said Emma , We asked him where he was ,York he said, well if you can get here you are welcome to join us , Laughing he said he would be there within the hour. We gave him our adress and phone number and told him to call us when he was near , not really expecting to hear from him again. We all went back to the carnel pleasures we were enjoying before me getting roasted by Steve and Ross Then me sitting on Emms face as Paul fucked her , god it was all very horny, then about 11.30 Steves mobile rang , it was Sean the black guy , he had turned up, Steve went to the front door to let him in, well his face was a treat when he came in the room , all of us either naked or in our stockings just laying around the room had the aroma of sex everywhere, Steve got Sean a drink and he sat on a chair acrooss from me , even with his jeans on his erection was very plain to see , I knew i was going to have my first black cock tonight and i couldnt wait ...........

But thats for another time xxx Jane XXX