Written by lovemuscle4play

11 Jan 2011

Through a well known swingers site I arranged a meeting with a couple. I had contact with the guy (David) only at this stage, I was a little sceptical but figured it was worth taking a risk as the role play/scenario he had in mind was really up my street and the pictures of his wife (Julia) were very hot albeit in a tasteful way with lingerie on etc. He was very specific about what they wanted which was a kind of a cuckold thing I suppose with a bit of humiliation thrown in - in short he wanted me and her to act as lovers, with him clearly the cuckolded husband paying the bills and being powerless to stop us - a kind of gooseberry – it was all going to end up (if his wife was happy with everything) with me back at theirs fucking her in their bed – he was very specific about that.

All of this was detail given to me by David over the phone was giving me a raging hard on as you might well imagine. I was still aware though that these things tend to come down to chemistry and putting the lady at ease. I arranged a lunchtime meeting and they were on time. She was petite but nicely stacked, curves but not overweight with long mousey hair…a goer yes, not obviously so, but they are here and he assures me she is hot for it. Pretty smile and nice lips I notice.

As agreed I greet her Julia like a lover, ignoring him (his request – not what I’d normally do – that’s just plain rude) and we started kissing. Within seconds I had my (very long) tongue down her throat I was groping her openly in public squeezing her bum and getting nicely hard, she gave it a squeeze commenting ‘umm nice big fat cock...I can’t wait!’

We have agreed to take her to a well known lingerie store. There is nobody there but the manageress and assistant. The former is early to mid thirties but very attractive, the assistant young and cute with a seriously hot figure. The deal is that the husband buys her whatever we (me and her) decide on. So she begins to try stuff, a light wine coloured bra, panties and suspender set. The hubby flashes his cards to the staff to keep them sweet re. what’s going on. The manageress knows and is interested, the younger one is catching on, although I guess more into straighter scenarios.

I slip inside the changing room and start to have a peek, I run my hands all over her scantily clad body, rubbing my hard through my trousers up against her arse which she wiggles to clarify her interest. She comes out with me and does a twirl, I like that one I say. We pick up quite a few bits including some seriously hot slutty shoes. David whispers to me to be a bit more risqué in front of the sales assistants and as Julia plays with a Rabbit i declare no you definitely won’t be needing that tonight and give her arse a squeeze for all to see. David pulls out a card to pay with and Julia reprimands him ‘not with our joint account’, pay with your own card, this is your fantasy after all. This is incredibly sexy, I think to all five of us, and leaves the assistants in no doubt about what is going on here. I leave the shop with my hand up Julia’s shirt, David sheepishly following behind us.

We move on to a fairly posh wine bar, I fondle her at the queue for the bar rubbing my fingers along her cunt lips and putting my fingers to my mouth and after we take a seat she rubs my hard on through my trousers in full view of a few people mostly couples I openly announce ‘your wife’s cunt tastes nice’. We snog openly all of the time with David there ‘ I’ve got to get her home I say to him rather too loudly…and (I daringly announce) fuck her in your marital bed’, this I correctly guessed was the kind of humiliation her was looking for.

We get a London cab back. She shocks everybody by openly changing into the hot wine bra & knicker set David had recently bought her, the taxi driver gets a good look at her, he slips on some sunglasses clearly to disguise his perving. This is all very hot but I have to admit and call me a square here if you wish, i prefer a driver to be looking where they are going. David looks in seventh heaven not only have I been playing with his wife for the last couple of hours but this completely stranger has seen her nude. ‘what do you think of my new set then’, she announces to everybody and nobody. I get the distinct impression that everyone preferred it when she was naked.

I get her to sit on my lap, we really go for it and with her sitting on me facing forward I pull her new knickers aside and frantically finger her, her cunt is on display I really use it pulling apart the lips and rubbing the clit hard, i stretch it with my fingers so her arsehole is puckered. There is a bit of traffic and she takes me by surprise by getting down on the floor onto her knees and unzipping me, she pulls out my cock, licks the head for a good thirty seconds before taking it fully into her mouth, she is a great cocksucker and the only thing that stops me unloading down her throat is the fact that we arrive at our destination – their house. I make sure the drivers get a big tip from the hubby, it was amazing really I suppose that he didn’t crash spending so much of his time looking in the rear view albeit quite subtly with his sunglasses on.

When we get in the house she makes (only) me a long cool drink which I down and I rip all her clothes off bar the newly purchased bra and panty set, ‘I have to taste your cunt’ I tell her and lifting her onto the kitchen table I pull the panties to one side and begin to tongue her, I do this very noisily extending the finger work I was beginning in the cab, I make sure she is fully opened up her pinkness on display. Her husband is aghast as i manoveure her legs into various positions for me to gain access to her sweet cunt. While holding both her legs up i spank her arse aiming the blow not just at the cheeks but also her exposed pussy too – there is something about spanking a pussy - very underrated, it’s good when you do it with your cock too. I cool her down by kissing her arse cheeks and putting my tongue into her arsehole she groans heavily, She is mine for the taking now.

I carry her up to the bedroom and David follows but we lock him out (well he wanted to be humiliated!) and all he do is listen as she greedily sucks on my cock. I then fuck her mouth – she likes to gag on it, but with some effort she takes the eight inches. I then fuck her in several positions, she is soaking wet and my condomed cock keeps slipping out, she is enjoying a bit of hair pulling which is always hot I find, she is very sub for me. We make sure we are making a lot of noise so David is not entirely left out, it is a role play after all. Then suddenly I realise he’s been watching it all through the key hole. I open the door and he nearly falls in, ‘been spying have you? what did you see? I shout, he mumbles a few things nervously. Did you see your woman sucking this huge prick? Did you see me fuck her mouth and gag on it? I bet you saw me pulling her hair and fucking her soaking wet slit as well didn’t you? ‘Yes, it was great’ we heard him mumble. Well let me show you now the real deal.

Julia is now just in she suspenders and the ‘fuck me’ shoes David bought for her earlier, she is bathed in sweat and writhing, I am very hard as I have yet to cum, I treat David to a display of proper fucking I start by swapping between the 2 holes slipping in and out of her arse and pussy, she is going wild, ‘fuck me, spank me, come in me’ she is saying. But then i concentrate just on the arse slowly but surely fucking her deep. ‘Fuck me arse’ she screams loud enough for the neighbours to hear. I get her to sit on to me facing away, towards her husband in fact as she now suitably lubricated begins to fuck my cock with her arse, she leans back affording David a great view of my thick cock inside her bumhole, I play quite roughly with her cunt using my fingers and thumbs to pull it apart rub the clit and then slip first 2 then 3 fingers inside, i frig her and she cums soaking my fingers inches from her husband’s face

For the finale for I am surely about to come I get her flat onto her back, legs back towards her face so just her arse is in the air. I can slip in and out of her pussy and arsehole now after now more than a few minutes of manic fucking i pull off the condom and unload all over her cunt and arse rubbing it in, Saving her just a little bit for her to clean off my fingers. She spends a good 5 minutes sucking me clean in front of her husband looking him in the eye and informing him through a mouthful of cock ‘you see that’s the way you fuck’ When cleaned, I shower, and dress, I come back to find Julie on the bed being licked out. I give her a passionate kiss and leave them to enjoy the rest of their evening. As I go though I announce to David that I will return at breakfast the next day, Julie looks very happy.

I turn up as promised the next morning just as David is off to work, ‘have a nice day at work...we’re gonna have a ‘romantic’ day at home. He looks very glazed as he makes his way out of the door. I down a Viagra and ask her what’s for breakfast.

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