15 Dec 2015

So I would like to tell you about how we got swinging!

My hubby and I have done nothing sex wise for 10 years apart form raising the children, sex was a chore and then it was nothing to the point if we had it once a month that was over doing it.

about 3 years ago I went out for a party with a few friends a one of the guys who was at the party I fancied so after a lot of alcohol I went back to his place, but first I had to call my hubby to let him know that I'd be going back to my mates house.

After a little lie I got of the phone and got a taxi to his place, but the phone never disconnected and he was still hanging on listening to me chatting away to this guy, anyway I got home at 6.30 and he was awake, I got in bed and he was all over me I said I wanted to go sleep as I was drunk and tired, but he carried on and got on top off me and slid his dick inside my already soaked and battered pussy "wow your so wet how come" he asked I just pretended to pass out and he filled me with even more cum.

Next morning he told me all about last night and that he heard me and this guy having sex, he went into detail saying that he was begging me to let him fuck me ass and I would not let him, also he went on to say that he could hear me moaning out his name and telling him to fuck me hard and fill my pussy while he had me on the sofa.

We hardly chatted for about 2 weeks then he came home from work and said he had heard about this party and that we were going to it.

It was a private swingers party and he took me to town and got some sexy outfit with stocking, I told him that I didn't want to go as that was not my thing, but he insisted so we went.

at the party I was like a little mouse and did move a bit I got chatting to another female and we drank and we drank next minute we are kissing and she lead me to a room and we played with each other for about 10 mins in the mean time a crowd had formed and we both just look at them and they just descended upon us! 3 hours later I'd fuck about 7 guys over and over all changing and taking turns until I was dripping with cum all over me and in my pussy, I got cleaned up and we went home., once home my hubby wanted me but I was so sore by now but I let him fuck me and he was wild.

Now we go to clubs at least once a month and to date could not tell you how many men I've had inside me or blown, but I love it, and are relationship is solid as anything now and sex is amazing.