Written by neilandnic

15 May 2012

Our first story explained how we'd met Alan & Diane on holiday in the South of France and how we'd played "lightly" with them on our first day on the beach, and, how they'd explained how much they were looking forward to our company whilst on holiday.

When we got back to our caravan we could hardly keep our hands off each other Nic quickly undid here sarong and threw it on the floor, she hadn't bothered putting her thong back on, I dropped my shorts on the floor to and fell to my knees running my tongue up towards here smooth pussy, she was dripping wet and groaned as i seperated her lips and pushed my tongue all the way in.

Nic started playing with her breasts and nipples, then, suddenly stopped, pushed me away and said, "no, lets save this for later, I'm sure we're going to have some fun tonight, with that she wrapped a short towell around her, grabbed the shower bag and set off to the communual showers all of these sites seem to have.

I lay on the bed naked, thinking of the fun we'd had on the beach and dosed off, Nic arrived back about half an hour later looking flushed but yet glowing and refreshed, she didn't let on she and Alan had shared a shower together till later on in the evening, but said she'd bumped inot him on the way out and we should be ready around 8ish.

We strolled to the same restaurant we'd eaten in the night before, me and alan in front dressed in smart shorts and t shirts, the girls bringing upo the rear, arm in arm, Nic in a long white wrapover dress, no bra, nipples visible through the white fabric, a white cotton thong again visible from the back, (initially she'd gone for no knickers, but said the thong looked sexier through the dress. Diane had a string strap top, with a short skirt on, here amazing breasts were bouncing bra free like Nic, but I'd have to wait to see if she had any knicks on! Typically for lots of restaurants, there was no space but, the owner just produced four old chairs, sat us outside in the warm night air and poured four lagre glasses of wine, saying to Alan, he'd let us know when a table was available.

We sat chatting about our trip down, where we usually go on holiday, all the usual small talk, until Nic suddenly said, "how did you two start swinging" we all busrt out laughing at the change of subject and Alan laughingly said, they'd been introduced to swapping by an older couple they'd met in the Canary Islands around 10 years ago, they were now "passing on the experience to us"!!

the wine continued to flow as Alan & Diane went on to say how they only really swung on holiday as most people were much more relaxed and the sun brought out the sexy side of everyone.

We moved inside when the table was ready and, along with yet another lovely meal all washed down with more wine the conversation continued on the subject of partner swapping and how they enjoyed their swinging experiences with both older and younger couples and, how even though they though they'd be jealous of watching each other make love to someone different, how it really turned them on, improved their own sex life and actually made their marriage stronger.

It was at tihs point that Diane said to us, that's why we thought you two would like to swap with us, you looked like you enjoyed your holidays and were looking forward to a great time and when you were game to try the nude beach we thought we'd broach the subject of swinging.

Alan went on to say he'd followed Nic to the showers to ask if she was ok with sharing a meal and hopefully some fun later and, when they'd got there found only one shower free, Nic went in first but turned and invited Alan to "share the soap"!!

They's soaped each others bodies, with Nic concentrating on Alan's stiff prick and Alan working on Nic's nipples, breasts and parting her knees with his leg, proceeded to finger fuck her to the point of orgasm, he then removed his finger saying "wait till later" and then surprised Nic by turning the shower to cold and holding her tightly to his body whilst the jets of ice cold water cascaded over them, hence the fact she was flushed and glowing on her return from the showers!

We left the restaurant and made our way back to the campsite, Nic and Alan in front,me and Diane following up, all four of us arm in arm with our "new partner".

We arrived at their van first and there was a pause from us both, Diane said, "don't worry you two, we're not going to eat you alive". Alan came back as quick as a flash saying, "oh yes we are"! We looked at each other, smiled at Alan & Diane and walked into their caravan.

Due to the sun all day the van was extremely hot inside, Alan opened the vents and shrugged his shirt off, Diane opened the fridge to reveal yet more wine which was quickly opened and poured, Nic disappeared into the small toilet and on returning had removed her dress, much to my amazement,standing there in just her thong, but I knew she was up for fun so she must have thought why not! She apologised, saying "sorry but it's so hot, just needed some air on my skin, Daine laughed saying, "that's not all you're going to get honey".

Nic went over and sat on the large sofa next to Alan and put her arm around his waist, I sat down next to Diane put my arm around her shoulder and my hand onto her breast. Her nipples stood out like bullets and she followed suit to nic by removing her top, then her skirt to reveal yet another very sexy red thong with a very dark damp patch next to her pussy, she sat back down and said,"why don't you take off your stuff and relax, to which I stood up, removed my shirt and my shorts revealing my boxers and an ever growing bulge. I sat back next to Diane, she turned her head and we kissed for the first time as lovers, our tongues entwining in each others mouths, our hands caressing each sexy part of our bodies, I'd managed to pull her body close to me and fondled her cheeks either side of her thong, alowing my finger to delve under the material towards her tight arse, my other hand was twisting her nipple one way then another under her instruction of "harder, harder", I don't think i've ever twisted a womans nipples so severely before, but she was loving it, as was I due to the attention she was paying to my cock, she'd managed to lower my boxers and was feverioushly wanking me.

We heard a sigh from the other side and both looked to see Nic laying on the sofa, her thong on the floor, with Alan's head between her legs, licking her pussy in a slow continous rythm, Nic had his head in her hands, pulling him further into her moist smooth body.

O seeing this Diane said, "c'mon, lets go over and join them, I'm certain nic would love the attention of three of us"?

She got up, pulled me off the sofa, walked over to Nic, dropped to her knees in front of Nic & Alan, pulling me closer, pulling off my boxers and drawing me down behind her,so that I was kneeling down adjacent to Alan, behind Diane and able to play with her pussy and nipples from behind her amazing arse, Alan looked up from Nic's pussy, smiled and mouthed the words "Fuck her now". Daine leaned forward to kiss Alan and, as her hair fell on Nic's stomach, proceeded to start masaging Nic's boobs and nipples, Nic opened her eyes, drinking in the scene before her, her new lover licking her pussy, her husband about to start fucking her new lovers wife, and the wife playing with her breasts, Nic's eyes closed, her head fell on the cushion, Alan's head returned to Nic's pussy, Diane's lips fell onto Nic's nipples and I entered Daine from behind, squeezing one of her nipples from the side and with my other hand feeding Nic's nipple into Dianes mouth, the evening was about to get extremely horny..................

More to follow

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