Written by paul

14 Jul 2008

we were coming home from a lunch time drink me and the wife she said i have just got to text a friend so we drive home pull on to the drive and there is sue our neighbour hovering out her car dent righ over and you can see right down her jeans no knickers on you can see half her ars she is 5 10 long dlonde hair about 8.5 stone

so ive gone to get out wife said no just look at sue ars its lovely so we site in the car and i am getting hard by now so i said thats it i am going in ive got out the car and the wife called sue over for a shat i am shore sue looked strat at my hard on .my wife and sue talked for about 10 mins i was still hard when she came so i fucked up agaist the front door.a couple f days latter i came home from work only to find sue and my wifein the kitchen drinking two bottles of wine sue looks up and said no hard on today then and they both lol my wife then said go on fuck sue so iwhen over to sue and started kissing her and playing whith her tits my wife as come over and taken sue jeans off so i could stat playing whith her fanny she was shaven the frist bold fanny i have had so ive gone down on her sge srarts to sream and shouts out im coming then my face is covered in her come she is a squarter ive then got her on all fors doing her dogge im realy banging away when i shoot my load right up her my wife said dont pull out yet i wont to lick you come out of sues fanny so she got into place as i pulled out she whent in for a good lick i am just watching then the wife said you have to fuck me know so i did sue looks over and this is wot happens when your wife texts me on a sunday lunch time i was set up