Written by Fruttitutti

27 Apr 2013

Frutti and I have been happily married for 15 years. We met whilst both in our first marriages, which were both unhappy.

At first we were totally besotted with each other, mentally and sexually, but both very jealous of each other - like some form of protection around our new found love. We were very open about our pasts and admitted that we had both regularly been unfaithful to our former spouses. I had a number of both regular and one off sexual partners in my past and Frutti had a similar number, with her having two significant affairs that she had told me about.

Although pleased that she had been open with me about them I felt incredibly jealous of what had gone before and had trouble in getting my head round what had clearly been meaningful relationships to my new wife.

The first 10 years of marriage passed by and we had a healthy and regular sex life that was better than most, we thought, but was probably, looking back, beginning to stagnate.

One of Frutti's former lovers had been her cousin, who for reasons that will later become apparent, we will call James. They had had sex many times when she had been in her late teens and he in his mid twenties. That was about as much as I knew - or wanted to know!

Then one day his mum came to see Frutti's Dad while we were there and it got me thinking about her son and my wife.

Don't ask me why but it got me to thinking about wanting to know the detail about what had gone on in the past.

The thing that I really couldn't get my head round was the fact that the very thought of them together was giving me an erection !

That night, in bed, I told her about my thoughts and about the reaction it had caused.

She laughed at first but I asked her for details of some of their "encounters" and as she told me about some of their sexual engagements she could feel the effect that hearing about it was having on me - I was rock hard. We made love and I encouraged her to keep talking as I fucked her - I thought my balls were exploding as I came - it was an amazing come that filled her up to overflowing.

Over the next few weeks and months we fantasised about the two of them together and I must have heard about every single time they had sex - him coming to her room when she had been visiting his family with her parents, the oral sex they had that first time, the blow job she had given him on a motorway car park, the time a mate had walked in on them as she rode him on his mates bed when he was in the RAF at Catterick (I suspect that it was a bit of a set up trying to get her into a 3some but that hadn't happened - his mate had commented on her magnificent tits before closing the door and leaving them to it though!).

Her first hubby had no idea just how hot she was or that there was anything going on between them. He used to be up for work for 6.00am and often used to go to bed early, even when James was visiting. She told me how they used to fuck after hubby had gone to bed - sometimes almost fully clothed - she would take her knickers off and just pull her dress up while James would just pull his zip down and stick his cock out so that he could fuck her without undressing. Other times she would have had a bath and just put a bath robe on so that she was naked underneath and James could get at her tits easily.

She said she got a real kick climbing into bed with her hubby with her pussy or her mouth full of her cousins spunk.

I got a similar kick just hearing about it with my imagination running wild, fuelled by her recollections.

Part two to follow.........