Written by Liam4

20 Mar 2017

S came back and quickly drank her glass of prosecco and asked for another. She was still flushed whenI got back from the bar and I asked if she had enjoyed her dance . She reluctantly said yes and gave me a kiss.

I whispered to her that I was going to gently stroke her tits and pinch her nipples whilst M was watching as it had turned me on watching them dance. S couldn't,t really refuse so for the next half hour thats what I did . S's breathing became deeper as her nipples became hard and an occasional look over to M confirmed he wasn't,t taking his eyes off S.

The band announced they were finishing their last 3 songs and as soon as they did M came over to ask S to dance.

She said no at first, but I said I was happy for her to go on the dance floor so off they went. The music was slow and groovy and the lights were slightly dimmed. M had taken S into the middle of the dancers and she had her back to me. I could see his hands stroking and feeling her arse and she had her arms around his neck , he was soon gently grinding into her and again she slowly responded. This carried on for the last dances with M whispering to S's and occasionally grabbing her arse and grinding harder into her. I also saw S move her hand briefly down to M,s crutch and gently stroked his bulging hard on.

The group finished and S left the dance floor to go to the bathroom again, to probably cool down and come down before she came back to me.

M came over and I said that I had seen all that had gone on including S stroking his prick. "Do you want to take it as far as you can" I asked. M said he was as horny as hell and would love to.

Ok , I saidwhen we leave give us a minute then follow us out . I am going to kiss her and get her tits out and see how wet she is in the car park before we get into our car.

When we get in the car Iwill kiss and stroke her cunt , you come up to her side of the car and take your prick out and start slowly wanking. I will put the window down and say to S that she is one hot prickteaser and she can stroke just as she did on the dance floor. If she does we will see where it takes us.

S came out of the bathroom and I said let's go. M asked if he could kiss S to thank her for the dances, I again said ok with me if S wants. M leant over and gave S a gentle kiss on the lips and said thanks. With that we left the pub.

Out in the carp park I pulled S to the wall and started to kiss her telling her she was a prickteaser and I was as horny as hell.

I unzipped the front of her dress and took her tits out and started to kiss and bite them which she loves .

I asked how turned on she was , she didn't,t answer so I slid her dress up and stroked her cunt. It was soaking wet so I asked again and she said she had loved M's prick grinding into her and she couldn't,t believe how sexy it had made her and she had nearly come on the dance-floor.

"Did you love stroking his prick then " I asked, she was shocked as she didn't, think I had seen her do that.

"I, m sorry but I just got carried away " she said, " Let's get into the car and see how sorry you are " I said and with that we walked to the car, S with her tits out and me one hand stroking her arse with her dress pulled up.

To be continued