Written by Ralf

13 Jun 2009

We have been married for almost 10 years and we always had a great relationship. Our sex life has always been pretty good also. After having our last child, she got fixed, so now we can totally enjoy her favorite part of sex without worrying, cumming in her pussy. That sets her over the edge, it's by far her most favorite part of sex, feeling a cock pulsate and filling her pussy thrust by thrust with a hot load of cum. I love it too. The only thing I love the same or more are her feet in nylons. She knows that is my fetish and when she wears her nylons all day and she sticks her feet in my face, I become her sex slave and she can do whatever she wants to do, and I say anything she wants to hear. That's my submissive kryptonite, her toes in well worn nylons.

During sex somehow we've ended up talking about other people joining us. As a normal guy, I've always wanted to have 2 girls at once, and I assume girls would like to have 2 guys at once also. Long story short after some talking she admitted and that (surprisingly) got me excited. So for a while I would talk about another guy fucking her and cumming in her pussy. She got brave and would tell me to lick my own cum from her pussy but I had a hard time doing that until one night. I was tied up with nylons to the bed posts and to add to my fetish, she made me wear a pair of her nylons and she was riding me; I came deep and hard in her pussy totally filling her up. It felt soooo good and she climbed off my cock, kissed me and said you're not done yet, you need to clean my pussy. She started moving her pussy up to my face and I could see the white cum on on her lips and as she got closer I could smell it to. It was a strange intoxicating look and smell. She said 'open up' and sat her pussy lips right on my mouth. I could either fight and take a chance of not moving forward in our fantasies or open up and try it, truth or dare... With cum already on my lips, I open my mouth just as the cum started pouring out of her pussy. I could feel it dropping on my tounge and lips, so I couriously tasted it with my tounge and to my surprise, it wasn't bad. That made my more horny so I swallowed it and opened up for more. I was pinned and she wasn't letting me up until she wanted me to. I layed there with a hungry tounge, sucking the cum out of her pussy swallowing every drop. I was worked up, I wanted as much as I could; I stuck my tounge in her pussy trying to pull more cum out so I can eat it. I think I became selfish and wanted this all the time. However this was her favorite thing also, cum in her pussy and her pussy getting eating. It got to the point that I would beg her to fuck someone and have him cum in her. This became both of our my fantasy.

We joined an adult swingers site and after a while we met a guy who is married but not having much luck in his relationship. After a while of chatting online she asks if she can finally meet him? Well, I noticed she wor nylons the day before and that same day, she noticed me looking at her feet and openly said to me "yes these are the same nylons I wore yesterday". That gave me a boner and of course, I told her she can do what she wants; I nervously said yes.

I would put the kids to bed and then have tp wait up for her to come home. I did set a few rules (ONLY if he cums in her) So, she changed into and left. So I take care of the kids, put them to bed and now it's a waiting game. I was wondering what they were doing, were they having sex, are they using protection, is she alright? I went in our room and put on a pair of her black pantyhose and put one of her sexy dirty socks on my cock, that's all I was wearing. Finally I hear the garage door, and I lay in bed trying to act tired, like I wasn't too excited, she came over and gave me a kiss. I asked how her date was, and she didn't say a thing. She moved the covers from me, saw what I had on, climbed on the bed with a sexy seductive look and put my hands in the nylon loops on our bed posts; lifted her skirt, and climbed up on my face. She didn;t have any panties on but there was on of her knee highs stuffed in her pussy. She told me to start licking, move the nylons with my tounge and eat what she brought home for me. It was the BEST smell I have ever smelled, her pussy juice and some other guys cum. I guess they didn't use any condoms. I couldn't hold back, I moved the nylon and there was a string of cum, I grabbed it with my tounge, held the nylon in my mouth and invited the cum into my mouth. As much as she loved it, I felt selfish for wanting it as bad as I did, but it worked out for the both of us.

We hope to keep this guy as a boy toy for her, someone she can fuck and enjoy him cumming in her pussy too.

She can fuck him anytime she wants; as long as she wears nylons and she lets him cum in her pussy. I asked her if that's fair enough, can she live with that? She said 'oh yeah, I can live with that'.