Written by spfuncouple

9 Nov 2017

For years I had wanted to see my wife Sarah enjoy another guy.

I had told her many times that I wanted to see her fucked and play with two cocks, she agreed once so I placed an ad on another site but then she changed her mind.

I had not cancelled the account and occasionally checked it for any interesting mail and got chatting to a guy named Dave who agreed to "bump" into us both one night in a Birmingham bar after Sarah had downed a few drinks and just start chatting to us and if all went OK then he would start flirting with Sarah.

I had to text him once we had reached the bar and it was quite late as we had enjoyed a meal first, I sent the text and I my stomach was churning in case Dave let slip it was a set up or if Sarah realised what was going on, we had a nice hotel booked close by.

Well, Dave showed up and went to the bar to get himself a drink and slowly but surely made his way over.

He started making small talk about football to me and paid Sarah a few compliments to which she responded well, Dave was quite a lot younger than us two in his thirties, tall, fit and I could see she liked him.

He finished his drink and offered to buy us both one and I replied yes please.

Whilst he was at the bar I turned to Sarah and said "you fancy him don't you" she replied "he is very nice but I love you so don't worry"

I went over to the bar to help with the drinks and said "right I want you to go for it and tell Sarah point blank you want to fuck her" "I will go to the gents and you go for it"

I left for the gents but doubled back to watch what was about to happen, Dave said something and Sarah looked shocked but he then lent in for a kiss and Sarah responded, I went straight back and started kissing her neck and touching her breasts, while they kissed and Sarah's hand slipped back and rubbed my cock through my jeans, she was doing the sae to Dave.

We left the drinks and hurried over to the hotel, not a word was said.

We all entered the lift and started again, I was bursting, we got to the door and I fumbled to open it as they kissed next to me.

I opened the door and we all crashed through and Sarah started ripping Dave's clothes off and we were both undressing Sarah, the two of them fell onto the bed naked and kissing, Dave was playing with Sarah's tits as she wanked him vigourously.

I finished off undressing and joined them both taking turns kissing Sarah as she wanked us both, she lay flat on the bed and beckoned me over and started sucking my cock, Dave was busy licking Sarah's pussy, he then came up for air and moved forward to fuck her, I noticed that he did not have a condom on but at that moment it was too late.

He entered her and she loved it, I asked her "where do you want him to cum" and she answered "inside me" after a few minutes Dave exploded inside her and she gave me one of her sexy looks and said "now you"

I duly abliged, her pussy was so wet and spunky, it was stunning.

We carried on until we all fell asleep and I must admit the next morning was awkward to say the least until a repeat performance happened.

Our best meet ever, the rest is history!