Written by Moose

1 Jan 2009

This is a true story that takes place over several years. I\'m John and I\'m married to Emma (names changed of course!).

We\'d been going out for a few years, and had a fantastic sex life, with all sorts of fun going on, only between ourselves though, but a few times during hot sex sessions I used to talk dirty to Emma about my friend Adam who I\'d known from university. Emma would sit astride be sliding up and down my hard cock, and I\'d tell her to fantasise about Adam sliding his cock into her mouth at the same time, that always put a smile on her face!

It was all just a bit if fun, and neither of us really fancied Adam, but we often went around to Adam and his wife\'s house for dinner and drinks, and often stayed over. I really fancied his wife, but she\'s really not into any fun, so she plays no further part here.

We kept this little game to ourselves, but whenever we stayed at their house, Emma would wear as little as she could get away with, and often she\'d flash just a little bit too much of her pert tits at him and he was definitely interested.

One saucy morning in particular, we\'d all got very drunk and we stayed at their house, I was in a horny mood but had a bad hangover, so I told Emma to lie naked on the bed, and I\'d go to get some tea for us both. However I heard Adam going down the stairs, and told Emma to stay where she was, and I\'d send Adam up with the tea!

Down in the kitchen I chatted with Adam, and made tea for the four of us, but at the last minute I \"accidentally\" knocked over one of the teas. I asked Adam to take Emma\'s tea up, as she had a sore head and needed a drink as soon as possible. He seemed a bit bemused by the request, but went off anyway.

About two minutes later, Adam came back downstairs and didn\'t say a word, so I continued to make another tea, and went up to see Emma.

Emma was lying there with a big smirk on her face, she\'d laid on the bed facing Adam completely naked, and chatted to him about still being drunk and having a sore head. Adam had been really nervous, but had a good minutes look before he excused himself.

The story moves on several years, Emma was working away five days a week in the same town as Adam and his wife, so Emma had taken a small flat in the town, as it was much too far to drive form our home each day. Emma and Adam often met up for lunch, as Emma didn\'t know anyone else in town. I wasn\'t the slightest bit jealous about this, as I fully trust Emma and know he absolutley isn\'t Emma\'s type.

At about the same time, when I was commuting into work on the bus, I met a beautiful girl called Jane, she was 11 years younger than me (she was 22) and was stunning, so just couldn\'t understand why she was always so happy to see me on the bus each morning (I still can\'t!!)

During a particularly hot sex session, Emma admitted that she\'d been teasing Adam, and was going to invite him out on an evening \"date\" and wear something sexy just to see what would happen. As I was all horned up, I said that was fine, and she would have to tell me every detail when she got back. We both agreed no sex was to happen, as we were both wondering how we\'d feel. At the same time I said I\'d try what I thought was the almost impossible task of chatting up the sexy Jane.

Emma went away for the week as usual, and set a date with Adam on the Wednesday night. Well I was on tenderhooks, wondering what Emma would get up too, I was both horny and jealous of the thought of Emma with Adam. About midnight on the Wednesday night, I got a text from Emma, saying \"mission accomplished\", the saucy cow wouldn\'t tell me what she\'d done, didn\'t answer calls or texts, until at about 1am I got a text saying she\'d tell me all on Friday night as she was sliding her hot bod down my cock.

I was distracted the next few days, but had my own mission to achieve. The next day on the bus, I was chatting to Jane, trying to find a way of finding out if I even had a chance with this beautiful girl. Out of the blue we started to chat about coffee, and that the coffee at her work was awful, so I tried my luck, and said if she gave me her mobile number, I\'d text her so we could get a good coffee in town one lunchtime. I was amazed that she started giving me her number before I\'d even finished the sentence! I know, no one is believing this now, why would you! But we exchanged numbers, and I had a faint hope I was in with a chance.

After what seemed like an age, Emma finally came home and we went straight to bed, she was naked before we even got up the stairs, but she refused to say anything until we were on the bed. Emma was hot, she was really up for it, and jumped on top of me and grabbed my dick and slid straight onto it. She started pumping away whilst slowly starting to tell me the story of Wednesday night.

At the time Emma was 33, five foot six, with long blonde hair and a great size 8. For me though her sexiest features have always been her flat stomach and smooth sexy back. She described how she\'d put on her lowest jeans, one\'s so low that she couldn\'t wear underwear, in fact she has to shave just to wear them, they sit so low below her hips. With that the put on an extremely thin backless top, that left none of her perfect shape to the imagination. It was held tightly onto her body just under her tits with two fine bows at the back. Emma had spent all night in the pub making sure Adam knew she was naked under her jeans and top, and on more than one occasion had rubbed her tits on his arm.

After an evening of flirting, Adam can\'t have known what to do, he\'d known me since we were 18, and my wife was making unsubtle advances on him, he was very loyal to me and his wife, and tried not to respond, until back in Emma\'s flat, she sat with her back to him and asked for a massage. He gently rubbed her back above and below the two stings holding the top on, until Emma said the problem was in the middle of her back, and put her arms behind her back and undid them!

The top dropped off, and after about 2 seconds of rubbing Emma\'s back, he finally gave in and started to feel Emmas perfect tits. At this point Emma turned around and started snogging Adam deeply whilst making sure she go her tits felt of course. Well Emma tells me they did this for about 20 minutes and then agreed as we were all friends, it was ok for them to have a bit of fun every now and then, but shouldn\'t go any further. Well Adam seemed to agree (if that\'s what really happened) and seemed fairly happy to have had a good snog and a feel! I was happy too, as all during the story telling I was getting the fuck of my life!

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