Written by Moose

6 Jan 2009

Continued from parts 1 and 2, of course...

Well all was going well, somehow I had managed to get Jane into bed, or even, I think she had managed to land me! And that was a fantastic experience. It was also very handy that she lived just around the corner, so despite her being very busy, she would often just turn up, demand a fuck and leave. If this was me being used, use away.

Well Emma was determined not to get too left behind, and after we had worked out that we were not overly jealous about each other fucking other people, Emma was ready to make a move on Adam.

Now a few things happened in rapid succession here, Emma, Me, Adam and his wife were all booked into a cottage to meet up, this had been arranged for months before any of the fun and games went on, but still a possible opportunity, maybe.

Well to recap, Adam thought he was having an affair with my wife, I knew every detail of what was going on, but Adam didn't know it, so Emma and I thought we knew all the secrets! It appears though that Adam and his wife also had a secret, he'd been thrown out of the house, not for anything described above, just as they'd been together for ever and had nothing in common, but they had agreed to pretend to be together for the sake of the weekend! All got secrets...

In brief, it was a boozy and naughty weekend, for some reason Adam was determined that after lots of drink, not only Emma got naked (I could see his point there), but also me. All naked, but under some duvets he'd brought into the lounge, strange man! His wife was not joining in any fun, but didn't seemed bothered. So somehow Emma, me and Adam all ended up on a huge sofa, lying down with Emma between me and Adam, whilst he was feeling her tits. Sod this I thought, and slipped into Emma, who was fairly surprised but quite happy. Adam mentioned that Emma was being quite wriggly, so she whispered into his ear that was because she was being fucked, it sort of messed his mind up!

Emma slid away from me and briefly stuck Adams cock in her mouth whilst inder the duvet, he panicked though, as he wife was in the room and stopped her.

After a while Emma and I got too horny, and shuffled off to our room (with the Duvet) and Emma climbed on top and started a fantastic long slow fuck. She especially likes to sit upright, so I can look at her fantastic body, and see me cock slid in and out of her.

During this lovely boozed up experience, Adam walked in and looked a bit shocked, it didn't help that he tripped over the duvet that we had left at the door. So he watched Emma slide up and down a few times, before she turned to him and said "I'll be with you in a minute!". Again, he wasn't sure what to do with himself, and shot out of the room.

Emma grabbed a towel and went after him, and a few seconds later was back, and got straight back on and finished me off.

I was knackered and drunk, so we grabbed the duvet and went to sleep, I did say to Emma that she should sleep on her front in case I needed some fun in the night, even though I doubted I would wake up with anythign other than a huge hangover!

What seemed like 10 minutes later (but was several hours) Emma turned the lights on from her side of the bed, I had no idea what was going on, but she was playing with my cock, so I just lay there with my eyes closed. After a while, Emma told me to open my eyes as we had company!

Apparently when Emma had gone after Adam, she told him I knew what had being going on, and he was invited to join us for a fuck when he was ready. He had waited for his wife to be asleep, then crept into the room and had been playing with and fingering Emma for 10 minutes before she turned the lights on.

Well once my head had got caught up to where were were, I span Emma onto her back, turned her to face me and stuck my cock straight into her. Emma was making quite a lot of noise, and Adam was worried we'd wake his wife, and told us to stop, so I responded "shut the door you idiot and stick something in her mouth to keep her quiet". He finally got it, closed the door, and looked a little sheepish as I carried on fucking her hot little pussy whilst he slipped his cock into emmas mouth.

We'll I'd love to say we all shagged for hours, and the ground shook etc etc, but I imagine when you are boozed up, watching your wife give a blow job to someone for the first time, things are already quite hot! So after a masterful but not too long a time, I came in Emma, rapidly followed by Emma coming hard, but all the while she kept sucking, and Adam was last and emptied his cum into Emmas mouth, who like a good girl showed me, then swallowed.

We invited Adam to stay a while, but he obviously didn't want to push his luck, and scuttled off before he was caught!

So now Adam knew he wasn't in trouble with me at least, and he'd finally come in Emma, even if only in her mouth.

Next part.... Adam finally gets laid and new friends on the block...