Written by Joan

11 Dec 2014

To bring yourself up to date please see Part 1 published on - 8th December

I met Mark at last year's office Christmas party. I'd spoken to him on the phone a few times, usually to correct his expenses claims which were always too little. I had never actually met him until the party. I saw him arrive and registered that 'he looked quite dishy'. He was speaking to somebody and they pointed in my direction. He come over and thanked me for checking his expenses forms and making sure he claimed everything he was entitled. The party started at eleven in the morning. Mark had arrived at just after twelve and somehow we remained chatting until two when it officially broke up for Christmas and New Year. Two and a half days for Xmas shopping.

Mark offered to drive me home and as I sat beside him I knew I didn't want to go home just then. “I don't need to rush home, if you don't want to,” I suggested. He looked at me and smiled his wonderful smile.

“We could go back to mine if you like, but I won't promise to behave,” he replied.

“I'd like that,” I told him. In the event he didn't behave and nor did I.

It was a giant 60's tower block, thankfully without the horrid outside walkways. The foyer was large, open and clean with a concierge at an impressive desk. He greeted Mark by name as we entered and walked towards the lifts. The doors opened and we stepped inside. That's when we stopped behaving! He stepped close and I thought he was going to kiss me so I puckered up ready. Instead he undid my long winter coat, my blouse then reached around and unclipped my festive, skimpy red bra. I made no attempt to object but moaned softly and reached down for his cock, undoing his belt and zip I slipped my hand inside. I felt him undoing my skirt, it fell to the floor and his hand was on my bare inner thigh.

Thirty two, nearly thirty three, years ago, on my wedding night, my husband Tony had forbidden me to ever wear tights and insisted I always wear sexy undies. I had no problem complying with either instruction and we fucked like rabbits. I still wore sexy undies and no tights. We didn't quite fuck like rabbits anymore but we still enjoyed great, if, as I now know, vanilla sex. Now I am of an age when no man can impregnate me a return to fucking like rabbits wouldn't be considered an onerous chore.

No tights prevented Mark's access to my wet pussy. A finger eased my matching red thong aside and slipped between the swollen lips of my increasingly needy pussy. I felt the wonderful slippery feeling of his pre-cum on the palm of my hands as the lift slowed to a stop. I reluctantly removed my hand as his finger slipped out of my pussy. He picked up my skirt just as the doors slid open. Fortunately nobody was waiting to get in otherwise they would have seen a great deal more than they had bargained for.

Mark stepped out and looked both ways. “Nobody about,” he said, so I didn't do my coat up but let it hang open exposing my nakedness. Thinking back now I have to say that I don't remember feeling in the least bit embarrassed or even concerned that I might be seen. I just knew that I was going to be fucked. That's all that mattered. I felt Mark's hand on the collar of my coat and pushed my arms back so he could slide it off me, taking my blouse with it. I untangled my bra, turned and passed it to him. I was effectively naked, heels, hold-ups and a soaking wet thong that wasn't covering my swollen pussy. I very much enjoyed the look of delight on his face.

Less than five minutes later I was laid on his bed, my legs around his naked body and his cock buried deep inside my pussy. We were fucking like there was no tomorrow!

I've always loved sex. Orgasms were/are never a problem. Big ones, small ones, quick ones and long slow drawn out build-up ones. I loved them all and fortunately they could all roll from one to another. I was a lucky girl and I knew it. That's probably why I had never, until then, strayed. Sex with my husband was marvellous. I never failed to reach orgasm. They were invariably multiple and always satisfying. Now I was being fucked by a work colleague only a couple of years older than my son and wanted it to never stop. I didn't bother to count my orgasms not even register how intense each was. I just let them roll as his young, hard cock pounded me. He didn't cum for a long time. He told me to sit on and ride him. I bounced my tits for him as I rode. He squeezed them and I stroked his balls. I leaned forward and smothered him with kisses as I slid up and down on his manhood and still he didn't cum. But I did! Fuck! Did I cum!

He told me to kneel so he could take me doggy and I felt him slide deep into me. I pushed back to greet him and we fucked long and slow. His hands were on my hips pulling himself into me. My head was cradled in my arms on the pillow helping me thrust back onto him. In that position and because it was now long and slow fucking I could use my muscles to squeeze his cock. I could sense his orgasm building, the slow steady hard thrusts into me started to become more urgent, more ragged. I pushed back harder to meet his urgency, his need to spurt his load.

“I'm going to cum!” he moaned, “can I cum inside you?”

“Yes! Fuck me! Fill me! Pump your spunk deep into my cunt! Give me your seed, fill me with your spunk. Always and forever.” I shouted to anybody who could hear. He pushed forward into me, hard and deep as I thrust back onto him. He held me tight, I was unable to move then I felt his cock throb and a beautiful feeling of warmth and utter contentment as he emptied his balls into me. I came with him.

I really didn't need the large glass of red my husband had brought to help me relax.

We were seated in one of those olde worlde, secluded booths in a pub where all but us three were glued to the snooker on the wide screen TV (for those watching in black and white, the red ball is behind the blue) at the other side of the bar. Mark, my lover, sat beside me gently caressing my pussy and Tony, my husband, sat across from us watching Mark's arm moving as he finger-fucked me. I had just tossed off my husband while giving my lover a blow job. I had passed my lovers spunk from my mouth to my husband's as he kissed me.

We talked about lots of things then slowly Mark worked the conversation around to what we really wanted and how he might be able to help. I finished the small glass of red my lover had bought and started on the larger one. Part of me wanted to get home and fuck and part wanted the conversation to continue and build the excitement enabling me to watch my husband's reactions as various possible scenarios were explored. Mark had clearly been doing a lot of thinking since our texts earlier. My husband finished his pint and half heartedly suggested another round. Mark and I demurred and Tony looked relieved. I think he was as eager to get home as I was. My lover lingered over his. He was teasing me and I knew it. And he knew I knew it. That made him take even longer. My lover had taken charge of the situation perfectly. I could have kissed him, so I did.

It took him agonisingly long minutes to finish his half pint of lager. He put the glass down on the table, licked his lips and turned to me. “Fancy a fuck” he said, loud enough for my husband Tony to hear.

“I'm hoping for more than one! A whole night and more in the morning?” I replied, also loud enough for my husband to hear. I was in full slut mode, as agreed with my husband (and planned with my lover).

Mark leaned in to me, “your wish is my command”, he said doing up two buttons of my blouse and making me almost decent. He led me from the booth and out into the car-park. My husband followed. He took me to his car, opened the passenger door and told me to sit. I sat. He unzipped his fly, got his cock out and pointed it at my face. “Open wide”.

I opened wide and his cock slipped between my lips. He pushed the head down my throat, waited just long enough to nearly make me gag then slowly withdrew. He started to fuck my face slow and deliberate. I just love it when my lover just takes me and does what he likes with me. I gobbled greedily. I heard him call Tony over. “Get your cock out for her!” I heard him say.

I'd never sucked my husbands cock. Not that I had ever refused, he just hadn't asked. I don't think I would have hesitated, it just seemed too dirty for a respectable married woman to suck her husbands cock without being told to. Of course a respectable married woman didn't have a lover only a couple of years older than her son, so it was OK to suck his cock. I sucked Tony with obvious relish, never mind slut mode this was our 'thank you' to my husband.

I felt Tony's hands on my head then heard Mark's voice. “No! Let her do the work, I'll tell you when to fuck her face.” I sucked. Mark had established his control, apparently over us both. Years of tossing Tony off had taught me when he was on the verge of cummin'. He didn't make any noticeable sound but his legs twitched and his hands trembled. I tapped Mark's leg.

“You ready to shoot your load?” Mark's voice, he didn't wait for an answer, “Hold her head and fuck her face but make sure you spunk into her mouth not down her throat!”

Tony followed his instructions but I knew it would be difficult for him not to thrust his cock as far into my mouth as possible. When he fucked my cunt (still in slut mode) he always rammed it in hard before emptying his balls into me. He totally failed with the first load, it poured down my throat and I was pleased. I moved my head back until his knob head was just behind my teeth and managed to keep most of his spunk in my mouth. There seemed to gallons although I knew it was no more than I took from Mark's cock on a regular basis. My first blow job for my husband! I felt very good about that.

When Tony had finished Mark told me to open my mouth and show Tony it was full of his spunk. I did, scooping up as much as possible onto my tongue I poked it out for him. “Do you want to kiss her Tony or shall she dribble it down over her tits?” As Mark spoke I undid the two buttons holding my blouse closed and slipped it off my shoulders, thrusting my tits forward invitingly. Tony crouched down and kissed me, sucking my tongue clean of his own spunk.

“Dribble the rest over your tits, wife of mine.” he said, standing up. I put my hands under my tits and dribbled. Two loads from my husband in less than an hour didn't leave much to dribble but it was the thought that counted, I spread the lovely spunk over my tits as best I could.

“We'll follow you home Tony, we won't be driving too fast because I want Joan to make my cock hard so I can fuck her as soon as we are in the front door.” Mark was laying down his (our) rules now.

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