Written by Joan

12 Dec 2014

In brief, my husband wanted to watch me fuck a stranger, quite a common thing it seems. I wasn't very much interested as I had a very accomplished lover. I had told my lover of my husband's fantasy and we had hatched a plan. This is part 3 of what happened. Part 1 can be found on 8th December, Part 2 on 11th …. or just search 'Joan' to get up to date.

When Tony opened Mark's passenger door he was greeted by the sight of a totally naked wife, me! And I mean totally naked, my hold-ups hadn't and were now rolled up and tucked into my shoes in the foot-well and I was kneeling on the seat. My head was in Mark's lap and his cock was in my mouth. My head bobbed up and down as I enjoyed my lovers cock, again.

On the way back to 'ours' I had slipped off my skirt, hold-ups and shoes, my blouse was already undone exposing my braless tits with matching erect nipples. I was on heat! No, I was on fire! It was not yet time to celebrate our suck-cess. That would not happen until I awoke with my lover, naked and beside me, in the marital bed the following morning. Until then my husband had told me he wanted me to behave as a total slut, do whatever I wanted to do and whatever the 'man I picked up in the pub' wanted me to do. As long as he could watch!

So far everything had gone to plan but even at this late stage Tony might change his mind and decide he didn't really want to watch me fuck another guy. We, Mark and I, had also planned for that contingency. I had agreed with my husband that if he changed his mind I would go back to the 'other guys' where he could do as he wished until he sent me home. Either way I was going to spend the bulk of the weekend with my lover. Now we were working towards repeat performances as and when we felt like it, so Tony was to be included as often as possible.

“We'll be right with you Tony,” advised Mark, “Is she nice and wet?” I wriggled my bum invitingly. As I have said, Tony was a good, if vanilla, lover and whenever he stroked my pussy it was always a two way pleasure. His hand ran gently over my bare bum, down the gully, across my anus. I had to struggle to prevent a soft moan of anticipation, Tony had never paid attention to my anus but Mark had, many times. Tony's fingers slipped between my parted thighs. His touch on my newly smooth pussy felt absolutely delicious and I knew it would always be smooth, with his blessing, in future.

“Only a little bit sodden!” Tony chuckled, slipping a couple of fingers into me. Mark was very good at finger-fucking me but Tony had had over thirty years practice. My husband's experienced fingers in my cunt and my lovers throbbing cock in my mouth whilst naked outside my own house! What chance did I really have? None! None whatsoever! I came, squirted all over my husband's fingers, covered my thighs with my lust and banged my head on the steering wheel, I didn't feel a thing. Tony didn't stop until I collapsed in a heap in Mark's lap, panting.

“I'll leave the front door open,” Tony informed us, “Cum in when you are ready.”

I was still recovering but my head was in a whirl. Tony was obviously still very keen to share me, which was good, very good. He was also obviously happy about my very sluttish behaviour, he had left the passenger door open! But there was a small problem. One which I had not considered in the slightest. To whit; We live on a housing estate, built in the days when houses were properly built by or for the local authority. A full mix of housing styles ranging from 1 bed 'workers' flats to 4 bed 'senior management detached houses', all mostly sold off under the right-to-buy scheme. Why am I bothering you with this? We live in a road of 3 & 4 bed semi's. The front door of number 16 faces the front door of number 18, divided only by two narrow strips of concrete driveway. The driveway is long enough for two cars, just. We are not gardeners so the front garden is a brick paved parking area. I hope you are concentrating, this is the tricky bit. My car was parked at the top of the drive, Tony swung onto the paved area leaving Mark to park behind me. Simple so far.

When Tony opened Mark's passenger door I was totally naked as described and the open door exposed me to public view, or it would have done had Tony's car not slightly blocked the line of sight. Technically I could have exited the car and scooted up the short section of drive and through the open front door. With luck and a following wind none of the neighbours would have noticed but it was still daylight and we had passed people as we drove down the street. It was risky, very risky. Need I say more?

I knelt with my bum in the air and my head in Mark's lap pondering should I or shouldn't I risk going up the drive totally naked? If it had been dark, it was no contest. I was in full slut mode – totally naked it would have been. It wasn't dark, not even getting dark yet. Early September.

There was no way Mark could get out as he was. His trousers were also in the foot-well along with the little purple posing pouch I had got for him a few weeks back. He had to walk around the back of the car, almost on the pavement, then back down the other side to the front door! No chance!

What to do? Then I burst out laughing.

“What's so funny?” said Mark.

“I'm kneeling here wondering if I should or shouldn't walk up to the front door naked?” I told him.

“And?” a querying tone.

On Monday, when I leave for work Mark will be in Scotland for three days. If any of the neighbours, particularly Mrs. Acres across the road saw so much as a square inch of unsuitably bare flesh as I exited another man's car it would be all around the estate in minutes and by the time it got back to the street I would have been spotted being gang-banged in the town square. Bloody Chinese whispers. Slut for the weekend, fine but anybody's on a Monday morning? Maybe not.

“Decision?” Mark broke into my thoughts. Anybody's on a Monday? Ummm.

“A compromise I think. You drape my blouse over my shoulders so I can sit up. You get dressed then come round my side and shelter me while I drape my skirt suitably. Then I can get out looking respectable and once I'm out of the public gaze you can have my skirt and blouse and I'll step through the front door naked, ready to fuck! Waddya think?”

“You are a little slut, aren't you?” I could hear his chuckle as he spoke.

“I'm prepared to practice if you would like.” I told him.

The plan worked perfectly, I think. I don't think anybody saw me strip off six feet from the front door. Tony was waiting, framed in the lounge doorway. His was grinning like a Cheshire cat. My naked body was tingling with excitement and anticipation. I threw my arms around him and smothered him with kisses. “I'm so ready for this!” I told him, “I just hope you are!” He kissed me deep and hard which I took to be a yes. None of which was planned, I just felt so very, very alive.

I'd noticed, when Mark unbuttoned my blouse in the pub and exposed my braless tits that something wonderful was happening inside me. My husband saw my nakedness and the buzz increased. When he returned to see Mark fondling me and me stroking Mark's cock it was like I was on a high. I've never taken drugs not even smoked but somehow I just knew that I was high on endorphins fuelled lust. As I sucked and wanked my men so the high increased. Knowing that my husband both approved and encouraged my behaviour pushed things even higher. I realised that had I not stopped to consider the consequences of strolling to the house naked I would probably have happily danced down the street naked.

Mark closed the front door, dropped the pile of clothes to the floor followed by his trousers then he stroked my bum lovingly and ran his fingers down the valley. I moaned and turned.

“Where? How?” I asked.

Our hallway is small, positively tiny. With the front door wide open there is only about ten inches to the lounge wall. If the door is open you cannot get into the downstairs loo. With stairs and kitchen door there is probably less than twelve inches of plain wall to be fucked up against.

Mark leaned me against the lounge door frame and told me to put my legs wide apart. He leaned against the other side his legs between mine. At his we 'fuck in the frame' as soon as I arrive so we both know what to do and how to get the best out of it. Today Mark was instructing me and I proved to be a fast learner. His cock was bare, the posing pouch having been left in the foot-well and semi-hard. I took his cock in both hands and started to massage it back to its full glory, leading it's increasing stiffness towards my eager fuck hole. I looked at my husband. He was stroking his cock over his trousers. I reached out for his belt and started tugging at it, “you're over dressed” I told him and returned my attention to Mark's growing needs. Mark was ready to fuck me.

On the drive to 'ours' I had told Mark that I was surprised how turned on I felt with my husband present. I had expected to at least feel a little awkward. Not a bit of it! I was, as I have said, on a high. Mark had replied that he too was surprised how very good he was feeling.

I rubbed Mark's cock head against my clitty and came immediately, soaking his cock. Tony was slowly wanking only a couple of feet away. I moved my right hand so that he had a perfect view of cock slipping easily into my wet cunt. At that point I ignored my husband and luxuriated in my lovers cock burying itself deep inside me. Yes!

For the next few minutes time stood still. Mark's cock was inside me, his hands were on my tits and my head was back against the door frame. I let the waves of utter contentment wash gently over me. Mark fucked me slow and steady, he wasn't planning of cummin for some time. He was planning on making me cum and he made a magnificent job of it keeping me rocking back and forth on the crest of an orgasmic wave. I stole a very brief glance at my husband wanking beside me. His hand was almost a blur. “Slow down,” I told him, “You will be having sloppy seconds. I don't want you exhausted until you have fucked me properly.” I looked at Mark, he was as content as I and clearly wasn't going to unload anytime too soon.

I reached down to my clit, a quick glance at Mark who nodded, and my fingers started to stroke gently. He thrust his hips forward driving cock deeper, slow out then hard back. I could feel the wave approaching, I stroked faster. I caught the wave and with my fingers flashing over my clit I rode it to the crest, held it as I exploded noisily then slid satisfyingly down the other side into the trough of peace and tranquillity. Mark moved forward to prevent me collapsing in a heap and my husband kissed me tenderly. I was utterly spent, remaining upright solely by the presence of my lovers arms around my waist.

All moist home and very wet.