Written by Joan

14 Dec 2014

Your wish is my command. Marks wish is also ...... :-) Thanks for your comments;

I rested, completely satisfied if not satiated. Mark held me close and kissed me, Tony stood by attentively as I waited for my breathing to stabilise and my heart rate to drop below three million. Minutes passed and I started to feel more stable.

“Are you OK?” Tony's voice, I could understand the note of concern in his voice. I had never experienced an orgasm quite like it. So intense. I nodded.

“You need to sit down.” Mark's voice, and he knew what I wanted to sit down on. I was certainly satisfied but I did say I wasn't satiated, didn't I? I nodded. He led me into the lounge. “Hold her for me please, Tony.” Tony held me close while Mark picked up the most plumptious cushion on the couch and placed it on the floor. He removed his shirt, shoes and socks. We were now both naked and his cock looked beautiful, covered with the juices of my orgasm. He lay on the floor adjusting his position until his bum was perfectly placed on the cushion. “Help her down please, Tony,” he directed.

Tony seemed a bit confused so I straddled Mark's legs and started to ease myself down, Tony did his best to support me. I didn't want to sit on cock just yet but at the top of Mark's thighs so that I could play, tease and restore his erection to its full glory. I also needed to rest a little longer. I knew that riding Mark cowgirl would give Tony some lovely views of the cock sliding in and out of my cunt. I would also be able to suck Tony's cock when I wanted.

I squatted on Mark's thighs, with his cock laying up towards his belly it looked as if it was my cock. I opened my swollen pussy lips so that they were either side of the delicious cock enhancing the impression. I started to play, sliding my wetness back and forth over the cock. I could feel it stir but I was in no rush, I toyed with it, sliding right back and stroking my nails along the length. I rolled the foreskin back and ran a finger around the shiny head, teasing open the little escape hole for Mark's tasty swimmers.

As I recovered I started to work down his legs ensuring that I kept his body in constant contact with my cunt. When I reached his knees I stopped. Mark bent his leg forcing the bony kneecap hard into the apex at the top of my thighs, I rotated my hips fucking myself with his knee and making myself cum again. On reaching his feet I almost doubled up so that I could run my lips around his cock while he teased me with his toes. I was ready for cock, he was ready for cunt. I scuttled up his body and raised myself up over his erect penis, taking it in my hand I started to lower myself.

Mark glanced at me, shook his head and flicked his eyes towards Tony. He wanted Tony to feed the cock into me! I looked at Tony, still playing with his erect cock. “Give me a hand darling. Feed this cock into me, please.” I pleaded. He didn't hesitate but took hold down at the root and lifted it towards my cunt, rubbing it up and down my open wetness and against my clit while I shuddered with pleasure. Time to feed it into me, He held it straight centred on my fuck hole while I lowered myself down to the very root feeling Tony stroke me as he removed his hand. “Enjoy!” he told me.

I love riding Mark, I can twist and turn while he manhandles my tender breasts or holds my hips forcing me up or down as the mood takes him. That night I moved back and forth a lot, bringing the cock right out before impaling myself once more. This gave Tony an excellent view of a rampant cock fucking his wife. That thought alone made me cum and cum. I beckoned Tony to me and took his cock into my mouth sucking and fucking my men. I still couldn't get enough but rolled through orgasm after orgasm.

“Time to fuck, slut!” Mark was ready to fill me with spunk. He told me to kneel, head down on the cushion and bum high in the air. I was soon in my very favourite, 'fill me with your spunk' position. Mark wasted no time, his cock was at my hole, his hands grabbed my hips and suddenly it felt as if his cock head was inside my belly! Straight in the well lubricated hole as deep as he could go. He pulled back and as he thrust forward so I pushed hard back onto his cock. The rapid change from gentle fucking to hard, abusive pounding had me panting and sobbing for release in moments. When I started calling for him to pump his spunk deep into my filthy slut cunt he pulled and thrust harder. My man was on the verge. My husband was watching me getting fucked hard. I felt ecstatic! We had made it happen!

Mark pulled me back and held me tight against his root and emptied his balls deep into me, pump, pump, pump. His turn to collapse, laying gently along my back, just wriggling his hips so his cock moved inside me. I looked at Tony. He was very happy and still gently rubbing his cock. “Good?” I asked him.

“Good? Fucking marvellous!”

“Wasn't it! Come here, feed your cock into my mouth.” I told him. As I took my husband into my mouth so my lover started to rock back and forward inside me, the gentle action steadily whipping his spunk into frothy cream. Tony watched, his cock rampant.

Mark eased his cock gently out. “Come and enjoy sloppy seconds,” he told Tony, “add your spunk to mine while she cleans me up.”

As they shuffled round my kneeling body Mark told him to wait until they were both in position then they could slide their cocks into me together.


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love Joan xxx