Written by Alice

23 Jan 2015

My name is Alice and I have been married to my husband Tom for nearly 10 years. Up until this year, we have had what I would call a nice but quite regular sex life. What happened this January is going to change that forever!

It all started just before Christmas, when I wanted to order something online for a present. I opened up Toms laptop and it was in 'sleep' mode so immediately booted into the last thing he was working on. The internet browser had a couple of tabs open and I merrily logged onto Amazon and made my order. Just as I was about to close down, I noticed the tab for this website. I never knew Tom had an account, but although he was logged off, I could see his account name and took note.

A couple of days later, I logged on with my own computer and decided to have a look around and explore what the site was all about, as swinging had never been anything that we had discussed before. I then chose to register my own account and delved a little deeper into Tom's 'adverts, groups and activities'. I was quite shocked at what must have been turning him on, with lots of stories and groups about groupsex, gangbangs, cuckolding and even bisexual interests.

Despite the initial shock, the more I read the more turned on I got and saw many similarities with my own fantasies, which I had kept well and truly secret from Tom all these years. I was desperate to try other cock and always fantasized about being 'taken' by multiple men.

I decided it was time to experiment with this further. Tom's Christmas works do was always in January for some reason. It was at a nice hotel with a meal and disco. I decided to place an advert with some racy body photos on here a few days before the party date. I was amazed at the response I got, and I chatted over the phone to 2 of the guys who replied. A plan was constructed!

The day of the party came, I got dressed really sexy and we had food and drink and some dancing. Later on, as the clock approached midnight, the party was still in full swing. I said to Tom, let's go upstairs with the wry smile he knew meant his luck was in. He said, OK and we slipped out and up to our room. I told him I was feeling very naughty and I wanted to tie him up to the bed. He was surprised as I had not done anything like that before, but it was all part of my big plan.

He was stripped naked, very very erect and tied on the bed. I looked at my watch, and told him to wait a minute. At the strike of 12 I opened up the room door, and there as planned were the 2 guys I had chatted with from here. They came in, Tom's face was a picture. I told him to be quiet and watch! The lads took no time in stripping off and then started working on me. Kissing and unzipping my dress as my husband had to watch.

They almost ripped the rest of my clothes off as they got excited and pushed me on the bed next to my husband. One stuck his cock in my mouth, the other climbed on top and thrust his cock deep into my cunt - not slow entry - but I was so wet it didn't matter.

Tom was so turned on watching these guys fuck me. I the climbed on top of Tom and let his cock slide into my used pussy. I then told one of the lads to get his cock into my pussy too for some double penetration - the feeling was amazing! The other lad came round to get sucked, but I actually gripped his cock and moved it towards Tom's mouth and told him to suck it.

Within minutes I felt both cocks erupt inside my filled pussy and as I watched Tom get a load in his mouth I came with the loudest 'shriek' and body shudder I have ever experienced.

I told him after that I had read his fantasies on here and wanted us to experience them at least once. Since then, however, we have both agreed to make it a more regular part of our lives!