Written by Rose

15 Apr 2018

I posted the tale on here a while ago of how I started an affair with my husband’s friend., well I call it an affair, but I simply like being fucked by his big cock, as my husband is quite small in that department - see ‘I used to be a respectable married woman’ posted on 9 January. At the end of the last post, I told of how my husband’s friend, George, wanted to film me with two of his black friends, and I was worried that, if this was ever seen by my husband or anyone we knew, my ideal world, and in particular my marriage, would come crashing down around me.

I agonised about how I could handle this situation, several of the people who commented on my last story suggested I should do it whilst ensuring I retained control, but I knew that would be difficult with George. One thing I have realised since I started fucking George is that he is in control, he does it gently so he thinks I don’t notice, but he is the dominant partner and I am his slut. That’s how he got me to do the threesome with his black friend Simon, by manipulating me until I gave in. I know I am a slut, and I love it. I sometimes wonder whether my husband, Peter, would love it if he knew what I am doing, but then I become afraid at how he might react. Peter has never been into extra-marital sex, he was in his forties before we met and married, so I fear he would be horrified and might kick me out.

In the end, I just decided I love black cock, and having more of it inside me is what I wanted. The thought of being gangbanged by four or five black guys went through my mind, and when I felt my panties getting wet at the thought I knew I couldn’t ignore it. When I told George, he was very pleased, but he wasn’t so happy when I told him I was going to lay down some basic ground rules. I told him I wanted to wear a mask, and the cameraman must make sure I could not be recognised, avoiding a direct face shot. I told him I wanted to vet the video before he did anything with it. Yes, I had decided that my video would go on the internet, I wanted to be an exhibitionist and I wanted people to see what I had done …… as long as they could not recognise me.

We were at George’s flat at the time, and I wanted to celebrate my decision by fucking him. As he pumped his big cock into my pussy, he reminded me this was nothing like the pounding I would get from Simon and his friend, which gave me a rather special orgasm. As I lay there recovering, it crossed my mind briefly that I had been having sex with George, then with Simon, and I was soon to do it with another guy I had only just met, and the thought of using protection had not even crossed my mind. Then I remembered the pounding I would get from a big black cock, and I absolutely had to do it bareback.

George said he would arrange a room at a small local hotel, I got the impression this was another business he had an involvement in. My husband, Peter was due to be away at a conference again, so I could tell him I was going out for a drink with the girls from work, so he would not expect to speak to me on the phone that evening. I drove down to George’s flat, and I think he noticed I was excited as he suggested he should drive us to the hotel in his car. When we arrived, we simply walked through reception, George already had a room key, and the female receptionist smiled at me, as though this happens all the time, but maybe I was just being paranoid.

When we got in the room, it was clear George had already checked in and there were lights already set up around the bed, with two video cameras set up on tripods. George showed me the masks he had brought with him. One was like a helmet made of leather and I took an instant dislike to it. The other was a simple party mask that only covered the upper part of my face, held on my a piece of elastic and I thought it would not disguise me at all, and might even get in the way, so I told George he would have to avoid face shots

I went in to the bathroom to touch up my makeup and, when I came out, Simon and his friend, Sam, had arrived. I already knew that Simon was much taller than me, about 6 foot, with a toned muscular body and, when he kissed me softly, I felt a little flutter run through my tummy. Sam was shorter than Simon, not much taller than me, but he looked as though he worked out in the gym too, and his skin colouring was much lighter than Simon’s. When he reached forward to kiss me, Sam stroked my shoulders and his kiss was so lingering, the flutter in my tummy went straight down to my pussy.

In addition to the cameras on tripods, George had a smaller hand-held camera, which he was starting to fiddle with, and also set the two larger cameras going. I looked over at these two black hunks when he mentioned ‘closer action’ and I realised how much I was looking forward to this. George suggested we should start with a little oral, so I knelt down in front of them and started undoing Simon’s belt. As I pulled down his trousers and pants, his big cock flopped out, so I started to lick and suck his bell-end greedily. When Sam’s cock appeared next to my face, I reached over to grab it with my free hand and started wanking him. It was only when I turned to start sucking Sam too that I realised he is even bigger than Simon.

Unlike Simon, Sam is circumcised and, as his erection grew, I could see he has a huge purple bell-end, which I could only just get into my mouth. Simon pulled me to my feet so he could unzip the back of my dress, and they both pulled the dress off my shoulders so they could start mauling my tits. I loved turning to each of them so I could kiss them passionately as they lifted my tits out of my bra. I was enjoying it so much, I lost track of time until I realised I was down to hold-ups and nothing else as they guided me towards the bed. Sam spread my legs apart, so he could lick my shaven pussy, as Simon stripped off the remainder of his clothes beside the bed.

When Sam slipped two fingers inside me as he sucked my clit between his lips, I had a massive orgasm, I think I was sucking Simon’s cock and giving him the best oral I could manage, but I was lost in my own screaming world when Sam pumped his fingers in me. As my eyes refocused, I realised Sam had stood back to admire his handiwork, with a broad smile on his face, and strip off the remainder of his clothes. This gave Simon the chance to take over, and he pushed my knees apart, spreading my labia wide with his fingers and sliding his tongue inside me. They were a good team, working together to bring me to orgasm, and frequently changing places.

Eventually, Simon said “are you ready to fuck babe”. He didn’t need to wait for a reply, as my pussy was so wet, I don’t think I have ever squirted, but I could have done easily that night. Simon suggested he should go first, as I had fucked him once already, so they thought I would be able to accommodate him more easily. I was so wet, I think I could have taken them both together …… no, not really! I was lost in my own orgasm, my feet were over his shoulders and I felt totally impaled by him. I was cumming over and over again and I had totally forgotten there was anybody else in the room, until Simon started to groan and I felt the warmth of his cum inside me.

He let my legs drop down to a more comfortable position and he just lay on top of me as his cock softened. I felt totally dominated. As he slipped out of me and climbed off, George moved in with his hand-held camera to focus on my pussy, and the flow of spunk that was slowly oozing out. I could hear them talking about Simon’s handiwork, as I stroked my clit, trying to get my orgasm going again. I was just starting to feel totally fulfilled, when George said “are you ready for the other one now” and I remembered Sam’s massive weapon.

As he climbed onto the foot of the bed, I must have looked worried because he said “don’t worry honey, I’ll be really gentle, you look as though you’re really wet already”. Sam was really gentle with me, he bent forward to kiss my nipples, sucking them between his lips, which I found so erotic. He then moved down to kiss my tummy, and I thought for a moment he was going to lick me out, but he returned to my tits, tickling them with his tongue, which sent a quiver all the way down to my pussy.

My state of arousal was growing quickly, and I grabbed hold of his head to kiss him passionately on the lips, ordering him to “fuck me …… now”. Again, Sam was very gentle with me, nudging his massive bell-end against my labia, but I must have been so ready because he readily slipped inside. It was beautiful, his cock made me feel so stretched and, having impaled me fully, he started to fuck me …… gently at first, but steadily picking up the pace. I was lost in one long orgasm, but not so lost that I didn’t notice his thrusts becoming more urgent. The anticipation of when he was going to fill me with his hot cum was so wonderful that, when he actually did it, I’m sure I passed out briefly.

By the time I returned to earth, Sam had climbed off the bed and they were all admiring the view of my oozing pussy, George capturing the view with his hand-held camera. Simon and Sam were keen to continue the action, so they climbed onto the bed either side of me and continued to feast on my tits, which sent shivers through my entire body. Being desired by two young studs felt brilliant, especially as it seemed I would get to enjoy their massive cocks as soon as they recovered. My husband and my lover are both middle-aged men, and I know that asking them to repeat immediately would be a tall order, but I hoped these two young studs would be different, and I was not disappointed.

Simon turned me over onto my side and proceeded to spoon me from behind, while Sam was in front of me, mauling my tits as we explored each other’s mouths. I must admit I had never been into French kissing before, but I found locking tongues with Sam was quite a turn on. It wasn’t too long before Simon started to fuck me more urgently, so I knew I was going to enjoy the warm feeling of his cum inside me again, and Sam bent forward to suck my tits again, with me hugging him to my chest as I orgasmed.

As he softened, Simon slipped out of me, he got off the bed to go into the bathroom, and this was Sam’s signal to take over. He suggested I would be wet enough for him to take me doggy and, knowing the extra penetration he would give me I readily agreed. The effect of Sam thrusting into me from behind, as he forced out some of what Simon had just deposited was wonderful, but Sam didn’t seem to mind as he immediately started to fuck me. He seemed to have more staying power than Simon and showed no signs of wanting to cum. Being fucked continuously for so long was wonderful, although I was starting to feel a bit sore, and I was quite relieved when he asked me if I was ready for the ‘big finale’. After I had said “oh yes please” it occurred to me whether he was now going to pull out and cum all over my back, but fortunately he seemed to know what I wanted, and he exploded inside me.

As Sam got off the bed to go into the bathroom, I glanced at the clock and realised we had been fucking for nearly 2 hours. I wondered whether George would now want to take his turn, despite feeling a bit sore, I think I would have let him fuck me, but he didn’t seem too keen on the mess I was in down below. Sam and Simon came out of the bathroom, having had their showers (separately I’m sure) and began gathering up their clothes. They both came over to the bed to give me a snog, and I would have quite liked it if they had offered to clean up their mess, but they didn’t seem to be inclined to ‘do a little house work’.

George suggested I should have a shower too, before I got dressed and returned home. Fortunately, Peter was away at his conference for a couple of days, so my soreness had passed by the time he got home.