Written by Hallbo

19 Jun 2007

I am a 40 year old guy who has been swinging occasionally for a few years. I have shared beds with couples and do not mind being close to a guy while playing with a lady. Extra hands that occasionally touch you just add to the excitement but I have never considered a bi session.

It all changed on Sunday night. I have often wondered what a bj from a guy would be like and after sending amessage started chatting to a local bi guy. I was really nervous but very turned on and my cock was hard all the time we chatted. We finally agreed to meet on Sunday and he had let me know that he wanted to try anal too.

It was all new to me but when I got to his home we just sat on the sofa and I unzipped my fly. He was really turned and took me straight in his mouth. It was really good and after a short while we walked to his bedroom. My cock was being worked really well and he then sat astride my leg. It was really sexy feeling his warm bum rubbing on my leg. I said to him 'you need fucking' to which he immediately offered me his virgin arse. My cock is quite big and thick (9 X 6 )and it slipped into him. He was really tight and i nearly came straight away. We fucked in all positions for ages before i came really hard in him.

After a short break he went down on me and worked my cock for ages. I could feel myself buiding up and just exploded again. He carried on swallowing every drop.

After cleaning ourselves i left and we have continued to chat about another meet. I still have not decided if i am bi but feeling a warm mouth working you is wonderful.

He has now told me about a couple where the guy wants to suck a cock and he has recommended me.

We are meeting in the morning and i will let you know what happened