Written by jimmy

17 Mar 2007

Me and wife had been married 35 years and sex was at a crawl-I wanted for my wife to be satisfied with sex- I could not keep it up long enough to satisfy her. I tried and tried to talk her into a threesome- The reason for a threesome was that this is the only thought that made me hard- I finally met a guy on the internet and i told him what we would try.

I would meet him at the walmart and he would come home with me-And we were to have been friends a long time ago and we had met at the walmart. He came home with me to meet my wife and see our house-My wife is very shy and we played cards till late-I encouraged him to slide his hand under the table and test her reaction- He did and i saw my wife inhale , but she said nothing-He kept doing this and i could see she was breathing a little heavy-

We had drank a few beers and my wife decided to go to bed, when she got up i followed her to the bedroom and started to finger fuck her and she got hot- I asked her would she mind if my friend stayed overnight- She said she didnt mind.

I went back out to the kitchen and asked my friend Tom to come into the bedroom. I told him to pump his dick in front of her cause i knew this turned her on

She looked as Tom kept pumping that dick and she just stared at him- He finally went over to the bed and asked her to pump it for him- She looked at me and i said yes.

She couldnt stop pumping his cock- I sat in the corner and watched him slowly ease down on the bed and he started to finger fuck her- I said hon this is strange cock- You never had noone but me- She closed her eyes and he slowly slid that 8 inch dick all the way into her

And i started to jerk off-For the first time another man was fucking my wife- She finally cum and he shot a load into her while she grabbed the pillow and was moaning and hunching- I shot my load at the same time- Now i know what it feels like to have another man to fuck my wife--She has finally cheated and she loved it- Strange dick--I had had strange pussy but she never had strange dick. She wont say if she liked it- She is too shy- But from her actions i know she loved that strange dick pounding her wet pussy.