Written by doubled1956

11 Oct 2007

OK, I\'m a 50yr married courier. Not ugly, average build, not in the front of the queue when big dicks were handed out etc.etc.

Mr Average me, I hope you get the picture.

Well this lunchtime I\'m parked up in my van in a small car park up in the hills north of Bolton, minding my own business, eating lunch and reading my paper when a smart BMW drives by and turns round and comes along side my van. From my elevated position I can see that there\'s a women sat in the passenger seat with a micro mini skirt and fishnets on. Wow, that\'s nice I thought, that\'s made my day. Anyway the car then drives forward 10 yards or so does a U turn and comes back alongside, this time with the driver alongside me. He was about 35/40 yrs old and he looked at me and smiled. His lady friend had be this time put her seat back and proceeded to pull up her skirt and showed me her lovely red panties, which were brief to say the least. She then started to rub herself, and then pulled her G string to one side and really started to rub her clit hard. I could see her grimacing in ecstasy and then the man started to finger her too whilst at the same time looking at me smiling.

Fuck me I thought, this is not happening surely. Things like this don\'t happen to ordinary Joe\'s like me!

I wound my window down and said something stupid like, \"thats nice!\". My heart was beating like fucking crazy now abd I asked the guy did he and his lady want to come in the back of my van. He nodded and pulled away and parked up behind my van.

Jesus, I thought what the fuck is happening here, I can\'t believe it.

Anyway out I got and went and opened the side door to my van. Luckily it was empty at this point, and as clean as a van can be. The couple came round the side and the lady was absolutely drop dead gorgeous I kid you not with a figure to die for. She looked about 25/30 with small but beautifully presented breasts and just a superb figure. Not a word was spoken and into the van they both got.

She started kissing the man but after about 20 secs he turned her round and she bent over leaning onto a shelf. He pulled up her skirt, pulled her G string down and started fingering her pretty rapidly. I was just watching at this stage, my mind fucking racing thinking that I couldn\'t believe my luck. She was groaning quite loudly when he said to me \"How fucking good is that mate?\" as we both looked at her butt and minge. \"Fucking ace\" was all I could think to say, and then he motioned to me to have a go myself whilst he was unzipping and getting his cock out. I didn\'t need asking twice so I started fingering her and rubbing her ckit. Whilst bent over and being fingered by me she started sucking his cock with a passion I\'ve rarely seen before. By now I was on my knees licking her fanny and sucking her clit. It was heaven. She was shaven all over and her pussy was dripping and tight. This went on for another 3 minutes or so by which time I think the guy shot his load in her mouth. He then zipped up and she in turn got upright and said thank you to both of us.

\"No, it\'s me who should thank you\", I said, slightly dissappointed that she hadn\'t sucked my cock too, but hey you can\'t have everything.

I asked them did they go there often and he said to my surprise that they had never done this sort of thing before. Well I said that if they were thinking of doing it again drop by at the same time and I\'ll be there. They got back in their car, had a really long snog with one another and then sped off.

I have no idea who they they were, or where they came from but I hope they come back sometime! You can guess where I\'ll be taking my lunch every day in the future can\'t you?

This is absolutely 100% dead true, and I\'ve spent all afternoon laughing to myself, still can\'t believe its happened.