Written by honey lips

11 Aug 2007

My name is Honey Lips. My husband made me write the story about my first black experience. It's hard to believe, but he was looking over my shoulder as I was typing the story. He got so turned on he jerked off.

"Tell them about the time you fucked Al."

It looks like he wants to relive all our sexual adventures.

Well, Al was a single man that we had picked up a bar. He was a policeman. He was divorced, and looking for a pick up. He must have been six feet four inches tall, Well tanned, and seemed in good physical shape.

He agreed to follow us home. On the way there he got a tire blow out. He didn't have a spare tire. Well to make the story short

there was no action that night. We gave him our phone number. He called and said he couldn't make it till Saturday night. We agreed, and set the time for eight o'clock.

My husband was going crazy with anticipation. He couldn't wait till Saturday.

We fucked every night till Saturday came.

My husband prepared me for the action. He gave me my bath, and creamed my body with sweet smelling lotion. I had a very pretty green and white beach dress with a built in bra.

"No bra needed, no panties either. Put on you thigh high stocking, and black high heels."

I must admit all his attention to dressing me made me very horny. Al arrived at eight o'clock right on the button. It was like a date, He had brought me flowers. He was clean showered and smelled of a manly perfume.

We had before dinned drinks. For dinner we had baked chicken. Al was different. We talked about politics and current events. My husband had started the fireplace before Al arrived. After dinner we took our drinks into the living room. Al seemed to be enjoying the company , and didn't make a sexual move.

My husband seemed to be getting frustrated. I was on the big couch with my husband. Al was sitting in and easy chair opp site us. My husband, Ted,finally said,"wouldn't you like to see my wife's lovely breast."

Without waiting for an answer he pulled the top of my dress down. Out popped my lovely breast with the nipples already erect. Al got up and sat on the couch, with me in the middle. He started caressing my breast. He started to suck on my nipples.

My husband had raised my skirt and was between my legs sucking my now juicy cunt.

After about fifteen minutes of this my husband said," Lets go into the bed room. In the bed room we all striped down.

"Keep your black stacking on." Al said, "they excite me.

I lay between them. I took their pricks in my hands. My husband prick was just a regular six inch dick. Al was true to his six feet four inches hight. It was the biggest prick I had ever seen. It must have been eight inches long.

"Give Al a blow job." my husband suggested.

"I'd love to that's my speciality." I took that big cock and worked it over. While I sucked Al, my husband slid his dick in my pussy, and came. Thank god he filled me with his cream. As soon as he pulled out Al stopped me from sucking his prick, and put in in my fully wet pussy.

It seemed like there was no end o it. It touched places inside me that had never been touched. I came moaning. Realized then that there is a component of pain ti pleasure. His big prick hurt, but gave me pleasure.

We all fell asleep. I woke up to my husband fucking me again. He came quick, and got out of the bed. " You stay here I'll make breakfast. I could smell the coffee brewing. Al woke up. He started kissing me, and playing with my already filled pussy.

He climbed on me missionary style.

Al had just entered me when my husband appeared in the doorway." The coffee is ready"

As quick as he appeared he disappeared. "Finish

What your doing, you two."

When we finished I took a shower. I put on one of my sexy night gowns. The men were sitting at the table in their shorts having coffee and talking. I sat next to Al.

I wondered if I could get him going again. I reach inside his shorts, and started playing with his limp dick. It started to grow. I knelt in front of him and do what I do best. I sucked him into a full erection.

AL said,"lets go back to bed."

"You two go, I'll clean up the kitchen." my husband said. We sucked and fucked for

almost an hour. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

It's wonderful to have such an understanding husband.