Written by Nick & Angie

29 May 2017

My husband, Nick, posted his account of our initiation into the swinging circle. And I have agreed to add the detail of the part he did not witness first-hand – in the bedroom.

Having read Nick’s account, I think I will start by calling the men A, B and C. A was the host for the evening, early 60’s, about Nick’s height with grey receding hair, and looked fairly trim and fit. B was mid-50’s, a full head of hair albeit with grey flecks and, although not fat by any means looked as though he could lose a few pounds. C was about 40, slim and looked fit, I could imagine him working out at the gym regularly.

By the time we got into the bedroom, I was wearing only French knickers, suspender belt and stockings. A asked if I would like a little foreplay first, and suggested I got onto the bed. He knelt at the bottom of the bed and slid my French knickers slowly down my legs, very erotically I thought. He smiled at the sight of my freshly shaved pussy, and they all murmured appreciatively. A crawled onto the bottom of the bed, pushing my knees apart gently, before he bent forward and kissed my pubic mound. He nuzzled around my clit with his tongue, as though he was seeking permission to go further. B and C had climbed onto the bed either side of me and were each caressing a breast each. All of them were now completely naked, I put an arm round each of them and they took this as a signal to begin kissing me on the lips alternately.

I was so enjoying being kissed by B and C, with them sucking my nipples; I recalled Diane’s words – “gentle and respectful” – when A reminded me that I was there to be fucked, by sliding a finger into my pussy and licking my clit. This, combined with B and C sucking my nipples was too much for me, and I orgasmed noisily. A took this as a signal that I was ready to start and he shuffled up between my thighs, smiled and said “ready”. I let go of B and C and reached out towards A, so he started to guide his erect cock towards my entrance. B and C had got off the bed and were standing either side of the bed rubbing their erect penises. I caught a glimpse of C’s cock which seemed to be quite large. B and C had melted into the background, as A effortlessly slid his cock into my pussy.

He quickly began fucking me, sliding his cock in and out of my very wet pussy, and I was loving it. I wrapped my hands around his back to assist his thrusting, and I began telling him how much I was enjoying it. Having orgasmed so soon before, it was unlikely I would do so again simply being fucked, but, after a few minutes, he started to grunt as though he was ready to cum. Sure enough, he exploded inside me, splattering me with his sperm, which was nonetheless very satisfying for me too.

After A had calmed down and stepped off the bed. B crawled onto the bottom of the bed. I wondered whether he would simply fuck me, but he seemed concerned that I was comfortable first, so he slid a finger, then two, into my pussy. He did not seem too concerned that I was full of A’s sperm, which was leaking out around his fingers, but was gently pumping his fingers into me. After a while he turned me over onto my front and lifted my hips, he clearly wanted to take me ‘doggy’. My pussy was already soaked with A’s sperm, so he had no difficulty sliding into me and B began sliding in and out of me. It became even more intense when he started to maul one of my tits; as I looked down, I could see that my nipples were very erect. When he slid his hand down my belly and started to stimulate my clit, I realised that my second orgasm was coming. It arrived just as he grasped my clit between his thumb and forefinger, which didn’t just tip me over the edge, it hit me like a train. I think B knew what he was doing because I immediately felt his cock pulsing inside me, followed by the warm feeling as he splattered his seed inside me.

After B had slipped out of me, I rolled onto my back, in time to see C standing at the bottom of the bed. His penis, no his cock, was enormous. It was clearly longer than Nick’s, although by how much I would not like to say, but the really impressive feature was his girth. I sat up to welcome him onto the bed, because I wanted to see this impressive weapon close up. I could not get my tiny hand completely around it. I bent forward to lick him and managed to get just the head into my mouth. Again, I was reminded of Diane’s words ‘gentle and respectful’, as he did not try to force himself into my mouth.

I lay back, still holding his cock and guiding him towards my special place. He seemed to sense that, as I already had two loads of cum inside me, he could readily start to ‘assault’ me. I have to say that I have never felt so stretched, although it was not painful, there was little resistance and, when he had fully impaled me, I’m sure he was touching my cervix. He smiled, kissed me on the lips and quickly started to fuck me. I have never been so deeply penetrated, each time he thrust into me I was gasping.

I raised my knees, so he could penetrate me further, and he raised my legs further so he could put my feet over his shoulders. I wondered how long I could take this vigorous assault, when I realised I was about to have another orgasm. I was quickly lost in the moment, the orgasm that was brewing in my groin quickly spread throughout my body and I literally screamed. This seemed to be the signal for C to let go and he started grunting and saying “oh yes, it’s cumming”. We both ‘lost it’, I can’t remember what either of us said, but it felt like he had dumped gallons of cum into me.

When he had finished, we just lay there with his cock still inside me. He had allowed my legs to fall back onto the bed, so I was able to clasp my arms around his back, and bury my face into the side of his neck. We lay there for several minutes, and he eventually slid out of me. I could feel sperm leaking out of me, so I rolled onto my side and clamped my knees together in an effort to avoid making a mess on the bed.

They all came over to me one by one to kiss me, saying they hoped this would not be the last time we meet. A volunteered that I could use the bathroom to clean up, he even suggested I could have a shower if I wanted to, which I felt I ought to given the amount of sperm that was leaking out. My French knickers were still in the bedroom and I had to go downstairs with all my ‘assets’ on display to find the remainder of my clothes, but nobody seemed to mind at all.

Nick seemed rather concerned for my wellbeing initially, but I assured him the three men had all been perfect gentlemen. He said that one of the other couples were staying on at the house for a while, but I declined the offer to stay as well. Apart from feeling ‘well fucked’ I needed some time with Nick to reflect on what we had done. Having three lustful men wanting me – desiring me – seemed to have filled the gap left by Adrian’s departure and I thought we needed to talk about how we planned to use our membership of the swinging circle.