Written by Bootilicious

20 Jan 2015

A f/b - *Dan* and I had gone to Abfabs near Heathrow Airport.

I had brought an outfit(leather looking one on my profile) to change into. It was brand new at the time and it making it debut.

I think I had worn fishnet tights underneath. We headed to the dungeon.

We walked around watching people in various stages of sexual acts. Stopping, occasionally to get a better view.

Dan had decided we try the dark room. I didn't mind. My goodness, when I got in there I hadn't anticipated it to be so dark. It freaked me out and I told him I didn't like it. He encouraged us to stay linger. I told him to hold me to reassure me.

Soon, various hands were touching me. It was a new experience of being in a dark room.

I could make out a guy was in a wig bob and a pvc dress. I think he may have been wanking, so I was touching him, in his dress and started to wank his cock slowly.

Dan could hear him groaning as he was closest to him. I think briefly someone touched him but quickly moved their hand away.

I continued to wank the guy in the pvc dress. It got too much for him and he came in my hand.

We walked out of there because it had felt as though someone was trying to get into my playsuit. As we walked out, I heard voices "oh she's well nice, fit".

There was a bed which we rested on and I started to suck Dan's cock for awhile.

A man had come into the dungeon who was being strapped to a stake of some sort, with him back to us. I think he was naked. I remember thinking he had soft skin.

I had opened my playsuit and rubbed my boobs against his back. Also, slowly touching him all over his body. Gently spanking his bum

I was soon distracted when f/b had seen I big titied woman. I stopped to give them a feel.

I started to suck Dan again and a crowd of men had formed around us, wanking. I loved to tease as I could see that would've liked my mouth around their cock. I wanked a few whilst continuing to suck Dan

Dan and I had moved to one of the open playroom. I wanked at least 2 more cocks to completion. One guy had been licking my pussy - naughty man.

Both Dan and another guy had wanked and came over my tits