Written by Nick & Angie

27 May 2017

Angie and I decided to make separate appointments at the STI clinic, partly because arranging a joint appointment around our work was complicated. Angie suggested that, if we happened to see somebody we recognised there, we would not let on in the interests of confidentiality. In the event, neither of us saw anyone we knew.

As expected, the medical reports that came back a week or so later confirmed we were all clear. I phoned John to let him know, and he said that he and Diane were all clear too. He asked if I could scan the report into the computer and email it to him so he could send it on to the ‘secretary’ with their nomination. He said he would also need some photos of us for the other members to see, nothing too revealing but it was up to us. I said I was sure I had some holiday snaps on the computer that I would include with the email.

John said there were a couple of points he forgot to mention when we last saw them, and he preferred to tell us both face to face, rather than just one of us over the phone. I suggested that he and Diane came round to our place for a drink and a date was set for a couple of days later. They duly came round to our place and we settled down to sink a nice bottle of red. I did wonder, seeing Diane’s sexy voluptuous curves again whether they would want to play again, but everybody else seemed to be in ‘business’ mode.

John confirmed that he had received my email but, before sending the nomination on, he wanted to explain a couple of points about the ‘circle’. First, he said, one of the basic rules was ‘no condoms’. This was why everybody was scrupulous about cleanliness, and it was necessary to visit the clinic if anybody was at risk. John said that, without going into detail, it was more fun without them. Angie and I looked at each other and I said “we’re comfortable with that”.

Secondly, “and I hope that this is not a deal breaker”, John said “the group ask all new members to go through an initiation ceremony”. I said “it’s not something like having to roll your trouser leg up and ……” and everybody laughed. John went on to explain that 3 couples from the group would be chosen to carry out the initiation. We would all go to one of their houses at an agreed time and Angie would have intercourse with the 3 husbands – Diane said “it’s a bit like a gang bang, but very gentle and respectful. You usually find that the 3 husbands will want to make love to you rather than simply fuck you”. I asked whether this was the norm for meetings within the group and John said certainly not, it was usually small groups of people swapping partners, although a four (or six) in a bed romp was not uncommon. The annual barbeques out in the country could get a ‘bit wild’ though. There was then a pause, during which Angie and I looked at each other, before she said “OK, I’m happy with that”.

John went on to say that I would have to make love to the 3 wives. “Don’t worry” he said “nobody expects you to repeat that quickly. The only requirement is that you must make them all orgasm, by whatever means you can - and it is not unknown for the other wives to lend a helping hand”. Angie and I looked at each other and she said “I think you can manage that can’t you”. John said that, until the initiation was complete, we would not know the other couples’ names, although they might know ours. He said that other people who had been through the initiation had said that having sex with ‘nameless people’ added a certain enjoyment to the situation.

And so the stage was set for John and Diane to put forward our nomination and await the members’ response. John said to could take a couple of weeks if any other members were away on holiday.

We waited with baited breath!