Written by Harry

8 Apr 2017

Sue and Jo saw me as they came down the stairs and they walked over to me. Sue looked a bit sheepish but I thought I would not embarrass her by mentioning that I realised she had been fucked by 2 different men. Both Sue and Jo were no longer wearing their dresses, so this was the first time I had seen Sue’s new underwear, which she had clearly taken some time choosing. She had a matching set of bra, camisole top and thong in red with delicate lacy bits round the edges. She was no longer wearing the black stockings she had on earlier which I assumed were removed prior to her earlier passion. Jo’s underwear was white, a basque with matching thong and she was also not wearing any stockings. I smiled to both of them as they approached, put my arm round Sue’s waist and she gave me a peck on the cheek, which I converted to a full kiss on the lips. She tasted slightly salty, but I had already decided to say nothing about what she had been doing to avoid making her feel uncomfortable in any way.

Bill came up to us, exchanged a kiss with Jo, and we began chatting. I’m not sure where Bill had been but it was clear he had had some sort of encounter as his clothes were slightly disarranged. We stood next to our respective wives, Sue and I with an arm round each other and it was clear from the way she cuddled up to me that she was feeling ‘physical’. Out of the blue, Sue said “what is it with men wanting to stick things in my bottom?” Jo replied “oh I don’t know, it can be quite nice if you’re feeling a bit sore down below, or simply to make a change, from time to time. I often find that the orgasm you get from anal sex is, well, special. What do you think Bill?” Bill agreed, saying that it felt special when a lady allowed you into her bum. Also, on the odd occasions when he had DP’d Jo with another man, the feeling of sliding in an out immediately alongside another man’s cock was something else. I looked at Jo to see her reaction and she simply smiled and said “Mmmm”. There seemed to be an awkward silence for a moment and Jo broke it by saying “so would you like us to introduce you to the joys of anal sex”. Again, there was an awkward silence and, in the absence of anyone saying no, we began moving towards the staircase.

We found an unoccupied bedroom and Bill suggested he lock the door so we were not disturbed. We all began stripping off our clothes without a further word, which made me think that Sue and I were getting used to this lifestyle rather easily. Bill said that he assumed we had been using condoms so far as they suggested, Sue and I nodded and Bill went on to suggest that we did not need to bother now in view of what had happened the other night in their caravan. Sue and I readily agreed, although the point of Bill’s comments only occurred to me later.

Jo got Sue to lay face down on the bed, placed a pillow under her hips and then produced a packet of lube from her handbag. It occurred to me as Sue was manoeuvring herself on the bed that her pussy seemed puffy and sore, which I assumed had encouraged her to agree to trying anal sex. Also, her pussy had been shaved, which I assumed she had done earlier in the day while she was showering. Mmmm, is this part of my new Sue, I thought to myself. Jo knelt on the bed behind Sue, told her to pull her bum cheeks apart and began smearing the lube around her sphincter. She then pushed one finger in gently, I noticed Sue tense slightly but quickly relaxed so Jo slid her finger deeper, which brought a smile to Sue’s face. Jo then progressed to inserting 2 finger’s in Sue’s anus, all the time pushing more of the lube in, and she quickly managed 2 full fingers. I noticed that Sue was no longer tense and was clearly enjoying the experience. Jo rummaged in her handbag and produced a small vibrator which was quickly inserted in Sue’s arse. The reaction from Sue when Jo turned it on was ‘electric’ – “oh my God” she said “that’s wonderful”. Both Bill and I had been gently wanking our cocks and despite having fucked 2 women earlier in the evening, I was up and ready for action, as was Bill.

My attention had been on what Jo was doing to Sue’s arse, and Sue’s facial reactions to the stimulation she was receiving. I had not noticed initially that Bill had moved behind his wife, lifted her bottom up and was inserting lube into her bum too. As Jo had had previous experience of anal sex, she was able to accommodate his fingers quite readily and began groaning, which Sue responded to in kind. Eventually, Jo straightened up and moved to one side saying “there, she’s ready”.

Before I could move, Bill had moved in behind Sue, preparing to enter her, which I had not expected, but Sue clearly had as she said “be gentle with me Bill” without even looking round. He lined his weapon up with her anal cavity and moved forward a few inches. Her tense expression relaxed and he gently drove his cock into her arse, as she sighed “oh yes”. Jo said “well come on, I want some of the same” and I turned my attention to her. Bill and I proceeded to fuck each other’s wife in the arse for seemingly ages. Having fucked two other ladies earlier in the evening, it was clear I would not cum quickly and, as neither Sue nor Jo signalled their wish to stop, we continued our carnal pleasures. Eventually, Bill did cum inside Sue with much grunting and gasping, which prompted Sue to climax (yet again) and me to empty my sperm inside Jo, to her audible enjoyment. Bill and I rolled onto our backs beside our respective sexual partners and we both lay there exhausted. Sue and Jo turned on their sides to face each other and Jo said “there, I told you the orgasm would be special” and the 2 ladies kissed each other with exhausted passion. We lay there for quite some time, the men stimulating their partners’ boobs and the ladies kissing each other occasionally.

Eventually, we decided we could manage no more, and we got dressed in preparation to leave. The ladies found their dresses, although not their stockings but I did discover the reason for that later. Whilst saying our farewells to the people who weren’t otherwise engaged, I kissed Janet, hugged her and whispered in her ear that Bill and Jo had introduced us to the delights of anal sex. “Oh, I’ll look forward to the next time then” she said and smiled.

When we got back to the caravan site, both of the ladies professed their readiness to sleep, so we all retired to our own caravans until nearly mid-day on the Sunday. During conversation with Sue the following day, it transpired that, when Sue and Jo had gone upstairs with the 2 young men, Jo had suggested they start with a little ‘femme on femme’, they had undressed each other and had ‘given each other a good seeing to’ as Sue put it. They had got into a 69 with a lot of licking, sucking and slurping which had given Sue a lengthy orgasm. Whilst Sue had not expected it, Jo was very persuasive and she now felt she was bi-curious at least.

Both of the young men had fucked both of them, she had given a blow job to one of them and he had cum in her mouth (which she was proud to have swallowed). While they were fucking their 2nd partner, 2 husbands had come into the bedroom to watch and had fucked both of them after the 2 young men had left. The men then changed places and fucked them again. The 2 young men who went downstairs had presumably been telling their friends of their prowess which prompted 2 of them to venture upstairs, both of whom had fucked both Sue and Jo. So, rather than being fucked twice as I originally thought, both Sue and Jo and been fucked by 6 different men! This explained the absence of Sue’s (and Jo’s) stockings, which had been totally shredded.

We all stayed on at the caravan site for Sunday night, although we all felt totally shagged out from the previous night. We exchanged addresses and phone numbers and determined to meet again soon. It occurred to us how much our sex life had changed in the past week – from a long-time conventional, monogamous married couple to open-minded people who would try anything! What might the future hold?