Written by Lakeman30

2 Feb 2014

Disappointed Wife

Angie woke still horny but disappointed. Her husband had not returned from his business trip to take her for their monthly visit to the sex club where she would normally pick up a couple of strangers for sex in the semi private room while her husband filmed.

He was going to be delayed for some days and she needed cock now.

As she pondered two men went past her house carrying a ladder. I could do with them she thought so she followed them down the road and asked them to come to her house when they had completed the job they were on.

Then Angie rushed home to change, putting on her sexiest white silk underwear and a red dress buttoned all the way up the front.....

The men arrived and Angie instructed them to take the ladder round the back of her bungalow. One guy was about early 50s and the other late 20s, they had similar looks.

Angie had made up a story about the gutter being blocked by a tennis ball and much to their surprise she wanted to climb the ladder and sort it herself. Of course there was a reason for this. As she climbed the first few rungs it was obvious her dress was too tight so she climbed down and undid the buttons from the hem up the inside of her thigh. Then she started again and immediately the men stood at either side got a great flash of her inner thigh well above her knee. she smiled down at them and continued to climb.

As Angie reached the top of the ladder she turned round to look down and was pleased that both men were directly under the ladder looking straight up her dress. This added to her wetness particularly when she noticed the bulge in their trousers.

She tossed the ball down and began to descend. As her feet reached the head height of the men they both reached up to catch hold of her ankle and help her down. As she came down their hands slid up her legs, carrying on past here knees until they were inside each thigh. This made her even more hot and horny and soaking wet!!

Angie slowed down and stopped on the bottom rungs as she was really enjoying the touch of two men feeling her at same time. Gradually their fingers moved up her thigh to reach her pussy. Her thong was pulled aside and they both put a finger each up her pussy and started to finger fuck her. She was rocking back and forward on their fingers. This is fantastic she thought and we're not even in bed yet. Suddenly one withdrew his finger and pushed it up her asshole. She nearly exploded she was getting a DP by fingers. She continued to allow her body to rise and fall trying to get their fingers right up both holes.

Angie was in another world, what would happen when they went inside....