Written by Jo's Admirer

26 Oct 2014

For Jo... a fictional account very much based on fact.

Part One: Sensual beginnings in Paros

You asked me how I became interested in swinging.

I guess I’d harboured naughty thoughts from puberty, but there was a particular holiday one summer when I strayed big-time and have been a “bad” girl ever since. A nice bad girl that is!

I was twenty. A second year student at university. Looking back I’d even venture to say that I was a good student. Certainly no reason to be anxious going into final year, especially as I’d worked hard through most of the long vacation.

Three weeks holiday in September then with my boyfriend Paul, who’d graduated the year before. We’d hooked up towards the end of the previous academic year. Long story, but the relationship was still fresh even though we’d not seen each other since June. Three weeks to Greek island-hop, get a tan and have lots of fun. We were both horny, he was hot and made me feel good.

It was lovely right from the start!

That start was on the island of Paros.

After what had seemed an age of traveling already we had this idea to get a bus from the port to the far end of the island and get off when we figured we’d found somewhere quiet and relaxing. The plan was to chill for a few days, then maybe go on from there to some of the busier islands later...if we fancied it.

The plan went beautifully.

We found a taverna right on the beach. The waves lapped the shore outside our room. We were in a kind of annex. The food was basic but the atmosphere idyllic. There were one or two other guests there but we were so wrapped up with each other that we hardly noticed.

The weather was fabulous. All I tended to wear all day was at most a bikini. More often than not I’d just pad round in panties and a sarong. In the evenings we ate at the taverna, though one evening we wandered along the beach to a restaurant at the edge of the next village.

Staple diet was salad and sex. Lots of the latter. Good sex too! We’d sunbathe until it got too hot and then retreat to the cool shelter of our room to fuck or slumber or read. When we sunbathed we’d swim and make love in the shallows or in the dunes...through the night

we’d wake and fuck, and every dawn we’d fuck some more!

It was a time also to experiment...a time for fantasy and firsts. Paul tied me up on Day Two to indulge one of my fantasies. I wanted to be naked, taut, stretched and spreadeagled, utterly helpless, vulnerable, and completely at his mercy. I wanted him to do with me as he wished. He shaved me (another first). He shaved me completely bare, which was thrilling but also shocking as very few girls shaved their pubes back then. I felt so naked! It felt very nice, very daring!

He spanked me too. It was incredibly erotic. I told Paul that the anticipation and thrill of each blow from his hand on my buttocks made me feel like a “slut”. I told him that he could do “anything you like with me...and I mean anything!” ...so he fucked my arse and I loved it!!

We felt comfortable enough with each other to talk about our innermost fantasies. I was very candid in my confessions in a way I’d never been with any other man. I owned up to screwing a guy over the summer, a colleague from work. I hoped Paul wouldn’t be mad but he was just cool, acknowledging that he hadn’t been around and that our relationship was still only young.

His response excited me too. He told me that the thought of me being with another man aroused him and that he wished he could have watched me, been there as a voyeur. I asked if he liked the idea of me being with more than one man.

He just groaned with pleasure as I confessed to having threesome and gang-bang fantasies.

When I told Paul that I’d love to be with another girl he was just so thrilled.

He asked me to relive my sessions and I found myself telling him all manner of naughty stories from my (limited!) sexual experiences. He told me of his sex life too. Not in any way that was indiscrete, but really eye-opening.

We just seemed so in tune with our exciting – and some might say “perverted” – thoughts. It was just so nice to find a man whose kinky ideas corresponded so much with my own innermost thoughts, who wasn’t shocked at my secret desires.

I found myself wanting to be ever more adventurous and naughty with Paul around. I’d never felt so sexy, so complete, so happy!

There was only really one other couple at the taverna that we took any notice of. They were greek, young, fit and athletic. We only got chatting to them on our fourth day. Even then conversation was limited as they had no english and we couldn’t speak Greek.

They played backgammon each evening (and occasionally through the day) on the sands beneath the balcony of the taverna. He’d be naked while she, like me, tended to wear just white cotton panties. Both were bronzed and very beautiful. He’d a lovely cock!

What was nice was that it didn’t feel uncomfortable to be being so uncensored when they were around. We shared the annex with them away from the main taverna so there was already a connection somehow. We’d always say hi, unless their intimacy – or ours – might instead prompt a smile and a wink.

On our third evening Paul and I were making love on our patio. It was quite dark but pale light from our room flooded over us. I was leaning over a table, Paul fucking me from behind when we became aware of movement on the beach. Our greek couple were gambling amid the waves, frolicking and laughing.

We carried on as they approached. They were naked and glistening wet from an evening swim. I caught my breath when I saw his erection. He and his girl were playing games of their own, oblivious to all else. She caught him, grabbing him, grabbing at his genitals, squealing with pleasure to have hold of his cock as he tried (rather half-heartedly!!) to fight her off. Sinking to her knees she took him in her mouth.

Watching them as Paul fucked me was just amazing. At some point I guess we made a noise and he froze, causing her to pause nervously.

Seeing us and seeing what we were doing he reassured the girl. She smiled and resumed, casting glances our way as she feasted on her man.

He made no attempt to look away.

I too was mesmerized by what they were doing. It slowly dawned on me that Paul gently moved me so that they might have a better view of us. They were five, six metres away at most. It was very pornographic...on both sides.

I pulled away from Paul, disengaging, and then dragged him round in front of the table sinking to my knees. We were side on to each other, mirror images in frenzied BJ fest and both of us girls weren’t in the mood to be denied. His orgasm spurred Paul’s climax and we both gulped and spluttered to down respective loads.

When we calmed I looked over but the couple were gone.

The rest of that night was very charged between Paul and me. We were both so randy after what we’d seen and done and imagined the greek couple the same. We tried to analyze our feelings and behaviour but it was all unknown territory.

We had planned on leaving on the fifth day, so the next day was possibly going to be our final day on Paros. We weren’t sure what we wanted to happen, but figured that something might.

We were thrilled, nervous and excited all the same time.

The following morning we stirred for breakfast.

Breakfast at the taverna was basic but the coffee was good. The greek couple were there and we sat at a table next to theirs. They and we were all smiles and fortunately there was no embarrassment.

We chatted as best we could, introducing ourselves. They were called Galyn and Thea. They were both from Athens and both twenty one years old.

We figured out they were inviting us to be with them that morning.

We teamed up twenty minutes after breakfast not really knowing what to expect and sensing that they were equally unsure. We strolled with them along the beach, the conversation absurd but the atmosphere gentle and pleasant.

Our walk took us further than we’d ventured before and into the dunes above the beach. I think we all wanted to find somewhere secluded, somewhere even quieter than our already pretty remote beach.

We found a dell on the dunes, little more than a depression but allowing us chance to be undisturbed and with a view of the surrounding area. The waves were still little more than fifty metres away.

Thea and I arranged the towels as the boys headed off to swim. We arranged them so that we were together.

We smiled as we busied ourselves. No conversation, just a nice atmosphere. I loosened my sarong, folding it neatly to act as a pillow.

Strange how little things are remembered. I can recall vividly the quick glance round to check that we were alone before I slipped off my panties. Thea was the same. We giggled at our shared modesty and frowned too. There were things that we both wanted to say to each other but language wouldn’t allow. Silly!

Our things arranged we prepared to join Galyn and Paul in the sea. They’d just waded out nude but Thea and I took a couple of towels and some sun cream. We stood at the edge of the shallows moisturising each other with Factor Ten. It was also something of an intimate show for the boys and we were aware of their interest and enthusiasm in watching us touching each other.

Thea did my back but then didn’t just stop there. Her movement was matter of fact yet gentle but I also felt and detected an occasional squeeze on my bum and fingers lingering a little. I felt very sexy and sensed Thea in an impish mood too. It was delicious. No need for conversation now.

We kissed. It was just so lovely. Delicate, then turning passionate as we pressed our breasts and then bodies against each other

Swimming nude is so divine. Swimming nude on a beautiful mediterranean beach on a fabulous summer’s morning with your lover even more so. Added to that was the naughtiness of sharing our pleasure with a beautiful couple equally set on passion. It was just so wonderful!

We gambled and frolicked and played in the waves, all of us horny as hell. We hugged, we touched, we explored each other, we kissed. Words were not needed as we made love.

When we paused Thea led Paul back to the shore. I stayed in the waves with Galyn, his strong arms holding me, caressing me, his hardness pressing against my back as the current made us rock together.

It felt so natural, so beautiful, to wrap my thighs round him and receive him. I clung to him as I met his firm, deep thrusts, thrilled to be fucked hard and thrilled all the more as I was aware that Paul was almost certainly making love on the beach with Thea. When we were done Galyn carried me ashore and we joined our lovers in the dunes.

That day was incredible. One gorgeous, glorious fuck-fest with kindred spirits, fellow hedonists. Nothing was out of bounds, nothing escaped attention, every permutation and every inch of skin explored very intimately, very beautifully.

When it grew too hot on the beach we retreated to the coolness of our room and bed. Paul and Galyn tied me up for my second ever bondage session. They made me witness their threesome with Thea. They spit-roast her and DP’d her. I writhed and squealed when Paul assured me that I’d get my turn....

When the boys tied Thea, she asked for me to shave her. I felt so nervous to be handling a razor but excited to be so incredibly intimate with another girl for the very first time. Thea’s pubes had been neat but thick. She suddenly felt even more naked than before and her lips glistened with my kisses and her juices. Her pussy tasted so gorgeous, her juices mixed with Paul and Galyn’s jizz oozing from her!

We gave the boys chance to recover from their session with her. Inevitably they regained their arousal and turned their attentions on me, this time letting Thea watch as they ravished me.

What was strange was being occasionally able to chat with Paul knowing that Galyn and Thea couldn’t understand us. It was somehow reassuring.

What was incredible was to be watching Paul as he watched me, especially when I was fucking Galyn. Paul seemed to enjoy sitting out every so often. He reminded me of his confession, about liking the idea of me being with another man and we laughed at how little time it had taken for his fantasy to be realised!

As Thea tongued and fingered me I asked Paul if he liked seeing me with another woman. He responded by kneeling behind her, prising her cheeks apart and tonguing her butt.

Close of play? I’m not sure how long we carried on for. At some point I drifted off to sleep, waking in Paul’s arms. I was just dripping spunk and mess.

Paul was asleep, Galyn and Thea were no longer in the room.

I was shattered but very happy. It was late afternoon ...time for a shower with Paul.

It had been a wonderful day!

The following morning Galyn and Thea were leaving, heading back to Athens.

We checked out together, sharing a cab back to Paros town.

We exchanged addresses, had last lingering kisses and then went our separate ways, Galyn and Thea returning to Athens.

Paul and I boarded a ferry to more boisterous islands, to Ios and Santorini.

...and further adventures!

To be continued...