Written by Mike

6 May 2007

My wife Jane has got a renewed enjoyment for sex after our time share holiday. She has started wearing clothes that she would not have worn before, without looking a slut. This evening we decided to go out to a restaurant and then on for a drink somewhaere. Jane wore a business suit, woth skirt just above the knee and hold ups, nothing else.

We arrived at the restaurant, ordered our meal and drinks and relaxed, expecting a romantic meal together. Just as we were starting our meal friends of ours arrived and came over to the table, we exchanged the usual pleasantries and off they went.

We had a beautiful meal, a couple of bottles of good wine and were pleasantly relaxed. We had just paid the bill and were about to stand up, when our friends Ian and Babara came over to speak to us again. They suggested that we should join them at a country club that they go to, as there was live music and dancing, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We took them up on their kind offer and went with them in their car.

We arrived at the club and went into the main lounge area, where the dancing was taking place. We managed to get the last table, which was at the very back of the hall. It was a very select club with velvet booth type seating, table cloths and dimmed lighting. Ian ordered the drinks and sat back and enjoyed ourselves soaking up the atmosphere and the chat. As the evening wore on the drink started to kick in and discussions turned to our sex lives etc.

Ian asked Jane if she would like to dance and off they went. I felt obliged to ask Barbara up to dance also. I could see Jane and Ian across the crowded dancefloor. They were quite cosy, Jane was very relaxed with Ian. I could see Ian tracing his hands down Janes back, obviously discovering that she had no bra on and then moving down to Janes bottom and again must have realised after a few moments that she was not wearing any knickers. I decided that I would try the same with Barbara. Barbara was wearing a shorter skirt than Jane and a low cut top that showed a neat cleavage. As my hands traced they way down to her bottom, I realised that she too had no underwear on. As I gently carressed her bottom, not making it too obvious that I was getting turned on, although my ever growing erection probably gave the game away, she started to respond grinding her pelvis against me.

I glanced over to Jane and could see that her and Ian were in a similar position, with Ian kissing her neck, finding the important spot and Jane reacting by kissing Ina passionately. Barbara suggested that we should go back to our table and await the 'two lovebirds' there. Just before leaving the dancefloor I once again glanced over at Jane and Ian, only to see Ian's hand moving in between them and saw Janes kissing intencify. Barbara and I sat down at the table, within seconds Barbara was snuggled up against me, her hand gliding down to my now raging erection. She unzipped my trousers and removed my cock from its confines and started to wank me. I managed to undo the zip on the back of her top and slip my hand round onto her breast; her nipples hardened to my touch and her breathing grew faster. This is no good she said, where are they, we need to go home. It was obvious that she really needed a good screw and the longer she had to wait the more turned on she became. I saw Jane and Ian coming of the dancefloor and we zipped ourselves up. When they arrived back at the table Barbara announced that it was time to go back to their place.

As Ian had been drinking we decided to get a taxi back to their's. Ian sat in the front and I sat inbetween Jane and Barbara in the back. We were no sooner out of the carpark than Jane was kissing me. Barbara had my trousers undone and was starting to give me a wank. Jane's hand went down to my lap and found Barbara already there, She stopped kissing me immediately, looked at Barbara, smiled and started kissing my ear, she whispered that Ian had his fingeres in her on the dancefloor and she had come twice and was so desperate to get fucked now and would I mind if Ian did the honours. I nibbled her ear and whispered, definitely not, go and enjoy.

I was just about to come when the taxi arrived at their house. Ian paid the taxi and we went in. The house was huge and Barbara suggested that we should all go into the den for a bit of fun. She spoke to Jane as we went through through the hall to the den. Jane opened a drawer and pulled our a vibrator. Who's is this she asked. It's mine of course, have you ever used one Jane. Jane said no, I've never had the pleasure. Barbara took the vibe fron Jane, switched it on and asked Jane to hold the end of it. Is there anwhere you would like me to put this Barbara asked. Jane took her hand and put it under her skirt, the impact was immediate. Barbara left Jane holding the vibe and unbuttoned Jane's top, slipping off and unzipped her skirt, letting it drop to the floor. There was my wife totally naked with a vibe up her love hole. Ian caught on straight away, stripping off, getting behind Jane, bending her over and entering her doggie fashion.

Barbara wasted no time at all, she took off her top and skirt and came over to me, stripped me, pushed ne onto my back and proceeded to ride me like a cowboy. She came almost immediately as did Jane. The rest of the evening was fab.