Written by Deppy72

20 Mar 2008

jackie has been keen to get more cock since her exploits with sean (my mate).we have arranged for him to see her agaibn the next time hubby is workin late.

anyway a couple of nights ago i took jackie to a dogging spot very near to where we live, that i had found out about. on the way jackie was unsure and i could tell she was nervous, i told her not to worry its going to be fine and im sure you will enjoy it.

when we got there, we parked close to another car which was there. there were 4 or 5 cars there actually and it seemed things were happening in most of them.i turned off the engine and i began kissing jackie and felling her tits.she had done her makeup and hair nice and looked quite hot, dressed in black leather jacket,white blouse,knee lenght black skirt and black tights!. we kissed and fondled each other, i opened her blouse revealing her white lacy bra,i slipped my hand inside and felt her bare tits her nipples were very hard.i hitched her skirt up as far as i could,up round her waist allowing me access to her knickers.i could see through her tights she had a white pair on!.

i slipped my hand inside her tights and into her knickers and began to finger her hairy pussy,she was very moist she began moaning and undid my fly and popped out my hard-on!.jackie then began to wank me off.

just then we both saw a figure of a guy walking towards our car,jackie stopped for a second i told her to carry on it would be fine. he knocked on her window, i managed i turn the ignition and using the electric windows, opened her window.

i looked at the guy who had his cock out and began wanking,can i have a feel of her tit he said. i didnt ansewr but he just did anyway, he began groping jackies left tit. i had jackies legs spread as far as they would go now nd hadd 4 fingers up her.

the guy then opened the our car door and began feeling jackies stockinged legs and in between her big thighs, he was very turned on as was i!

he then blurted out can i fuck her? i looked at jackie and she shook her head.

sorry mate i said its out 1st time maybe next time.

i then withdrew my fingers from jackies pussy and told him to have ago, jackie looked at me it be fine i said.

the guy put his whole hand inside jackies tights and into her knickers, i think he must have fisted her as jackie cried out, steady i told him. the guy carried on wanking as he fisted my mother in-law, he then started moaning himself and shot his spunk! his spunk landed on jackies legs on her tights and some went on her blouse.

he left us pretty much straight way.

i then drove us away, i could tell jackie was unsure bout the experience, i said its becuase its the 1st time,im turned now after watching him finger fuck you i said and i drove to our usaully country lane fuckin spot! i got jackie on the back seat and gave her a good fucking, shooting my load up her lovely wet hairy pussy.

the next day i texted her to see if she fancied going again. she texted back just a simple 'yes'.