Written by stevec

25 Apr 2009

hello my name is steve im 29 a postman and work in cheshire.

for 4 years now my last job of the day is to collect the mail from a little village post office where jackie works behind the counter.

jackie i think has worked there for years, shes close to 50 now i think but still looks well fuckable!.shes married i know to a guy a lot older than her and has children in there 20\'s but theres something about her which says i want fucking!

shes a size 14,has great tits which u can always see through her white blouses which she has on everday 2 work,she also has a nice big arse,which i see better when shes in jeans on a saturday am! anyway...

weve always kinda got on and flirted from the day one, she always used to wear tight short black skirts,black tights and black heels.her tights really showed her legs off well and ive had many wanks thinking of her in them. but for the past couple of years shes started wearingblack trousers which i admitshe dont look as sexy but is still well horny!

anyway we have got closer,exchanged mobile numbers ages ago and we send each other jokes and sexual innuendos just havin a laugh really.

im always out on the town and am always saying to her come down ill buy u a drink and sort u out! but she never has as she never goes out.

anyway im a great believer in if u want sumthin bad enuff and wait... will happen and it did!!

every other weds jackie always stays late to do the banking or float or something!

the other staff leave at half 5 and she stays, usually im there to collect the mail bout quarter past but this particular nite i was late!

i banged on the front door about twenty to five and jackie came to let me in,she locked the door behind us and i followed her through the shop to behind the post office counter all the time staring at her big arse wobble in those black trousers.

we were stressing away and she seemed quite stressed, shed obviously had a bad day,she insisted on helping me bring the post out as i was late,she bent down to pick up a post bag and i dont know wat came over me i felt her arse!

she never flinched as she struggled with the bag so i kept on feeling! it felt great! as she put the bag down near the office door she turned and looked at me and said \'i locked the front door didnt i!?\' yes i replied

then she looked at me in the eye and said this goes no further! i just nodded

jackie then pulled me into her and started kissing me full on! i couldnt believe it! here i was snogging a milf id fantasised about for years!

as we were snogging she reached and turned the light switch off as she did i released sum buttons on her white blouse revealing her lacy white bra and cleavage,my hand grasped her left tit it felt as good as it looked, she rubbed my cock hard which grew immensely fast! i managed to unlip her trousers which fell to the floor and ploughed my han inside her white knickers, she was so wet and bushy i inserted 4 fingers inside her she started to moan as she did she was struggling with my belt i helped her a little and she was soon wanking my cock. i was close to cumming i could feel it so i stopped her and moved her over to the canteen table i bent her over as i did she said \'fuck me hard\' i parted her legs and shoved my throbbin cock up her pussy she screamed as i pulled on her short hair as i pounded into her, i shot my load up her within a minute i was so turned on! she then turned around knelt down and licked remaining spunk from my bell end!

it was the most amazing end to a day ever, nothing has happened since although we are sending dirty texts to each other i think its only a matter of time and shes started wearing those black skirts and tights again! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm