Written by Charlie

15 Jun 2018

Just an update on Janet’s holiday with Dave, Donna, Jason and Sally. I could not go due to a prearranged course that I needed to go on. They arrived and settled into their hotel. Janet was booked in with Dave and Donna but was going to spend some nights with Jason and Sally. So on the first night after a few drinks Janet spent the night with Dave and Donna in their room. She had her pussy licked and sucked by Donna and then fucked by Dave. The next morning after showering and shaving her pussy she went to breakfast with all of them. They then headed for the dunes. Janet only had a see thru dress on. They arrived and found a nice area that all five could comfortably lay out. It was not totally secluded but was a great sun trap. They all stripped off and Janet lay in between Jason and Dave who both already had semi erect pricks. She asked Jason to put some suntan lotion on her. He sprayed the cram on her tits and pussy and rubbed it all over her paying attention to her breasts and pussy. He became fully erect and Janet told him to stand and she knelt in front of him and licked his nine inch shaft from his swollen purple bell end to his balls. She did this for about five minutes and lay back down to catch some sun. About an hour later Janet was woken by the sound of Sally moaning. Jason was between her legs sucking and licking her clit and pussy. Janet went over, knelt beside Sally and started to massage her tits paying attention to her erect nipples. Jason then moved and slid his large prick into Sally’s pussy and fucked her. Janet then felt a prick between her arse cheeks. It was Dave and he eased his prick into her moist cunt and started to fuck her. He fucked her for about five minutes giving her an orgasm. He pulled out and moved over to Donna and got between her legs and fucked her. Jason pulled out of Sally and his prick erupted shooting spunk over her belly and tits. Janet moved over and licked his prick clean. Dave pulled out of Donna and she got on her knees. Dave stood up and Donna was wanking him as she licked his prick. Janet and Sally stood either side of Dave and caressed his body by rubbing their tits up against him. He came and Donna took his load in her mouth and swallowed the lot. During the rest of the day there was plenty of prick wanking and fingering of all three pussies. Back at the hotel that night Janet spent the night with Jason and Sally, getting fucked and having at least two more orgasms.

The next two days followed the same pattern. To the dunes with plenty of fucking and sucking. They had a few voyeurs each day but were told to keep a distance from the group. On the fourth day at the dunes in their sunny location at about midday Janet was being fucked by Dave doggy style when a bloke aged about thirty was standing watching them about ten foot away. Janet saw he had a large prick and it was very thick. It was just hanging down between his legs. She reckoned it was the size of her forearm “a fucking monster of a prick, half way down his thigh”. She reckoned it was at least ten inches and very large in circumference. Dave asked her if she wanted to play with him. She told him yes and Dave beckoned him over. The bloke knelt on front of Janet and he shuffled forward and she took part of his prick in her mouth. Dave pulled out of her pussy and went and sat with the others who had now all sat up watching Janet. Janet indicated to the bloke to stand up. She then knelt in front of him and took hold of the monster prick and licked him from his balls to his glistening bell end. She took as much as she could into her mouth as he became erect. She thought it was at least thirteen inches erect. She was gagging on his prick as he slowly mouth fucked her. She was then joined by Sally and Donna. All three of them took it in turn to suck and lick the monster prick. Janet was now feeling highly sexually charged, her nipples were erect and she felt her clit swell. She lay on her back and pulled the bloke on top of her. He kissed each of her tits in turn. She spread her legs and bent her legs holding on to her knees exposing her smooth shaven pussy to him. Donna had got a condom and pulled it over his prick, it only went halfway down. Sally then guided his prick into Janet’s moist swollen pussy. He wasted no time in fucking her. She screamed out as he pushed the full length into her moist warm cunt. He slowly pulled his prick out, leaving about two inches in her cunt. He then slid the rest back into her. He did this for several minutes slowly fucking her bringing her to a mighty orgasm. There was now a crowd of about eight blokes and three couples watching Janet get fucked. The bloke then sped up ramming his prick in and out of Janet’s pussy. Dave and Jason had now moved either side of her head with their erect pricks. Janet took hold of them and wanked them. She then sucked one then the other. The bloke fucking her grabbed her ankles and held her legs in the air. Donna and Sally had called two blokes over and were wanking them as they watched Janet being fucked. The bloke fucking Janet shouted out as he came. Janet said she felt his prick swell even more inside her as it pulsated three or four times as he came bringing her to another orgasm. Dave and Jason then both came shooting their spunk over her face and tits. The bloke pulled out of Janet and stood up. Janet just laid there with a fully satisfied feeling. Donna and Sally then moved next to Janet with their two blokes. They continued wanking them spraying their come over Janet’s body. They then invited the remaining blokes to wank over Janet as she lay there. They all clapped Janet saying she put on a good show.

Janet stood up and had come on her face, dripping from her tits, running down her belly over her swollen used pussy and down her legs. Donna and Sally poured water over her and washed the spunk off her, paying attention to her tits and pussy giving a show for the four or five blokes left.

Janet gave the dunes a break the next day and stayed around the pool while the others went. On the last day Janet was even more of a slut. All five had been playing again in the dunes attracting quite a few blokes. Janet told Donna and Sally to assist her. She got a handful of condoms out put them on her towel. She then got on all fours and turned so that her pussy was exposed to all the onlookers. She then told Donna and Sally to line them up, wank then stiff, place a condom on their pricks and get them to fuck her doggy style. Janet was fucked by eight blokes. Donna and Sally joined in watched by Jason and Dave. They each let three blokes fuck them. Janet said it was a good end to the holiday but her pussy was red and sore. Back at the hotel that night she was fucked by Dave and Jason when they had their five some which lasted for most of the night.

When she got home she stripped and let me examine her still swollen pussy. As it was a warm night we stripped and fucked on our patio. We havebooked to go back to Gran Canary in October, just the two of us so I can watch her be taken by as many men as possible. Janet is one fantastic sexy slutty wife.