Written by JG & V

6 Sep 2013

This is a short account of how a 12 year MMF 3 some came about. Having been pestering my wife to let another man fuck her while I was there with no result. I came home from working in the Middle east and went on holiday in the sun where my wife went topless for the first time.

When we got home we went out to the local pub on our estate on the Saturday night and were invited to a little party at a friends house. G my wife was feeling horny and asked could we go upstairs. I asked my mate "V" could we use his bedroom for a while and he said OK.

Once in the room we stripped off completely and were messing about on the bed me licking G's cunt and her sucking my cock. G then started pulling her cunt lips apart and fingering her soaking pussy. Then out of the blue she said she wanted V to come up and catch us. I asked her would she fuck him and she said yes.

Anyway V never came up and I licked G until she came. We then went down to join the party and G took V outside for a few mins.

When they came back in I asked her what was up she said she'd asked V would he like to join us in a 3 some. Well Oh happy days.

I move over to V and asked him why he didn't follow us up and he said his partner had been watching him and he couldn't. I said you missed a good show.

Anyway Tuesday comes around and we always met V in the Pub so we stayed drinking together all night until closing time. After a little stop behind the 3 of us walked home to our house. When we got inside a got us all a drink and snuggled up to G and asked if she still wanted a 3some. Yes she said I replied if your sure go up and put your special nightie on. This was full length see trough and split to above her cunt and very low in the cleavage.

Off she went upstairs. Me and V just talked until Gwyneth came in again. I couldn't believe she had put it on her nipples and cunt were on full view to V who was sat down. I pulled G close to me and asked again was she sure.

Yes so I just said lets all go upstairs. Climbing the stairs I left V in no doubt what was going to happen when I pulled G's nightie over her head leaving her naked.

I stripped off lay by her head an put my now hard cock into her mouth.

V followed us in stripped and went straight down on G's cunt. G was still sucking my cock when V slide up her body and I watched as he slide his cock into her realyy wet cunt for what I thought was the first time.

I honestly didn't feel any jealousy or bad feelings it was great to see my mate balls deep in my wife's cunt. I slide down and started to kiss her while v had hold of my cock and was wanking me off in time with him fucking G.

I got on top of G when V pulled out and started to slowly fuck her juicy hole. V move up to her head and G slipped her mouth over V cunt drenched cock.

I'd was so high with the experience that I was almost coming as soon as I got my cock inside her. I slowed down and got a steady rhythm going while G sucked on V's cock.

I was kissing G around V's cock and licking his shaft when G said you take car of that while I suck his balls.

It just seemed so natural to slide my mouth over his very silky nob end. It was so hard but smooth at the same time.

I never imagined that I'd do anything like that, but it just happened and I enjoyed it.

The 3 of us were in total abandon by this time and there seemed to be no boundaries made.

G received 2 load of come in her cunt and love bites on her tits around her nipples. v and me both licked G's arse cunt and licked our spunk out of her before we were finished. In the aftermath while we chatted we all agreed that as long as nobody got hurt and things stayed the same as they were we would carry on having the 3some.

I asked them if they fucked before and they said yes for the last 2 months while I'd been away V had been taking her out and fucking her in his car.

I wasn't annoyed I'd been asking G to do it for years. V took care of G while I was away working every month with my full approval They even talked to me on the phone while I was away and they were in bed.

The 3some went on for 12 years and only finished after one of the wives in our circle of friends propositioned G to go with her while V fucked them both.

G wasn't into women then but has changed a bit since.

V moved out of the area after he married his partner and G and me were Witnesses to the marriage.

V's still married and has moved back into our area he comes round once a month and we've both said how good it was.

I've told him to work on G again and try and get us back into have regular 3somes again.

we both agreed that the things we did were crazy and that everybody in the pub knew we were all fucking each other.

I've been working on G to try and get her fucking v again I've bought her see through dresses and we recently went on holiday were I bought her tan through swim wear. She wore it knowing that everybody round the pool could see her nipples and her cunt lips.

So I'm home again soon and V and myself will be trying our best to fuck her again.

Lots more story's of the 3 of us ,water sports, wanking us off in front of other couples. Let me know what you think.

Can't wait to go down on G again full of our come.