Written by Joan

31 Dec 2014

Hi, apologies for getting the last two pieces back to front. Thanks for the nice comments. This part carries on from when Tony told Mark I had flashed at two guys in the super-market. I hope you enjoy. xxx

Mark and Tony insisted that I went back to the super-market the following week, same time, same place. I didn't argue. I'd decided I was going anyway. Freedom!

I was dressed respectably, on the surface anyway. No knickers and a smooth pussy of course. Same skirt as the previous week and the same top, washed. An extra button was done up, if the old guy wanted to see more of me then he would have to do a little work! I'm not easy, y'know. ;-)

I was a little early. I didn't actually need any shopping so I just took a basket and wandered up and down aisles aimlessly, probably as many women did when they didn't want to rush home from work. Picking up a packet, reading the label before putting it back on the display. A shelf filler was pushing a piled trolley towards me, I stepped to one side to let it pass. It was the young lad. He stopped, apologised, recognised me and his face lit up.

“Hello!” he said looking quickly up and down the aisle, “have you forgotten your panties again?” he added quietly.

“I didn't forget them last week.” I told him, with a friendly smile. The poor lad looked intimidated, embarrassed and interested all at the same time. “Would you like to find out if I didn't forget them this week either?”

He glanced up and down the empty aisle again then up at the camera in the ceiling, “I would but...” his voice trailed off awkwardly.

I made it easy for him. “What time do you finish?” I asked quickly. The older guy had just walked past the far end of the aisle.

We arranged that I would meet him outside at nine o'clock. Then, for devilment, I asked him where the condoms were.

I stood behind the older guy in the self checkout queue. We started to chat comfortably. He couldn't help but notice the two pairs of stocking and the twelve pack of condoms in my basket. “Would you like a hand with those?” he asked politely. We both chuckled. I waited for him on the other side of the checkout. He only had a few items. “I was rather hoping for less buttons being done up rather than more,” he whispered conspiratorially, as we strolled towards the exit.

“I thought you were going to help me with my stockings?” I said. His eyes lit up.

“We had better go back to my place then,” he replied, “I'm too old for trying to put stockings on in a car.”

I followed him to a tidy little bungalow about half a mile from 'ours'. I sent a quick text to Tony and Mark adding that I had to be back at the super-market by nine and needed a call by eight thirty if they hadn't heard from me.

Maurice was quite the gentleman, held the door open for me to enter, asked if I would like a cup of tea then directed me to the lounge to make myself comfortable, he pulled the curtains then went to put the kettle on. Leaving my two packs of stockings and the pack of condoms on the big sofa I undid a couple of buttons which showed off my balcony bra and tits very proactively then went exploring. Across from the lounge was the main bedroom, large, clean and tidy. I pulled the curtains. The next door was smaller bedroom, again very tidy but clearly unused. Toilet and a bathroom,with a shower all clean and tidy. A tiny dining room and a big kitchen with a full sized Aga. A kitchen to die for! I walked in. He was just putting the tea cosy on the pot. “Sorry,” I said, “I've been nosing around. It's very nice. Do you live alone?”

He turned then smiled as he took in what I had on show. “I do, these last three years. I try to keep it as she would have liked. You look delicious!” he said, “Are you married?” he asked. It was almost an afterthought added as he walked towards me. He raised his hands tentatively, “May I?”

I nodded, “Yes and Yes.” I replied.

I was expecting him to start fondling my tits but he put his arms around me and held me close. “You feel nice, all over,” he said running his hands down my back and stroking my bum. I was moist to start with, now I was wet! “That feels nice,” I told him as he snuggled into my neck and took a deep breath. “You smell nice too, not smothered in perfume.” I deliberately hadn't put any perfume or make-up on. I didn't want to leave traces.

“You feel nice and smell nice. Do you taste nice, I wonder?” he said moving his head down towards my tits. His hand expertly undid the remaining buttons and my blouse was smoothly removed. His lips found a nipple and he drew it into his mouth like a child suckling at a mothers breasts. My bra was swiftly undone and I took it off for him so he didn't need to stop what he was doing. I couldn't deny the instant pleasure I felt, my nipples were rock hard and my pussy was now flooded. With no panties to stem the flow my thighs were soon slippery with my pre-cum. The button and zip on my skirt presented him with no obstacle and my skirt was soon on the tiled floor.

I'd been there maybe five minutes and I was naked but for my shoes and hold-ups! “Let me see you properly,” he said, standing back. I did a 'ta dah' pose, one leg straight the other artfully bent and arms out wide. I turned slowly and relished his eyes devouring every inch of my nakedness. I hadn't actually 'posed' for either Mark or Tony, as far as I could remember but I posed for Maurice. Perching on the corner of the table, a Christine Keeler on the chair, legs wide and neither pussy nor tits hidden by the chair back! I leant back against the sink, one leg on the chair and forward over the nice warm Aga with legs wide apart. I finished leaning back against the door frame and, with my best attempt at a smouldering, look I said “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”

He stood close and ran his hand up my stocking, over the bare flesh of my thigh and two fingers slipped easily into my soaking cunt. “I'm a pacifist,” he said, “I don't believe in guns although I shoot a lot if I get the chance.” The fingers in my cunt bent forwards and found my sweet spot. He pressed and I shuddered with pleasure. He pressed harder and I came wantonly, soaking him immediately. I reached down for his cock. It wasn't a gun but it was firm and felt fat. I unzipped him as expertly as he had unzipped me, button and belt undone in a twinkling.

My turn! I knelt, using both hands I slid trousers and pants down in one swift move.

OMG! I'm not an expert on cocks, as you will have realised, Tony's, Mark's and Adams. Adam doesn't count! He was the love of my life. I worshipped the ground he walked on. Every Saturday afternoon his parents went into town and Adam and I went up to his bedroom and read comics, poetry, books – anything. How I ached for him to touch me. It took him a long long time but eventually he fumbled with my breasts, over my cardigan. The next time I took my cardi off before going upstairs. I undid the buttons and he looked at me then continued to stroke my breasts over my blouse. The following week I excused myself and went to the loo, before getting to the bedroom, and removed my bra and left my buttons undone. It took him fifteen bloody minutes to put his hand on my bare flesh! I was almost sobbing. The following week his hand rested at the top of my thighs, over my bloody jeans. A skirt the next week! Two more weeks and his hand was up my skirt discovering my wet panties. At last!!! I rested my hand on his thigh and he jerked with surprise. I chided him and told him not to be silly. He was touching me and I should be allowed to touch him. I didn't move my hand but stroked over his mound of cock with my fingers. It took two more weeks to get his jeans off and I ran my finger nails over his cock while his fingers stroked around the edge of my panties. I debated whether to pop to the loo and remove them. His cock was becoming quite firm, to my very inexperienced mind, and was beginning to nudge the top of his Y fronts. I looked at him, he had stopped stroking my vagina and his eyes were closed. I carefully eased the elastic over his cock and sat up to look. It was utterly beautiful, hard, straight and all shiny on the top. I wanted to kiss it! Resting my arm on his thigh I ran my fingers over his belly, working slowly down. I brushed against the top and he twitched. As I moved my head towards the beautiful creature I took hold of it between finger and thumb and started to lift it up towards my mouth, just a little kiss. And it erupted! Spunk jetted out and over my face. I kept hold as he jerked and that made it worse, or better whichever you prefer. Either way I was covered with spunk! I laughed! It was fantastic, wonderful, marvellous, all of the above. Then Adam went absolutely bloody mad! He was livid! Told me to clean myself up and clear off! In hindsight I suspect it was his very first orgasm and it hurt and he was embarrassed. I never saw him again! I didn't touch another cock until Tony told me to stroke his but that was many years later.

Where was I?

Maurice's cock. It was short, possibly just a little shorter than Tony's. But it was fat, fatter than Mark's. My first cut cock! The shaft was knobbly and hard with knotted veins seeming to twist all around its girth, the skin between shaft and head looked being constantly stretched. The bulbous purple head burst from the top of the shaft like a giant magic mushroom, its circumference far exceeding that of the shaft, thrusting out as if trying to escape from the constrictions of the angry skin below. Beneath this beast hung a large sac, tight and unyielding to my touch. It appeared to be full of balls, two large rugby balls. The whole looked like a badly pollarded, ancient oak all twisted and burred. An ugly bastard of a cock! And I knew I had to have it buried in my cunt and emptying those full balls into me!

I looked up at him, licked my lips and opened my mouth as I glanced at the kitchen clock. Only two hours before Tony called. Pity.

After a few minutes of wonderful sucking and licking he said, “Let's go somewhere more comfortable.” He helped me up and led me to the bedroom. I laid on the bed, bent my legs and swung my knees apart to welcum him.

“Ummm! Smooth,” he said bringing his mouth to my cunny. He licked from bottom to top. “And sweet tasting. My wife was smooth and sweet tasting. All her friends liked that.” He buried his mouth at the apex of my parted legs and rapidly brought me to a beautiful climax keeping it rolling until I was as limp as an old dish-rag and begging him to stop and let me rest. “Do you really mean that?” he chuckled.

“Well, yes, nearly.” I told him totally confused. Of course I didn't want him to stop but I did need to recover.

“Women!” he said, “don't know whether they are cummin or going!” he finished.

“Oh! I know I was cummin alright and I don't need to be going until 8:30, in fact I must be gone by then!” He looked at the bedside clock.

“Ummm, a quickie then! Especially as you'll need to tidy yourself up a little before you leave. Budge over a bit and let me lie beside you. You can lower your delicious cunt onto my mouth for a while.” We reorganised, my cunt over his mouth and his cock in my mouth. He didn't let up on me though, he held my legs wide and had full access from anus to clitty. It was heaven, I couldn't understand why his wife had men friends, or were they not just men? My cunt needed his cock and it felt like his cock was ready for fucking. While I was happy to have a mouthful of spunk I'd much prefer a cunt full.

“I need your cock buried in my cunt!” I told him without preamble. “I want to sit on you and feed your ugly bastard cock deep into me, now! Please?” He let go my legs and I was positioned above his cock in seconds. I held it at the entrance, rubbed it back and forth then sank steadily down and onto it. Fuck me it felt good!

Rounded, smooth and slippery I forced it between my swollen pussy lips. I felt it opening me wider and wider as I pushed down onto the magnificent head. Then it was inside me and my lips closed around it and relaxed around the shaft as I slid down to the root, stopped and smiled. I was pleased with myself, very pleased. Maurice grabbed two handfuls of tits, squeezed hard and thrust his hips up. I felt the mushroom head drive against my cervix, then my womb. I came, then started to fuck his cock like a woman possessed. I used every trick that Mark had taught me and orgasms rolled back and forth and still I fucked that cock.

Through the haze of pleasure I heard a voice say, “My turn now, get on your back!” I laid flat on him and we rolled together. I didn't want that cock to cum out of me ever! Maurice had other ideas, once I was on my back he knelt up and held my legs wide apart. He took his cock out! I glared at him! “Nooooo!” I pleaded. Maurice ignored me. He held my legs wider still.

“Line me up!” I reached between my legs, found his cock and guided it towards my sopping wet cunt holding it hard up against the entrance to heaven. He looked straight into my eyes and thrust forward hard. SHIT! That hurt! No it didn't! It felt absolutely fucking wonderful. My scream was a mix of pain and total pleasure. Maurice fucked me, like I'd never been fucked before. He still didn't cum.

“Kneel up, I'm ready to fill your slut cunt with spunk!” It wasn't a request. I knelt and waited. Again I was told to line him up. I did, and braced myself. Exquisite agony exploded through my entire body as he yanked me back onto his cock. He pushed me right off then pulled me back on. Total penetration each and every time. The lips of my cunt were numb and still he drove in and out. It wasn't a frantic fuck but almost leisured, ensuring that my cunt lips closed up each time he withdrew so that he could force them apart with the next thrust. I heard his breathing change to panting and knew I was about to get my just deserts. A final thrust and he held me hard up against his belly and shuddered as his cock delivered the contents of the balls into my well fucked and happy cunt.

He watched me shower and as I dried myself he said he wanted to fuck me again and asked for my mobile number.

More? :-) xxx