16 Apr 2017

As a scaffolder meet new ppl every day but 1 job we turn up to, I can see through the bedroom window as I'm

Putting up a tower. I see a man fucking his Mrs...hard doggy infront of the mirror. I can see his wife looking at me through the window as the mirrors infront of her and he's fucking her doggy. I'm instantly hard!! But called to the floor to get my tools. As I'm assembling the scaffold door opens n I hear "tea?" From the man...we get chatting and he's a big buildt guy telling me how n exactly he wants what n were on his house. As he goes to get the tea he says bathrooms upstairs. Funny enough I needed it as I had all pre cum in my boxers. I can hear them still fucking n ring my gf nay...she tells me to just walk in...so I do n the bloke says bout time...fuck me wife or I'll tell your boss you stole something n get you sacked...don't have tell me twice she was stunning with fake tits n fishnet outfit on. I hadn't put the phone down so as nay played hearing me fuck her n the guy saying "FUCK HER HARDER!" N wanking near her face as I'm pounding her. I can hear moans from

Every were n nearly cum so pull out n she gets on her knees and we both wank in her face as she licked n sucked our balls x